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Puja Items by Astro Gyangranth


Astro Gyan Granth is an online Astrology portal which provides online astrologer suggestion ,dealing with gemstones and horoscope predictions. It also deals with moral values ,spiritual growth, meditation and fasting. It describes the importance and effects of Gemstones in Human Life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Puja Items by Astro Gyangranth

Puja Accessories
and Items
About Puja
Puja is the word generally used in Hinduism.
There are some different meanings of puja. Like
Tamil interpretation is, puja has two
letterspa and ja Pa stands for Parayana
and ja stands for japa. There is another
explanation for Puja Pu represents
pushpam(flower) and ja represents Jal.
Generally pushpa and jal we used for paying
respect to God.
Puja Accessories and
  • There are some Puja Accessories which we used in
  • Heera shankh
  • Navgrah shanti packs
  • Holy water
  • Holy threads
  • Sindoor/ Tilak
  • Hawan Samagri
  • Rudraksha mala

  • Puja Coins
  • Haldi Kumkum
  • Bells
  • Kapoor/dhoop
  • Panchpatra
  • Flower Container
  • Kalsh
  • Shree Padukas
  • Essential oils
  • Abhishek pot

Different people do puja of different God
according to their believes. Like Ganesh Puja,
Shiva Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Narayan Puja
etc. And these all accessories used in Puja.
Some people vastu Items in Puja like Shree
yantra, Crystal Pyramid. Now a day Statue of God
has been made by metals, crystal, parad and
Raanga. Specially Keeping Parad Statue of God in
home is more effective than other.
It is made of mixture of mercury and
silver. According to astrologer Karkat Rashi,
Tula Rashi,Vrish Rashi, Mithun and Kanya Rashi
get different many benefits if done worship parad
shivalinga daily.
Benefits of keeping
Parad Shivling
1-Parad shivaling is god Shiva himself.
Worshipping Daily and offering Bel leaves,
Pushpa(flower) and snan ,Pleases and makes
paradeshwor mahadev(god shiva) happy. 2 Parad
shivaling is supreme god of universe, all god and
goddess worship god shiva (Parad shivaling) to
please god shiva, there is no difference between
god Shiva and pardeshwor shivling . 3 Any one
who worship god shiva in parad form attains
importance of life,hence one will attains good
health. 4- Parad shivalinga worship in home and
temple daily attains prosperity,good health and
there is residential of all god/goddess in that
bless home.
5 Parad shivling)lord shiv) is only Supreme god
of universe,who wash and removes all sin and
mistake done in past, present life. We should
make happy god shiva by chanting god shiva
different mantra, offering daily flower to god
shiva in temple. 6- Worshipping parad shivalinga
in home and establishing in temple helps to
attains mukti/Moksha(Salvation) ,one will attains
free from life cycle of trouble who even darshan
paradeshwor mahadev(god shiva as parad form).
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