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Data Mining and privacy Presentation


This is a sample presentation on data mining. The presetation looks at the critical Issues In Data Mining: Privacy, National Security And Personal Liberty Implications Of Data Mining. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Data Mining and privacy Presentation

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Critical Issues In Data Mining Privacy,
National Security And Personal Liberty
Implications Of Data Mining
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The Inference Problem
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Privacy issues Of Data Mining
  • Information available freely on the internet
    being used illegitimately against the person.
  • The social aspect of data mining privacy
    considering that different groups have different
    standards on social
  • The legal an political aspects including controls
    on the web and servers, the consequences of
    violating privacy policies and transfer of
    information between countries.

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Civil liberties V.s National Security
  • Civil liberty involves everything from
    pro0tecting the rights of individuals, be they
    human, civil or privacy rights. Gathering
    information about people, mining data about them,
    surveillance on personal conversations may result
    in violation of their rights to privacy.
  • The main concern is whether to gather information
    and prosecute when violation on privacy occurs or
    wait until the national disasters occurs to
    gather data.
  • Among the questions that arise include
  • Is it worth sacrificing privacy to ensure some
    level of national security assuming the
    information is not misused?
  • Should national security be placed first and then
    prosecute those who violate privacy if its not
    possible to safeguard this private information?

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Privacy Enhanced Data Mining And National Security
  • Since national security is very important to most
    nations in view of the terrorism activity the
    world over, one of the way to ensure privacy of
    personal information is through sensitive data
  • Here, data mining is allowed but under enhanced
    privacy protection measures
  • Sensitive data mining involves determining, in
    advance those patterns are private and which are
    public since patterns are what constitutes the
    inference problem.

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Solving the inference problem
  • Bhavani Thuraisingham (2002) proposes the
    following measures to deal with the inference
    problem in data mining
  • Build an inference controller that detect
    possible inference problems by a user and
    restricting the use of those patterns
  • The other strategy would be to classify the
    information such that the user would not be
    confident in the results and will therefore find
    the inferences made useless.
  • Lastly, the person holding the data can test the
    data to see if any inferences can be made using
    the data. However, this approach is limited
    because on cannot predict all the inferences that
    could be made from the data or the combinnation
    of tools that will be used in data mining to get
    these inferences.

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  • Thuraisingham, B. (2005). Data Mining, National
    Security, Privacy and Civil Liberties. Arlington,
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