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The Flat Feet Shoes Guide


Read the complete Flat Feet Shoes Guide before you purchase running shoes. Know more about the special needs of runners with flat feet and a selection of the best running shoes. There are only few companies’ offers special types of shoes for people who suffer from these conditions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Flat Feet Shoes Guide

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide Take Best Care Of Your
By Wilde
  • People who suffer from various foot conditions
    that impair their ability to walk have a chance
    to overcome their troubles and enjoy life if they
    choose the right kind of footwear. Medical and
    technological progress made it possible to treat
    many problems that were considered incurable only
    a few decades ago. Finding the best shoes for
    flat feet or any other common foot condition
    wont take you much time, but this step will
    change the quality of your life significantly.
  • There are quite a few companies that offer
    special kinds of shoes for people who suffer from
    these conditions. When shopping for these items,
    you need to pay attention to specifications of
    each model. Make sure that it fits the
    requirements of your condition.
  • Unlike over-the-counter shoe inserts one can find
    in many stores, specialized shoes will be able to
    provide every wearer with the maximum level of
    comfort. Shoes for flat feet and other
    deformities are created with the condition in
    mind, so every inch of the shoe will fit you
    perfectly. This means that you will be able to
    take up running should you desire to do so.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
Flat Feet Pes Planus
  • Flat feet is a deformity that occurs when the
    arch of the foot collapses. Over 20 of the
    general population suffers from this problem. The
    condition can be acquired, but in the vast
    majority of cases the arch simply does not
    develop properly.
  • Arch of the foot has a very important part to
    play in the body. It ensures that the vast
    majority of the strain from bearing weight is
    dissipated before the force of it can reach the
    bones in the leg and tight. The arch provides a
    springy connection between the ball and heel of
    the foot. In simple terms, it serves as a little
    shock absorber that protects your legs from
    overtaxing. The shoes for flat feet will
    artificially create this effect protecting your
    legs from the shock of walking.
  • There are two types of flat feet condition
  • Rigid flat feet
  • People suffering from this condition do not have
    even the slightest arch present in both sitting
    and standing positions.
  • Supple flat feet
  • In this case, the arch is present when the person
    is sitting or standing on their toes. This
    condition is much easier to correct as it will
    only require specialized footwear.
  • As young children cannot identify the symptoms of
    this condition themselves, it becomes their
    caregivers duty to check their feet for any sign
    of the deformity. One may not be able to notice
    it right away in infants, because baby fat
    obscures the true shape of feet. The arch should
    be fully developed in early childhood. Even if it
    did not develop properly, purchasing trainers for
    flat feet for your child and teaching them the
    benefits of exercising will allow the body to
    adapt to the deformity.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
Joggers Heel Plantar Fasciitis
  • This is a rather painful disorder that can be
    characterized by inflammation, scarring or even
    complete structural breakdown of plantar fascia.
    In the vast majority of cases, the condition is
    caused by overuse of the mentioned body part.
    Thus, it mostly affects sportsmen, especially
    joggers and runners. Weight and age also play a
    part in its developing and aggravating.
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes for exercising is one
    of the reasons that cause this particular
    condition. You will need to choose specialized
    footwear for running, and if the problem has
    already developed, you should buy sneakers for
    plantar fasciitis you can find.
  • This condition is the major cause of heel pain,
    and millions of people suffer from it at some
    point in their lives. It is treatable and there
    are effective prevention measures one can take to
    protect themselves from the agony this disorder
    can cause.
  • Bear in mind that lack of exercise can lead to
    this condition as much as overusing your feet
    with too intensive workouts. This means that
    limiting your physical activity level will not
    protect you. On the contrary, this can cause more
    serious health problems in the long run.
  • Planar fasciitis can be treated quickly and
    efficiently. In general, the condition is not
    particularly dangerous. It can even heal on its
    own if given time. In case the pain makes it
    difficult to ignore, specialized treatment
    procedures should be initiated. If you manage to
    find the shoes for plantar fasciitis, you may not
    even need to disrupt your training routine while
    treating this disorder.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
How to Protect Your Feet When Standing All Day
  • Today many people have to spend all day standing
    or running around because of their jobs. This can
    lead them to developing some serious feet
    conditions that may deal permanent damage and
    even cause disability. As changing jobs is
    usually not an option, those who find themselves
    in this situation, must employ different
    preventative methods to protect their health.
  • The most common problems that develop when a
    person takes up a job that demands them to stand
    all day are
  • Soreness
  • Swollen feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Buying the shoes for standing all day will not be
    enough to protect your body from the risk of
    serious feet damage. However, this is an
    essential preventative measure. This kind of
    footwear will reduce the pressure on your feet
    and will make other methods you can use more
  • When choosing footwear, you need to pay extra
    attention to its quality and size. The best
    pieces will definitely be expensive, but it will
    be a wise investment on your part. Also, you may
    need to purchase shoes that are about a size
    bigger than the ones you usually wear. This way,
    even if your feet swell by the end of the day,
    blood circulation wont be severely affected.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
  • Flat foot is a condition whereby the arch of
    ones feet crumples leaving the entire sole to
    come into contact with the ground. Many people
    find it hard to get the best running shoes for
    flat feet. If one has flat feet, it is important
    to consider shopping for shoes that have support
    like flip-flops, high heels and also sandals.
    Such shoes do not give the arch any form of lift,
    and thus are the best to choose for flat feet.
    People who have flat feet usually tend to turn
    their ankle inside while running.
  • This creates much stress on the feet, knees and
    ankles thus causing various injuries. It is
    therefore, wise to choose shoes with stability
    control, so as to correct the pronation. These
    shoes can be found in various shoe brands in the
    market such as New Balance and Brooks. While
    choosing shoes for flat feet, it is important to
    ask for assistance from professionals who are
    based on that. This is because they will be sure
    about the type of shoe that you want for your
  • To avoid pronator, motion control shoes are also
    very necessary. This is because they usually
    offer additional support to your feet, keeping
    the ankle straight while moving forward. They are
    the best for running and especially for people
    with flat feet. Motion control shoes usually have
    medial post of dual density form. It is so easy
    to recognize such kind of shoes because they
    usually have darker piece of foam, which is
    almost grey in colour, found in the inside of the
    mid sole. With this kind of shoes, running is
    usually made easy for the people with flat feet.
    You can easily get these types of shoes from well
    known shoe brands worldwide, and in various
    outlets. Always ensure that you ask for
    assistance from a professional before choosing
    which type of shoe to buy when you enter any

