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Cosmetic Dentistry Costs


Cosmetic dentistry usually involves procedures for treating dental problems such as gaps between teeth, discoloration, and chipped, misshapen, missing, or damaged teeth. These improvements may not necessarily be just cosmetic, quite a few also treat the oral problems. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

Cosmetic Dentistry Costs
Dental Implants
  • A dental implant is a replacement for natural
    tooth that is damaged beyond repair, and needs to
    be extracted. Their cost varies, depending on the
    dental equipment used in the procedure, the
    location, and also the dentist. The cost of
    single implants is between the range of USD 1,000
    - USD 4,000. However, for a full-mouth
    reconstructive dental implant, one would need to
    spend between USD 30,000 - USD 100,000.

Dental Invisalign
  • Fitting invisalign is one of the most common
    techniques to repair structural abnormalities in
    the tooth. It is better than the traditional
    braces. Invisalign ranges between USD 3,000 - USD
    6,000. However, this is the national average
    cost, and the exact cost would be determined by
    your dentist, when he examines and assesses your

Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth whitening is believed to be the most common
    of all the procedures. It's mainly done to regain
    the natural color and shine of the tooth, which
    is lost due to aging, eating habits, excessive
    smoking, etc. Comparatively, this is a cheaper
    treatment and its cost ranges from USD 500 - USD

Dental Veneers
  • The main purpose of dental veneers is to beautify
    and repair uneven tooth structures or alignments,
    uneven spacing between teeth, cracks in the
    tooth, and worn out tooth enamel. Traditional
    composite veneers are quite cheap, and the cost
    ranges from USD 300 - USD 1,500, whereas their
    porcelain counterparts are expensive and the cost
    around USD 1,000 - USD 2,500. Durability is the
    main component affecting the difference in price.
    The traditional composite veneers serve for
    approximately 5 - 6 years, while porcelain
    veneers serve for about 10 - 12 years.

  • Dentures are generally fixed in order to replace
    the missing tooth or teeth. It is an effective
    option as the dentures normally serve for a
    lifetime, provided all the techniques of dental
    care are followed. The cost of dentures lies
    between USD 1,200 - USD 1,500, depending upon the
    number of dentures required.

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