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Data Mining for Health Applications


Contact: Osmar R. Za ane Data Mining for Health Applications UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Osmar R. Za ane, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Computing Science – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Data Mining for Health Applications

Data Mining for Health Applications
Contact Osmar R. Zaïane
Database Management Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining for Health Applications
Contact Osmar R. Zaïane
Data Mining Canonical Tasks
  • Association Rules
  • Efficient discovery of frequent itemsets
  • Automatically finding relationships in large data
  • Supervised Learning
  • Associative classifier rule-based and
    transparent learning model
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Parameter-free clustering
  • Clustering in high dimensional spaces
  • Outlier Detection
  • Finding aberrations in data and ranking outliers.
  • Privacy Preservation
  • Sharing data without compromising data privacy or
    jeopardizing data mining outcome a tradeoff.

Perinatal Data Analysis
Preterm birth tied to lifelong health problems
  • Goals
  • Understand preterm births in Alberta
  • Understand what causes risk in pregnancy
  • Predict pre-term births ? Decision Support for
  • Recommend what data needs to be collected
  • Data is noisy and missing information

Breast Cancer Detection
  • Regular for 50 to 69
  • Regular if prescribed for 40 to 49 and over 70

Screening mammograms can detect breast cancer
early detection increases the chance of
successful treatment
Health Canada reports that only 12 of eligible
women in Alberta underwent regular screening in
2002. Today only 40 according to ACB. Goal 80.
Most are single readings. 25 double reading
selected randomly (not enough staff)
False-Positive and False-Negatives vary among
Radiologists 3.5 to 21 (American Cancer
Mammography Classification build a tool that
ranks mammograms by priority ? recommends 2nd
  • Current prototype limited visual features
    classifies malignant, benign, normal Error Rate
  • Are there better visual feature to exploit?

Breast Cancer Detection (future?)
Mammograms are relatively cheap to produce but
have MANY disadvantages.
  • Build a tool for Breast MRI Classification
  • What are the appropriate visual features to use?

Information Extraction
bleed. SECONDARY DIAGNOSES Diabetes , mitral
valve replacement , atrial fibrillation , and
chronic kidney disease. HISTORY OF PRESENT
ILLNESS The patient is an 86-year-old woman with
a history of diabetes , chronic kidney disease ,
congestive heart failure with ejection fraction
of 45 to 50 who presents from clinic with a
chief complaint of fatigue and weakness for one
week. She had had worsening right groin and hip
pain , status post a total hip replacement
approximately 13 years ago which had been
worsening for two weeks , and she has also
recently completed a course of Levaquin for
urinary tract infection. She presented to Dr.
Parrent office complaining of fatigue and
weakness for one week. She has had some abdominal
pain in a band-like distribution around her right
side. She was found to have a hematocrit of 21
down from 30 eight days ago and was sent to the
emergency department for transfusion and workup
Caltrate plus D one tab p.o. b.i.d. , Lantus 7
units SC q.p.m. , NovoLog 4 units/4 units/5
units SC t.i.d. , Imdur 30 mg b.i.d. , amlodipine
5 mg b.i.d. , furosemide 80 mg daily , valsartan
120 mg daily , warfarin 4 mg daily , iron sulfate
325 mg p.o. daily , and multivitamin daily. PAST
MEDICAL HISTORY Chronic kidney disease ,
presumed due to congestive heart
failure/diuresis/renal artery disease/early
diabetic nephropathy type 2 diabetes previous
stroke congestive heart failure with ejection
fraction of 45 to 50 rheumatic valvular
disease with mitral valve replacement and
tricuspid valve repair atrial fibrillation
history of small bowel obstruction status post
right total hip replacement approximately 13
years ago. FAMILY HISTORY No family history of
kidney disease or heart disease. SOCIAL HISTORY
She has 10 children , lives alone with home care
in ME , but has moved in to live with her
daughter in News Irv In She denies tobacco use
and drinks alcohol rarely. ALLERGIES Codeine and
signs were temperature 96.7 , heart rate 60 ,
blood pressure 153/74 , respirations 22 ,
and SaO2 95 on room air. The patient is a frail
elderly woman in no acute distress. She has poor
dentition. JVP is difficult to assess secondary
to tricuspid regurgitation. Lungs were clear to
auscultation bilaterally. Cardiovascular exam
showed bradycardia with heart rate in the 50s
that was irregular , S1 plus S2 with 3/6 systolic
murmur heard throughout with mechanical sounding
S2. Abdomen was mildly tender to palpation in the
mid epigastrium with no rebound or guarding.
Extremities showed venous stasis changes in her
lower extremities bilaterally. Feet were cool
with diminished DP and PT pulses. On neurological
exam , she was alert and oriented x3 and cranial
nerves II through XII were intact.
Digitized text database
Text, XML or web pages
Automatic Information Extraction
Relational Database
Data Anonymization, Privacy Preservation,
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