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Refine Interactive is an audience engagement Digital Marketing Agency located across Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, USA, Canada and Dubai. We provide services like Digital Marketing Strategy, Responsive Web Design, Ecommerce Website Design, SEO and Mobile App Development – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Refine Interactive | Responsive Web Design Company | Digital Marketing Strategy

Refine Interactive
Who We Are
  • Refine is a full service creative digital agency
    with clients all over the world and expertised in
    digital and mobility solutions. We are ambitious,
    growing fast and committed to providing the best
    digital services. We have an impeccable track
    record for helping our customers, gaining
    popularity in the online world and beyond
  • We are the leading brand, creating a culture of
    customer obsession and engage ideal customers
    towards the brand. Check out the Modern Refined
    Digital solution with integrated website
    designing, marketing, content marketing, social
    marketing and management and big data

Our Clients
  • Expedia
  • Air Asia
  • Street Directory
  • Talent edge
  • Subway
  • Time zone
  • Jurlique
  • Madame Patisserie
  • Hilton Hotels Resorts
  • Open Colleges
  • Oasis Hospital

Digital Marketing Agency
  • Are you looking to grow the digital traffic for
    your business brand?? Google, Bing and Yahoo
    will fall in love with it
  • We are all denizens of the Digital Age. Our
    smart devices are attached to our person as much
    as our appendages. They are with us when we are
    awake and rest on our night stand when we sleep.
    It makes great sense to market your business on
    devices which inhabit the same space as your
    consumers do, through digital marketing
  • Digital Strategy Marketing presents new
    opportunities and challenges for marketers
  • Helps you identify areas of improvement
  • One of the most effective forms of marketing
  • Can be customized depending on the goals and
    objectives of a business
  • Perfect fit for small business users who want a
    high Return On Investment (ROI) on their
    advertising budget
  • Create a buzz for your brand in the market

Digital Marketing Agency
  • From independent campaigns (like SEO or PPC) to
    comprehensive digital strategies, we are always
    primed and ready to deliver
  • Customer acquirement strategy conversion
  • Customer maintenance strategy
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Digital strategy development
  • Online marketing mix
  • Online value proposition

Mobile Apps Development
  • Consumers have developed a conjoined twin like
    relationship with their smart phones. This has
    led to smart phone apps becoming an elegant
    medium for businesses to market their brand and
    to cater their services to the consumers
  • The Best Place To Make Apps
  • Stay connected to your marketing about your brand
    wherever you are
  • Allow the users to experience the core essence of
    a brand
  • Ease of Use
  • Browse pages with very minimum effort
  • They open a gateway for the business to interact
    with the user
  • Smartphone's savvy, anytime, anywhere

Mobile Apps Development
  • The app interface of the brand delivers a
    visceral experience that delights visitors
    drives conversions
  • Professional look and feel
  • Rhythmic design proper space utilization
  • So whether you are looking to create an app from
    scratch or revamp an existing one, allow our
    technical witches and wizards (mobile app
    developers to the outside world) to take you on
    the magical journey of mobile application
    development, a journey that yields stunning
    designs and uncomplicated functionality ensuring
    a vivid user experience

Responsive Web Design
  • We, at Refine, understand that its important for
    a business website to fit perfectly in any
    browser or screen. Thats why we design
    responsive websites that are visually enticing
    and fit in all devices perfectly. Here, at
    Refine, against the current cutthroat
    competition, we help those business owners get
    back in the game by leveling the playing field
    i.e. giving them the advantage of responsive web
  • Get as-your-type Designs
  • Affordable web designs adaptable to all smart
    techno devices
  • A pleasurable viewing experience with minimal
    scrolling, panning and resizing

Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile devices compatibility with responsive web
  • Savvy for business owners, both established and
  • Maximum reach to users through Smartphone
  • We make every interaction easy relevant
  • Ingenuity and adaptable pages, on-the-go
  • Dynamic effective design, colors and fonts
  • Free-flow navigation through pages
  • Logical information architecture
  • Search engine user friendly websites
  • Cross-browsers compatibility

Responsive Web Design
  • While the importance of a website as a part of a
    brands online persona has remained immutable,
    the manner in which a website looks and is
    viewed, has changed. With the advent of smart
    phones the probability of users viewing a website
    first on their smart phone is on the rise.
  • The number of global Smartphone users crossed the
    1 billion mark in 2012 and will hit 1.75 billion
    in 2014. Globally, nearly 2.23 billion people who
    account for 48.9 of all mobile phone users will
    go online via smart phones at least once a month
    in 2014.
  • Irrespective of the screen-size, specs or
    configuration, with our custom web development
    expertise, your websites will look the same on
    smart phones, desktops and tablets, offering
    dynamic web creations using the most up-to-date
    technology available

Search Engine Optimization
  • Do you want your website on the first page of the
    search results? Do you want it to arrest the
    roving gaze of that elusive "Romeo" called the
  • Then you have to optimize. Optimize your website,
    that is
  • What is SEO?
  • The process of getting traffic from the
    free, organic, editorial or natural
    search results on search engines. All major
    search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo
    have primary search results, where web pages and
    other content such as videos or local listings
    are shown and ranked based on what the search
    engine considers most relevant to users

