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Ashtopus Next Generation Application RFID Technology Solutions


Ashtopustech is one of the fastest growing identification & security solutions providers .We have best & high performance active and passive RFID technology solutions,for live tracking vehicles and student care in school bus,live stock and health care people tracking ,retail and assets mgmt. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ashtopus Next Generation Application RFID Technology Solutions

  • RFID Technology Next Generation
    Application Solutions

  • About RFID ..
  • How does RFID works..?
  • RFID Sensors..
  • Applications Solutions..
  • Advantage..
  • Conclusion..

Introduction To RFID
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technology that
    uses radio-waves to transfer data between a
    reader and a movable items to identify,
    categorize track.
  • It is an automatic identification method, relying
    on storing and remotely retrieving data using
    devices called RFID tags or transponders.
  • -RFID (radio frequency identification) is a
    technology that incorporates the use of
    electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the
    radio frequency (RF) portion of the
    electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an
    object, animal, or person.
  • -RFID is fast reliable and does not require
    physical sight or contact between reader/scanner
    and tagged items
  • An alternative to bar code.

How does a RFID system work ?
  • Reader (Coupler) to read from and/or write to
  • Tags (transponders) where item ID/data etc. are
  • Types active
  • passive
  • Host computer/
  • network

IC (Integrated Circuit)
RFID Readers
RFID Sensors Tag
  • There are two broad categories of RFID systems
  • Active Tag
  • Passive Tag
  • Passive Tag
  • The passive tags, or called backscatters, have
    neither own power resource nor RF transmitter,
    they use inductive/propagation coupling to
    connect with the reader antenna, this means that
    the passive tags just simply reflect back the
    signal emitted by the reader. These passive tags
    are simpler and cheaper but have a much shorter
    reading range in comparison to active tag.
  • Types of Passive Tag
  • Passive RFID tags generally operate at three
    distinct frequencies
  • 1-Low Frequency (LF) 125 -134 kHz
  • 2- High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz
  • 3-Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 856 MHz to 960 MHz

RFID Sensors Tag
  • Active RFID Tag The active tags have
    transmitters and usually a battery as their power
    resource they transmit their ID codes through
    transmitters, thus a wide reading range can be
  • Active RFID systems use self-powered RFID tags
    that continuously broadcast their own signal.
    Active RFID tags are commonly used as beacons
    to accurately track the real-time location of
    assets or in high speed environments such as
    tolling. Active tags provide a much longer read
    range than passive tags.
  • Types of Active Tag
  • Two different types of active RFID tags are
    available on todays market
  • 1-Transponders
  • 2-Beacon

Difference Between Active Passive Tag
RFID Applications
People Tracking- Hospital ,Shopping mall and
railway station are most general tracking
required place hospital uses RFID tag for
tracking their special patients.
RFID Applications
School Bus Tracking System Student Care Solution
by School Bus Tracking In Bus
Attendance. School bus tracking and automated
and customizable live view student behavior in
School bus and send alerts both school management
and parents in times of emergencies besides
notifying both parties on boarding and
disembarking of students from the school bus.
RFID Applications
Parking Solutions RFID parking solution for
parking towers and it tracks and tabulates
vehicles in parked on each floor. This lets it
automatically calculate free spaces there are and
where those spaces are located, to provide the
information to people entering the parking tower.
RFID Applications
Retail and Inventory Tracking RFID in retail
stores offer real-time inventory tracking that
allows companies to monitor and control inventory
supply at all times. RFID based jewelry tracking
system enables tracking inventory via scanning
and therefore instant stock update while
increasing the staff productivity. RFID
automation of inventory check process at store.
RFID Applications
Live Stock-RFID tags can be safely attached or
even implanted inside animals(live stock) and
will last for the entire lifetime of the animal.
RFID helps improve farm management through
increased efficiencies, reduced feed and labor
costs, enhanced output and improved herd health.
RFID Applications
Supply Chain Management Process
RFID Applications
Retail and Inventory Tracking-RFID in retail
stores offer real-time inventory tracking that
allows companies to monitor and control inventory
supply at all times. RFID based jewelry
tracking system enables tracking inventory via
scanning and therefore instant stock update while
increasing the staff productivity. RFID
automation of inventory check process at store.
RFID Applications
Vehicle Mentoring Solutions-RFID Technique
helps to Vehicle monitoring through their journey
such as ,Fuel and feat level monitoring, order
and cargo tracking, fleet performance analysis
,security, road assistance etc.
RFID Applications
Health Care-patient Safety is big challenge of
health care Reducing medication error meeting new
standards, staff shortages, and reducing cost are
the plus points of use of RFID solutions, RFID
wristband containing patient record and
medication history address several of these
RFID Applications
Document Tracking- Availability of a large amount
data and documents bridge lots of problems in
documents managements and library mgmt RFID
technology short out and easy trace records .
RFID Applications
Manufacturing- RFID technology provides an easy
way to manage a huge and laborious manufacturing
process. this type of process helps in better
analysis, reduce time in locating parts and
products and productions process based sensors
can be installed to alert any anomalies.
Advantage Disadvantage


RFID technology can be used to track products in
a manner similar to using bar codes for product
identification, Today the RFID-technology stands
for an enhanced range of application at
decreasing prices, tomorrow for a
standard! RFID technology is taking off in many
places like in shopping malls, libraries, supply
chain management, tracking household pets,
accessing office buildings, and vehicles on
roadways. RFID is used to automatically identify
people, objects, and animals using short range
radio technology its increasingly rapid pace.
RFID tags contents will increase in power, prices
are expected to decline and tag will dramatically
improve its efficiency, security and accuracy.
So that it will change our personal and work
lives and adorns the conventional management
with a new idea and usher for a bright future.
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