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Are your feet suffering from heel pain while
    running? If yes, you need the best running shoes
    for plantar fasciitis. Stiffness in the bottom of
    the heel is the common symptom of the plantar
    fascia which could affect both heals but is most
    commonly found in just the one foot.
  • The plantar fasciitis naturally does not stretch
    so that it will protect the physical tension of
    your feet. If the plantar fasciitis is, being
    stretch excessively it will cause for a painful
    heel which will limit your ability to run and
    even walk. If you stretch out your plantar fascia
    prior to running or any exercise, it will not
    heal the heel condition, but instead could lead
    to severe strains or worst it may harm your feet.
  • We have divided the best running shoes for
    plantar fasciitis into three main categories
    based on the conditions main causes
  • GO TO Caused By Flat-Feet And Over Pronation
  • GO TO Caused By Caused by High Arches and
  • GO TO Caused By Excessive Weight, Tight Tendons
    or Over Worked Plantar Fascia

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
  • The primary cause of this heel condition is as a
    result of severe strain from the ligament that
    supports the arch of the foot. If the plantar
    fascia suffers from severe strain, it will
    weaken, resulting in swelling of the ankle and
    furthermore the ankle can get irritated or
    inflamed. That is why you could experience pain
    and discomfort while walking and running.
  • One of the main causes of plantar fasciitis is
    because of  a persons age. Ages 40 70 are most
    commonly prone to this illness. After losing its
    resistance, the thick fat padding of the sole
    becomes more inclined to injuries after a long
    workout, like running or walking. If this is the
    situation, it causes swelling and heel pain.
  • The bottom of the heel is the main area where
    plantar fasciitis occurs. Plantar fascia is the
    thin ligament that connects the heel to the front
    of the foot that serves as the supports of the
    arch in the foot. People who is overweight or
    obese are prone to plantar fasciitis. This is due
    to the increased pressure on the plantar fascia.
    Pregnant women are also prone to suffer from
    plantar fasciitis. If you are a runner, you may
    suffer from severe plantar fasciitis problems.