Search Engine Optimization
  • Analyze, Optimize, Promote
  • We offer world class SEO services with a team of
    highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Our
    SEO services are ethical and in terms with the
    search engine guidelines. We do not just focus on
    achieving top rankings for your website but
    rather than that focus more on generating leads
    through organic traffic
  • SEO isnt just about stuffing a website with a
    bunch of keywords. When a search engine algorithm
    comes up with search results, it only features
    sites that satisfy all of its criteria
  • Our SEO services includes
  • Complete website analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Search Engine Optimization
  • On page tracking
  • Keyword research and suggestion
  • Complete interlinking of site
  • Content copywriting
  • Google analytics integration and reporting
  • Google webmaster integration and reporting
  • Whether you want to focus Mozilla, Bing, Google
    or any other platform, our team will help you to
    gain popularity in any of these platforms with a
    creative strategy planning.Top-notch SEO gets
    a website featured earlier and more frequently in
    the search results. This means greater reach and
    more clicks

Social Media Marketing
  • Do you want to get your business on Face book,
    Google or Twitter? Or perhaps on something a
    little more niche like Pinterest or Tumblr or
  • If yes, then Social media marketing should
    feature as part of your marketing strategy
  • What is SMM?
  • Social Media Marketing is currently the most
    evolved form of Internet marketing where you can
    target your potential customer, engage him and
    convert him to actual customer. The scope and
    possibilities of Social media marketing are
    endless and its up to right planning,
    implementation and execution to achieve the
    desired goal

Social Media Marketing
  • Innate Custom Tailored Services
  • Despite its late birth, social media marketing is
    already being termed as a nemesis to traditional
    media. It is far less expensive than traditional
    media and almost infinitely more interactive,
    making it the go-to advertising platform for
    small business owners.Word of mouth is the
    oldest form of marketing and with social media we
    can amplify that by a lot
  • Our key activities in social media marketing are
  • Content writing
  • Campaign creation
  • Graphics designing
  • Content sharing
  • Custom Engagement activities

E-commerce Development
  • Want to build your kingdom in the digital world?
    Or are you just conquering another frontier?
    Either way we can help you in your conquest
  • Why use e-commerce?
  • With an e-commerce website you can have your
    business open 24/7, selling while you are a
    sleep, with no added cost to human resources
  • Incorporating an e-commerce function into your
    website can also deliver leads and profit
    opportunities right into your lap. So stop
    wondering if it could work for your business and
    find out how you can make it work for you today

E-commerce Development
  • We, at Refine, make it easy to setup your store
    and start selling fast. No need to abandon your
    existing site. With Refine, you have the freedom
    to operate multiple online stores including on
    your website, social media channel, and mobile
  • Sell Everywhere
  • Sell simultaneously on websites, mobile phones,
    social sites and marketplaces like Google
    Shopping, Yahoo and many others stores. Our
    coverage of e-commerce includes
  • Online Retail Services
  • Online Music CD shops
  • Online Financial stores
  • Travel bookings (holidays and flights)

E-commerce Development
  • Online catering stores
  • Online Music MP3 stores
  • Online Cake store
  • Online bookings
  • Online fashion stores
  • Online electronic shops
  • We also offer the payment gateways options to
    ensure that all functions run smoothly and your
    online business always achieves the profit and
    margins stays on the top
  • Red Dot Payment
  • PayPal
  • eNETS
  • World Pay
  • Global Pay
  • FerBuy

E-commerce Development
  • We are one of the leading developers in Singapore
    and through our talented professionals we have
    effectively developed and are maintaining many
    e-commerce projects around the globe, with
    exclusive aesthetic presentation and highly
    functional features.
  • Our team specializes in Oscommerce, Magento, Open
    Cart, Virtue Mart, Prestashop, CS-Cart and
    Shopify among many others
  • Custom Design Websites
  • From setting up online store-fronts and online
    market places to helping the businesses reach out
    to prospective customers via e-mail and
    newsletters to gathering demographic data from
    social media, with our experience in the field of
    e-commerce development

Rich Media and Banners
  • Why restrict your ads with jpeg when we can give
    them a makeover with music, video and more? 
  • Innovation is the cornerstone of a business and
    it should come as no surprise that a businesss
    online veneer hasnt been immune to innovation
  • Why Us?
  • All banners media are used to convert visitors
    into leads, but how about making that experience
    more personal? Refine allows you to show
    different segments content based on their
    interest or lifecycle stage. And the result is
    higher conversions and delighted visitors

Rich Media and Banners
  • Customized smart content, based on information
  • Creative banners designs without any code
  • Integrated full marketing toolset, to get more
    out of each component
  • Visitors customers have different reasons for
    coming to your sites. Show them unique based on
    their interests
  • Developing, organizing, maintaining and
    publishing, all in one place
  • With Refine, you can test your banners pages.
    No need to make decisions on a hunch
  • Promote everything with more
  • An effective digital advertising strategy
  • Capable of displaying GIFs and videos

