Understanding BMI Before Obesity Surgery - 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding BMI Before Obesity Surgery - 2015


Obesity is closely related to Body Mass Index (BMI). Check your BMI before you plan your weight loss program. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Understanding BMI Before Obesity Surgery - 2015

Understanding BMI Before Obesity Surgery
  • As soon as we start talking about obesity, the
    first thing that every doctor finds out is your
    BMI. Weight loss consultants often state that
    calculation of BMI is imperative in selecting the
    most appropriate procedure for weight loss.

So what actually is BMI?
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of fat present
    in your body. It measures your fats on the basis
    of your height and weight.

How can you calculate your BMI?
  • Calculating your BMI is easy. As it determines
    your body fat by considering your weight and
    height, you need to divide your weight (in kg)
    twice by your height (in m2).

Less than 18.5
  • If your BMI is lesser than 18.5, you are
    underweight. This means that your body fat is
    lesser than it should have been. In this case,
    you need to put on weight to avoid nutritional

  • Having a BMI in this category means that you have
    an ideal weight. Your body fats is sufficient for
    your height.

  • If you fall into this category, you need to shed
    off some fats from your body. Having a BMI in
    this category means that you are overweight. At
    this stage, you can reduce your weight through
    dieting and exercising routinely.

30 or Greater
  • Falling into this category rings your alarm
    bells. You should make an appointment with a
    certified bariatric surgeon and opt for a
    surgery. Ignoring your medical condition will
    invite serious health problems like Type II
    Diabetes, sleep apnea and heart problems.

Obesity Surgery
  • Going for a surgery is not an option for
    everybody. Moreover, doctors do not recommend
    surgery at the first instance. As a matter of
    fact, surgery is a recommended option for people
    who have a BMI of more than 40.

ILS Bariatric Care is a clinic of certified
bariatric surgeons that calculate your BMI and
discuss your medical stability.
  • Know more about Body Mass Index and Obesity
    Surgery at
  • www.ilsbariatricsurgery.com
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