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Type Of Online Puja You Can Get Performed On Your Behalf


The following presentation talks about different types of pujas which can be performed on somebody's behalf and describes how these pujas are performed. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Type Of Online Puja You Can Get Performed On Your Behalf

  • Type Of Online Puja You Can Get Performed On Your

Narayan Bali
  • Narayan Bali is a 30-day ritual or puja done to
    appease our ancestors and their souls which are
    trapped in this world due to untimely death. This
    puja is said to free their souls and help them
    gain moksha and peace so that their souls are put
    to rest. The Narayan Bali ritual is also
    performed to rid your family of obstacles in
    business and in life caused due to curses from
    other family members.

Laghu Rudra
  • Laghu Rudra or Rudrabhishek puja is a holy puja
    performed to worship Lord Shiva in his Rudra
    avatar. This puja is performed by priests who
    bathe, cleanse and purify the Shiva Lingam with
    water, ghee, cow milk, honey, sugarcane, rice and
    more. The ritual can be done in any Shiva temple
    by experienced priests and is usually said to be
    auspicious if done on Mondays, Mahashivratri or
    the month of Shravan. Laghu Rudra is performed to
    seek peace, prosperity and rid yourself of health
    and wealth problems.

Navchandi Puja
Navchandi is one of the incarnations of Goddess
Durga so this puja is also a form of Nav Durga
puja. This puja is done to seek blessings from
Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesh, Nav Greh and Lord
Shiva to seek peace, prosperity and for removal
of problems arising due to misaligned planets and
bad energy. This ritual is performed by
experience priests and pandits who take around
seven to eight hours to conclude the puja.
Satyanarayan Puja
  • Satyanarayan puja is performed to worship Lord
    Vishnu, who is one of the three Trimurti Gods.
    This ritual is done on occasion of any big event
    in ones life like house-warming, marriage,
    success at work and more. While this puja can be
    done on any day, the eleventh day of the lunar
    month or a full moon day is considered auspicious
    to perform the Satyanarayan ritual.

Grehshanti Puja
It is said that our lives are vastly influenced
by the placement and setting of planets at the
time of our birth. Misaligned planets or grehs
are said to be the cause of misfortune in ones
life, while properly aligned grehs means peace
and prosperity. Grehshanti puja is performed to
mitigate or remove the ill-effects of these grehs
on ones life so that they are blessed with peace
and prosperity. You can get this puja performed
by experienced priests on your behalf in the time
of COVID-19.
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