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Cosmetic Dentistry Explained By Best Dentist in Brampton


Everyone wants to get beautiful teeth. But how? The answer is in this PPT. Read this to know about cosmetic dentistry and its types by Best Dentist in Brampton. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cosmetic Dentistry Explained By Best Dentist in Brampton

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What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry
refers to all oral care that improves the
appearance of your teeth. Chipped, worn,
blackened teeth, or any others. Visible
imperfections are then taken care of by a dental
surgeon specializing in this type of care. The
use of cosmetic dentistry must nevertheless be
carried out on healthy teeth.
Who can use cosmetic dentistry? Nowadays, having
recourse to cosmetic treatment in
Brampton, totally democratized. This type of
treatment is recommended for patients with
visible dental imperfections.
Teeth Whitening Dental Treatment in
Brampton Whitening consists of depositing a
whitening agent (peroxide) on the teeth. Use the
right products certified for this purpose so as
not to create more problems than benefits.  The
whitening treatment Brampton offered at the
clinic is supervised by professionals. They allow
higher concentrations of whitening products since
they will be used with the help of trays/molds
personalized to each patient which will limit the
undesirable effects. The bleaching treatment can
be carried out by two methods. Tooth whitening is
a technique used to lighten the natural color of
one or more teeth.
Facet The composite veneer is complete coverage
of the anterior/anterior surface of the tooth. It
is performed on the teeth visible with a smile
with a predominance on the 4 upper incisors. It
is available in several colors and it is possible
to perform a color gradation on the tooth. It
allows to modify the shape of the tooth but has
its limitations due to the strength of the
composite material.  Its biggest advantage is
its lower cost than porcelain veneers while still
allowing thin veneers. Its disadvantages are its
lack of translucency and its lower hardness. The
veneers can be made from two materials Dental
porcelain Composite resin
The Crown on A Single Implant A dental implant
serves as an artificial root for the placement of
a prosthesis, a bridge, or a crown, depending on
the number of teeth to be replaced. When a single
tooth is missing, or a tooth still in place is
badly damaged, it can be replaced by a crown
installed on a single implant. There are 2
techniques by the best dentist in Brampton for
placing a crown on an implant Screw-retained
the crown is screwed directly into the implant or
the implant abutment, without the aid of
cement Cemented the crown is glued, using
cement, to the abutment, which is itself screwed
into the implant. There are also two choices of
materials for the implant titanium and ceramic
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