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Frank Lollino Jr. - Field Goals


Frank Lollino Jr. is a seasoned and accomplished basketball coach who has over a decade of experience in inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential on the basketball court. He has been a member of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association since 1999, the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association since 2009 and the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Association since 1997. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Frank Lollino Jr. - Field Goals

Frank Lollino Jr. - Field Goals
A field goal attempt is a players attempt to
shoot the ball into his basket for a field goal.
The act of shooting starts when, in the
officials judgment, the player has started his
shooting motion and continues until the shooting
motion ceases and he returns to a normal floor
position. It is not essential that the ball leave
the shooters hand. His arm(s) might be held so
that he cannot actually make an attempt. The term
is also used to include the flight of the ball
until it becomes dead or is touched by a player.
A tap during a jump ball or rebound is not
considered a field goal attempt. However, anytime
a live ball is in flight toward the rim from the
playing court, the goal, if made, shall count,
even if time expires or the officials whistle
sounds. The field goal will not be scored if time
on the game clock expires before the ball leaves
the players hand or the ball is in flight toward
the rim.
Frank Lollino Jr.Being a Team Player
Frank Lollino Jr. is a basketball coach from
Illinois who has over a decade of experience in
turning around programs and bringing teams to
victory. One of the biggest values he puts an
emphasis on is teamwork, which is especially
important in the game of basketball. In
basketball, teammates must work together in order
to make plays that will fool their opponents and
give them a clear shot at the hoop. In order to
pull off these plays, bonds between each player
on the team must be established so that the
chemistry is there to make the plays happen. And
establishing these bonds comes with the
acknowledgement of the values below. First, one
must understand the value of the teams
interests, and selflessly commit to those
Traveling and More
Frank Lollino Jr. Has a sound understanding of
all the rules in the NBA, however the Official
NBA Rule Book still sums it up best. Here are the
rules on traveling, held balls, screens and
more. Frank Lollino Jr. is a pit bull
enthusiast and his two pit bulls, Ruby and
Primo, are well-behaved and sweet animals that he
loves to have as company.
Timing is Everything
Frank Lollino Jr. is a basketball coach who knows
that timing is everything. When coaches and
players know the proper functioning of the time
clock and how the time keepers manage the clock,
they are then able to not only work within it,
but also find ways to use it to their advantage.
  • All periods of regulation play in the NBA will be
    twelve minutes.
  • b. All overtime periods of play will be five
  • c. Fifteen minutes will be permitted between
    halves of all games.
  • d. 130 seconds will be permitted between the
    first and second periods, the third and fourth
    periods and before any overtime period.
  • e. A team is permitted a total of 30 seconds to
    replace a disqualified player.
  • f. The game is considered to be in the
    two-minute part when the game clock shows 200 or
    less time remaining in the period.
  • g. The public address operator is required to
    announce that there are two minutes remaining in
    each period.

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