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Exploring Masonry Repair


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Title: Exploring Masonry Repair

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Exploring Masonry Repair
  • Many people dont think about their masonry,
    others may not even know what exactly the word
    masonry entails. That being said, we at Timonium
    Masonry Repair wanted to help you explore what
    masonry is, what sorts of masonry repair may need
    to be done.

What is Masonry?
  • Basically, masonry is referring to any material
    that is put together in units and bound together
    with what is called mortar.
  • Mortar is in short, the glue for these sorts of
    things. There are a myriad of different materials
    that can be used in masonry, including granite,
    brick, marble, limestone, concrete, glass, cast
    stone, cob, travertine, and various other stones.
  • Masonry can be found in a number of types of
    architecture, but most often you find them in
    residential and commercial buildings. If you live
    in an area where the homes are of an older style,
    you may find that you live in a home that is made
    from brick. If you have a sidewalk, that is
    generally concrete, and thus considered to be
  • if its made out of a stone, its likely
    considered to be some sort of masonry design.

What Types of Masonry Repair Would I Need?
  • There are lots of different types of masonry
    repair that you may encounter so lets take a
    look at some of the most common ones.
  • Cracks in concrete or marble. Cracks are a huge
    problem, especially in areas that are used on a
    regular basis. These cracks can usually be fixed
    quite easily, as long as you find them early
  • Crumbling bricks or bricks that have fallen out
    of their spots. Bricks dont always stay in
    place. The mortar may go bad, or weather may make
    it so that your bricks arent able to stick
    around like they used to.
  • Instability in a structure made from masonry.
    Some structures may start to lean as time goes
    on, or they may start to lose stability.
  • Renovations. Older buildings may need renovations
    or restoration in order to pass inspections or to
    ensure that further problems wont happen to the
    structure in the future.

Do I Need Masonry Repair?
  • So, of course, the question is this are you
    actually in need of masonry repair? Here are a
    couple of questions that you can use in order to
    evaluate the issue at hand.

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