An Application For Assisting people living with Thalassaemia, their guardians and near and dear ones. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Application For Assisting people living with Thalassaemia, their guardians and near and dear ones.


Trackurhealth is an application specifically designed for person having Thalassaemia. In case of thalassemic person it is important to keep a track of their general health and tests. This application helps the patient to keep a check on their health condition with time. It includes various trackers like Test Tracker, Reports Tracker, Medicines Tracker, Treatment Tracker, Foods Tracker, Exercise Tracker, that helps doctor as well as patient during consultation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: An Application For Assisting people living with Thalassaemia, their guardians and near and dear ones.

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An Application For Assisting people living with
Thalassaemia, their guardians and near and dear
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Whats special about the App
  • This is For Thalassaemics and By Thalassaemics.

1. Why Idea behind the APP
  • Being brought up in developing country like India
    with limited health facilities at beginning, We
    have seen the problems faced by every
    thalassaemic. Problems starting with lack of
    information, what tests to be done, what levels
    to maintain, how to maintain reports and
    medication history, going through same painful
    tests again and again in absence of past history,
    how to track so many medicines, vaccinations, if
    any allergies, whom and how to contact in case of
    distress, going social fearing the backlash etc.

2. What Actual Product trackurheath
  • Dream we saw that all thalaessemics, be in any
    part of the world, developed or developing
    countries, poor or rich, gets to know about which
    all Tests they need to go through, get access to
    worlds best standards with UK Standard Baseline
    Range in which tests should fall, generate
    analyse reports, maintain medical reports and
    history in digital and secured format so that
    dont have to go through painful tests all over
    again, track all past and new appointments, set
    reminders and alerts to manage appointments,
    medicines and vaccinations, contact near and dear
    ones by on click using emergency contact option
    and last but not least socialize by sharing
    experiences through secured chat and blogs, get
    latest updates through newsfeed, news letters and
    social networking media such as facebook, twitter

Enlisting features present in the App
  • Tests Most of the tests related to thallaesemia
    and few generic test as well are listed on the
    website / App.
  • Range Test standards Range are baselined for
    now to followed UK standards.
  • Fetch Reports Patients can update test
    result/reports manually and also scan/take photo
    of their reports / test data and upload it to
    App. This will automatically add the data without
    any manual intervention.
  • Reports and Analysis Ability to generate
    reports which can be download in various formats
    printed as well. With the help of reports, user
    can analyse data on the basis of various test
    categories for example Blood test reports(HB,
    Sugar level etc.), ferritin reports and these
    will be available for various time period(weekly,
    monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  • Emergency Button feature so that in case of
    emergency, once the user presses / uses the
    button, 5 added contacts will be informed
    immediately about the location of the patient /
    user via GPS .
  • Appointment User can manage / add / edit / all
    of their appointments with choice of email,
    mobile, App notifications.

Enlisting features to be present in the final App
Alerts Alerts would be sent to people like GP /
Specialist etc chosen by patient themselves.
Alerts would be based on range defined and the
range could be modified by specialist. Reminders
User / Patient can set reminders for
appointments, medicines etc.Medicines A
track of medicines can be kept. Also user can set
reminders on daily / weekly basis and list of
medicines would be emailed or text being
sent.Access to Data Patient/User can chose to
share or give access of their data to Nurse, GP
or Specialist in an emergency or on regular
basis. Blood Transfusion day record Patient
can keep record of transfusion day like blood
volume etc. Specific record keeping and Info
for Thalaessemics There would be a separate
tab/section for thalassaemia information where
users can record details about iron chelation and
few informational pages etc.
Suggestions page.
Enlisting features to be present in the final App
Assign Mission to others i.e. Advice better
medication or assign goals to achieve better
health for example by giving food suggestions,
exercise details, etc. In Trackurhealth we are
achieving this by fitness module General Health
features like Exercise Fitness, weight, BMI,
BFM Allergies Space / feature to track and
specify allergies Vaccinations Special feature
to manage Vaccinations thought lifetime. Social
networking features like secured Chat, Blog,
Forums, News, Feeds will be added News and Event
notification by TIF Board, Societies, Doctors
etc Enhanced Security
Security Keeping in view the sensitivity of
users / patients Data, Security is a very
important aspect of this app.
  • What We have Now
  • Website is hosted on secured client that is HTTPS
  • Encrypting key information about users data,
    this is done on server side. All client
    identifying data is being encrypted.
  • User is the owner of the data and have the rights
    to give access or share information with Doctor
    and specialist.
  • What we plan to add
  • Encrypting lot more fields, if possible try to
    achieve something similar to Black Berry in terms
    of exchanging data.
  • Getting a dedicated Host Server.
  • Enhance server se side security by updating SALT
  • Enhance client side security by adding one more
    level of encryption.
  • Get a dedicated team to maintain users data and
    if possible that team would be constituted by
    Thalassaemics themselves who understand their


Some options in hand to sustain the project
  • Donation page like Wikepedia and other open
    source software have got.
  • Google Ad Sense
  • Other Societies, TIF, will be requested yearly
    fees to put their logos in.
  • Tie up with doctors and private hospitals to
    place their adverts on the App. Panel of
    recommended doctors can be created and they can
    be charged , this can be very good channel for
  • Fees might be charged for some specific features
    like doctor advice etc.
  • Fund raising get-togethers will be arranged to
    raise funds for future growth of the app .
  • Additional Sponsors may be pulled in for 2nd
    round of funding when we have more
    patients to show case our reach and we wish to
    expand our horizon.

Analysis in Indian Market Case Study
According to Dr.Sharmila ghosh ( MD ) thesis
Worldwide, approximately 15 million people are
estimated to suffer from thalassemic disorders.
Reportedly,there are about 240 million carriers
of ßthalassemia worldwide, i.e. 1.5 of world
population, and in India alone, the number is
approximately 30 million with 505 in S.E.Asia.The
burden ofhemoglobinopathies in India is high with
nearly 12,000 infants being born every year with
a severe disorder.

Analysis in Indian Market Case Study
These numbers imply that every hour 1 child is
born who will suffer with this genetic disorder.
The carrier rate for ß thalassemia varies from
1-17 in India with an average of 3.2 .This
means that on an average 1 in every 25 Indians is
a carrier of thalassaemia. India is country of
121 Crore people and having the youngest
population in the world. India is having second
largest no of internet users only second to
china. I strongly believe in Future is Mobile.
our apps can do wonders . Scope is huge in India
.Facebook , whatsapp are having second highest
users in India worldwide. Scope of this app is
huge for this app to as the number of
thalassaemics are also huge in India .This is
right time to enter this and be part of future
growth story .
Introduction about Development Team
  • Idea conceived by Gagan. About myself, I have
    done Masters in Computer Application, have 10
    yrs of IT exp and have worked as middleware
    specialist for IT divisions of Brands like UBS,
    RBS, BP, RICOH, TESCO, GE and RoyalMail.
  • To be Developed by Webguruz Ltd. Webguruz is a
    company having 7.5 years of experience in
    delivering 100s of successful Web and Mobile Apps
    and other software.
  • Guided by UKTS members and mentored by
    Michael(TIF Board member)
  • Inspired by Dr Farukh Shah(specialist Whittington
  • Special thanks to my Dad S. Surjit Singh Khattar
    (Founder Trustee Help Thellasemics, Founder
    member and Ex Gen Secy TCWA)

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