The plantar fasciitis is most commonly caused by
  • Flat feet and over pronation
  • High arches and supination
  • Excessive weight, Tight tendons or over worked
    plantar fascia

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
  • High arch, pes cavus, cavoid foot and cavus foot
    are names for the same foot deformity that is
    characterized by a very hollow sole of the foot.
    It is the opposite from flat foot, but is far
    less common. This condition causes the foot to be
    inflexible. This means that it becomes unable to
    absorb the shock of walking and all the stress of
    every step goes directly to ones foot and
    leg. As with any other foot deformity wearing the
    best running shoes for high arches and exercising
    will allow you to reduce the pain caused by the

High Arches Causes and Treatment
  • In the vast majority of cases, pes cavus is
    caused by various neurological disorders. If the
    actual reason behind the condition cannot be
    determined, the case is called idiopathic.
    Poliomyelitis is one of the diseases that often
    cause this deformity. This is why millions of
    people today suffer from it, as outbreaks of this
    disease are rather common in underdeveloped
    countries. The number of people suffering from
    this condition in the U.S. is also staggering.
    The epidemic of polio that occurred in the first
    half of the twentieth century is the main reason
    behind this. Specialized shoes for high arches
    have been developed at the time the polio
    outbreak was at its highest and they keep
  • The condition can be hereditary. In this case,
    the body usually adapts to the deformity in the
    process of growing and wearing best running shoes
    for high arches as well as maintaining a light
    exercise routine should be enough to rid the
    patient of the discomfort high arches can cause.
    There should be no need for more invasive
  • High arches also can occur as a result of a
    serious injury. Post-traumatic bone structure
    malformation is extremely difficult to treat. In
    many cases, complete recuperation is impossible.
    A course (or several) of physiotherapy is the
    most effective treatment in this situation.
    Running will be an important part of any therapy,
    buying the best running shoes for high arches is
    a must.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
Symptoms Of High Arches
  • The most common symptoms of high arches are
    lateral ankle instability, knee pain, lower limb
    stress fractures, back pain and foot pain. The
    severity of the feeling may vary, and painkillers
    may be required in some cases. High arches also
    make it difficult to find fitting shoes. This
    problem was rectified by establishing several
    companies that manufacture footwear for people
    with special needs.
  • Surgical treatment of high arches is only
    recommended in case the pain the patient suffers
    from is severe. The operations involved in this
    kind of treatment are complex and can cause
    numerous negative side effects.
  • The most common ways of treatment for this
    condition are
  • Exercises and physiotherapy
  • These procedures aim to stretch and strengthen
    the foot muscles. This results in increased
    mobility and allows to distribute planar pressure
    more equally, even if the bone structure remains
    deformed to an extent.
  • Specialized footwear
  • Cushioned shoes reduce the shock of walking doing
    the job that a deformed foot is unable to do.
    Nowadays, technological advances have gone so far
    that people can purchase not only comfortable
    walking shoes, but even the best running shoes
    for high arches.
  • Chiropractic
  • Some types of chiropractic manipulation allow a
    trained specialist to change the position of
    bones and increase the flexibility of ligaments.
    This can effectively fix a less severe deformity.
    In more difficult cases, the arch of the foot can
    be partially restored.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
  • Millions of people today put their health at risk
    working at jobs that require them to spend all
    day standing. As it is often impossible for a
    person to find another employment, they have to
    learn how to minimize the damage this kind of job
    does to their overall wellbeing.
  • The most efficient way to prevent foot problems
    and other ailments that can develop from standing
    for hours on end is wearing the right kind of
    footwear. Today you can find some specialized
    shoes that will help your feet feel as
    comfortable as possible at the end of your shift.
    You should always seek the best shoes for
    standing all day, as anything less will be a
    waste of money. Only specifically designed
    footwear can protect your body from the damage
    this kind of job can deal.

