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10 Health Risks Associated With High Blood Pressure and Natural Ways to Avoid Them


Dear friend, in this presentation we are going to discuss about the major causes of high blood pressure, 10 health risks associated with it and natural ways to avoid them so that you do not face any life threatening consequences. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Health Risks Associated With High Blood Pressure and Natural Ways to Avoid Them

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What is High Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure is the force of blood against the
arteries walls the moment while the heart pumps.
High Blood Pressure or Hypertension refers to the
state in which this force is high enough to cause
other health concerns such as heart disease,
heart stroke, kidney failure, etc.
What are Its Causes?
Some of the most common causes for this condition
are stress, obesity, thyroid disorders, genetics,
smoking, too much salt intake, and shortage of
physical activities. High blood pressure can
quietly deteriorate your body for years till you
notice its symptoms.
Natural Ways to Avoid High Blood Pressure
Now we are going to reveal the 10 health risks
associated with high blood pressure and natural
ways to avoid them. These simple tips will
greatly help you in getting alert so that you can
better solve the issue before its too late.
Kidney Failure
High blood pressure is one of the main causes of
kidney failure. This hinders its natural tendency
to filter out the toxins and so the pollutants
keep on accumulating in the body resulting in its
permanent damage. This needs dialysis or kidney
Brain Damage
High blood pressure can cause dementia, mild
cognitive impairment, stroke and transient
ischemic attack. These occur due to blood clots,
resulting in poor supply of the blood and other
nutrients in the brain.
Deteriorated Heart
High BP causes various heart disorders. Enlarged
left heart is a condition when high BP forces the
heart to work harder than necessary in order to
pump blood causing the left ventricle to thicken
or stiffen. In case of heart failure, the muscles
of heart get wear out over time.
Deteriorated heart
In coronary artery disease, the blood cannot flow
freely through the arteries resulting in chest
pain or irregular heart rhythms.
Damage to the Arteries
High BP stiffens the flexible arteries causing
hindrance in the smooth flow of blood throughout
the body, resulting in heart failure, heart
attack, kidney failure, and blocked arteries in
arms or legs. Chronic high blood flow through a
weak artery results in enlargement or bulging of
arteries that cause life-threatening internal
In this case, blood vessels that supply blood to
the retina of eye get damaged resulting in
bleeding in the eye and ultimately blurred vision
or complete loss of vision. Persons having both
Diabetes and Hypertension are at greater risk of
this problem.
In this condition, fluid is built up under the
retina due to bleeding of blood vessels that
supply the blood towards the retina, ultimately
resulting in distorted vision or scarring.
Optic Neuropathy
It is a condition in which clogged blood flow
damages the optic nerve. It is capable to kill
the nerve cells in the eyes, which may lead to
bleeding within the eye or vision impairment.
Sexual Dysfunction
As the time passes, high BP hardens the walls of
arteries that cause poor blood flow to the
genitals. Men arent able to achieve and maintain
erection and women too lose proper lubrication
and sensation. Both of these conditions
ultimately lead to loss of desire in intercourse.
Bone Loss
Hypertension leads to excess of calcium
deposition in the urine which is excreted out
frequently. This results in osteoporosis, a
condition in which calcium is taken from the
bones by the body making them weak and fragile
and so getting fractures more often is quite
Sleep Troubles
In this condition, the throat muscles get relaxed
leading to snoring of the individual. This occurs
due to high blood pressure .
Natural Ways to Control Hypertension
Follow habits like exercising, limiting alcohol,
reducing sodium intake, avoiding processed food,
staying away from tobacco, boosting potassium
content in diet, cutting down caffeine intake and
controlling excessive mental stress is a great
help in balancing your blood pressure.
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Key features of Stresx capsules
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