Common Issues If You have not Invested In the
Best Shoes For Standing All Day
The problems a person can develop from standing
all day are Pain in your feet and ankles Pain
is the most troublesome symptom that occurs from
standing for a long time. Relieving it will be
more difficult with every passing hour.
Painkillers wont be of any use in this
case. Swelling This symptom in itself is not
particularly dangerous. However, if you choose
unfitting shoes, your blood circulation may be
disrupted when your feet swell. This will
exacerbate the problem and can damage your blood
vessels in the long run. Joint damage Standing
all day can deal serious damage to your joints,
because the pressure on them increases. This can
lead to rheumatoid arthritis and other joint
problems. Pregnancy problems When you stand,
your internal organs put pressure on one another
due to the force of gravity. This means that your
reproductive system suffers the most. This can
cause serious problems with this part of your
body. Difficulty with getting pregnant is one of
The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
  • If you already have the right kind of footwear
    for this job, you can use the following tips to
    make the hours spent at work less stressful for
    your body.
  • Move as much as possible If your job allows it,
    walk from time to time. Even a short trip from
    one end of the office to another will be a huge
    help to your feet. In case you cannot walk around
    while at work, you will need to move right where
    you stand. Shift from one foot to another and
    stay in this position for several minutes. The
    point of this mini-exercise is to let one leg
    relax a bit. Lift one foot off the floor and
    slowly rotate your ankle, then repeat with
    another foot.Take off your shoes and raise
    yourself on tip toe. After you come back down,
    wiggle your toes for a bit and flex each foot.
  • Wear high quality knee socks The situation with
    socks is the same as with the shoes. Quality is
    essential for the protection of your feet. Good
    socks for standing all day should be thick and
    made of cotton. They will add another layer of
    cushioning for your feet. Cotton is a natural
    material that will allow your feet to breathe
    and will quickly absorb any moisture preventing
    the occurrence of athletes foot. If you work a
    long shift, bring two pairs of socks and change
    them halfway.Do not wear socks that are too
  • Bring a rug or an anti-fatigue mat Ask your
    employer to place a specialized anti-fatigue mat
    or at least a rug at the place where you have to
    stand. This is especially important if your
    office has a concrete floor.
  • Elevate your feet During breaks, you should prop
    your feet onto something to elevate them above
    the level of your hips. This will reduce the
    swelling. Even a few minutes spent in this
    position will be very helpful.

  • We explore the best shoes for nurses in this
    article and hope it is of some value to you if
    you are in the nursing profession. Nursing is an
    interesting and rewarding profession but can be
    stressful and physically demanding. Nurses work
    shifts of from eight to twelve hours long, and
    they are on their feet for most of that time. As
    a nurse on a ward, you may walk up to seven miles
    during a busy shift, and if your feet hurt, it
    will feel like many more! Poorly fitting shoes
    can pose a safety risk while bad posture caused
    by wearing the wrong shoes can also lead to
    long-term problems in the feet, legs and back.
  • Shoes for nurses should be comfortable,
    supportive, protective, non-slip and easy to
    clean quite a lot to ask of one pair of shoes!
    However, it is important to get the best-fitting
    shoes possible. Wearing the correct footwear can
    make a huge difference to a nurses long-term
    health, while wearing the wrong ones can lead to
    injuries and health problems, such as arthritis
    and slipped discs that can shorten a nursing
    career. Even if you do not suffer from any aches
    and pains, a good pair of nursing shoes will
    reduce stress on your feet.

The Flat Feet Shoes Guide
Shoe Types That Are Suitable For Nurses
The Lace-up Oxford Classic Shoe This classic shoe
is an excellent all-rounder that is approved for
wear in many different healthcare settings.
Lace-up styles offer you a personalized fit that
you can adjust as necessary during your shift by
loosening or tightening the laces. This is very
important, as your feet will swell after you have
been standing for several hours. Try to buy shoes
made from leather, as your feet will sweat during
a long shift and leather allows moisture to
evaporate more freely than synthetic materials.
Leather also protects your feet from spills and
can be cleaned easily. Do not buy shoes made of
suede, as spills will soak in and be impossible
to remove.
Shoe Types That Are Suitable For Nurses
  • Trainers For All Day Support
  • Trainers and sports shoes may be approved for
    wear in community and in care homes. They are
    well cushioned, comfortable, lightweight and
    protective. However, they can be difficult to
    clean, and may not be appropriate for wearing as
    part of a uniform.
  • A Trusty Old Pair Of Crocs
  • When Crocs first came out, they were very popular
    with nurses, as they are very comfortable, cool
    and cheap. However, many Health Service trusts no
    longer allow them to be worn for work. This is
    mainly because Crocs and other backless shoes do
    not provide a stable base when you are carrying
    out manual handling techniques. Some nurses still
    choose to wear them when manual handling is not
    part of their job.
  • Clogs For The Theatre
  • Theatre staff may wear clogs made from rubber, as
    they are the form of footwear that is most
    protective against bio-hazardous and chemical
    spillages. They are very easy to scrub clean. If
    you are going to be working in theatre, special
    footwear should be issued as part of your uniform.

Many nurses have problems with their feet that
can make it difficult to find shoes to suit their
needs. Everyones feet are unique and it is best
to choose shoes after trying on several different
styles. Wide feet Some people are born with
wide feet while others find their feet become
wider as they get older. If you have wide feet,
look for nursing shoes that are constructed on a
wider footbed. Clogs are a good choice, as they
are naturally a wider fitting shoe. Choose clogs
with a heel strap to provide stability. Some
brands are designed for wider feet and while they
have plenty of room for the toes they look just
like normal shoes. Other styles come in two width
fittings, and if you find a style you like it is
always worth asking if it is available in a wider
measurement. Painful knees Painful knees often
arise from bad posture, problems with the arches
of the feet and being overweight. If you suffer
from painful knees, you should look for shoes
with good arch support. High top shoes with extra
support for the ankles are a good choice. Choose
styles with a small heel, as shoes that are
completely flat such as sneakers and ballet pumps
are not good for your posture when worn for long
periods. If your knee problems do not improve,
you should consult a doctor as they may be caused
by underlying conditions. Flat feet People with
flat feet have very low or no arches to their
feet. This may be something you are born with, or
it can develop from injury, repeated stress and
obesity. It can lead to painful feet, but by
choosing shoes carefully, you can do much to
alleviate the problem. People with flat feet
should consult a podiatrist or chiropodist, who
will suggest the best type of orthotic inserts.
These can be worn inside the shoes to provide
support for the arches, and when buying shoes you
should try them with the inserts in place.
High arches People who are born with high arches
often develop painful feet, especially if they
work in a job, like nursing, where they are on
their feet all day. Orthotic inserts and
customised insoles to relieve pressure and
provide support are recommended for high arches.
Slip-on styles are not recommended unless they
can be worn with an orthotic insert. Some people
with high arches find that lace-up styles are
best as the lacing can be adjusted to adjust the
pressure on their feet. Low Back Pain Low back
pain is a very common problem for nurses, and not
wearing the right footwear can make the problem
worse. If you suffer from low back pain, look for
shoes with plenty of cushioning and sturdy soles
that will provide stable support. Nurses new to
the profession often fail to realise how
important footwear is to the success of their
career. A good way of finding the best shoes for
nurses where you will be working is to ask your
more senior colleagues for advice.Good quality
shoes are not cheap, but investing in comfortable
and safe footwear is one of the most important
things you can do to avoid pain and injury that
could cut short your working life.
The Flat Feet Shoes Guide Take Best Care Of Your
By Wilde
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