Rich Media and Banners
  • Can be customized to suit all kinds of industries
    irrespective of size
  • Creates the right image in the mind of potential
  • More importantly, banner ads are not restricted
    to a single or a single set of websites. They can
    be designed to appear on different kinds of
    websites based on user behavior
  • Whether it is about advertising a new product,
    generating user traffic or getting clicks, our
    battalion of talented designers specialized in
    creative banner design will ensure that the ads
    are optimized and a strong call to action and
    brilliant images which truly reflect your brand
    are included

PPC Advertising
  • Want new leads and a big reach at a shoe string
    budget? Then let us introduce you to the new kid
    on the block in the world of online marketing,
    Pay Per Click or PPC advertising
  • What is this?
  • Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising
    model used to direct traffic to websites, in
    which advertisers pay the publisher/website
    owner, when the ad is clicked. It is defined
    simply as the amount spent to get an
    advertisement clicked
  • With Google, Face book, Twitter and Instagram
    displaying ads (and with many more to follow) the
    number of people who are exposed to virtual ads
    is only going to increase. PPC marketing grants
    brands the access to this huge demographic at a
    fraction of the cost of traditional media

PPC Advertising
  • No long term talks, just best-in class
  • Leave a virtual mark on the consumers
  • Most controllable way to get top ranking in
    search results
  • Generate buzz about a brand in market
  • Increase the website traffic
  • Draw qualified visitors to your website just
    managing a little budget
  • Benefits of using PPC with Refine
  • Great targeting
  • Low wastage, with the right match types in Google
    Adwords, you can ensure that your ads are only
    shown when searchers are searching for relevant
  • Traffic volumes, ranking, returns and costs tend
    to more stable

PPC Advertising
  • PPC listings appear much faster
  • It is more straightforward to achieve high
    ranking and direct visitors to your site
  • High conversion rates of users
  • Branding with us can generate brand awareness
    during launch of products or major campaigns
  • Revolutionize your online advertising strategy by
    sprinkling it with the pixie dust called Ad
    Words. And unlock the immense power of search
    engine marketing using PPC advertising

Campaign Management
  • In the online battlefield let us be your
    virtual war-generals
  • Campaign Management is our forte. We evaluate a
    brands core strengths and limitations and
    identify different means with which to engage
    audiences. We then proceed to evaluate the
    findings and determine the goals and tactics
    specific to each campaign
  • Lead generation is at the core of running a
    business. In the current Information Age this
    is accomplished online. Get in touch with us to
    ensure that those vital leads are generated thick
    and fast, courtesy of our campaign management

Campaign Management
  • Create, measure, and repeat success. Our
    Campaign Management gives you the benefits of
  • Automated campaigns to scale your brands its
  • Best practice processes creation and optimized
    program success
  • Nurture prospects and streamline customer
    communications is at your fingertips
  • Identify and execute campaigns based on customer
  • Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness
    for your business

Campaign Management
  • Transform the way marketing aligns to the
  • Campaigns are a great way to get a brand out
  • Harness the power of social networking sites
    reach the intended audience
  • We can help your business get the word out
    without being spammy
  • Build a strong reputation among your users
  • Keep companys good image higher in the public
  • Deliver a high rate of e-mail acquisitions too
  • Whether it is social media campaigns, e-mail
    marketing campaigns or lead generation campaigns,
    we are fully equipped to fetch the desired
    reach and visibility for our clients

Custom Applications
  • Beauty is only skin deep. Thats a saying we
    totally agree with. Now, theres another saying
    we believe in and that is The devil is in the
    detail. That is why we focus on the
    nitty-gritty the whole deal
  • Design is not just about aesthetics. It is about
    meeting the needs of the customer. It is about
    creating something that is simple and yet doesnt
    cut corners when it comes to functionality. That
    is why we, Refine, are friendly to our clients
  • With Refines inbound designing platform, you
    have access to integrated metrics that span your
  • Contacts database
  • Web content
  • Advertising

Custom Applications
  • Management
  • Website traffic
  • Profits
  • Our Custom web development services include
  • AJAX scripting
  • FLASH development
  • Web portal/Online community portal
  • Registration system (for sports race events,
    seminars, exhibition and talks)
  • Web directory and search
  • Payment gateway integration

Custom Applications
  • Personal BLOG site
  • Social Networking site (e.g. Face book, LinkedIn,
    Friendster and Twitter)
  • Web forum site
  • Office collaborative tools
  • Wiki site
  • Customized Point-of-Sales (POS)
  • Employee data collection and information storage
  • Import/export of data to improve manual
  • Improved business reporting systems

Custom Applications
  • Refine offers you the custom application
    development services that include solution design
    and development for mission-critical lines of
    business applications. We just not create and
    provide you the website, we custom-build to your
    specifications efficiently and deliver on its
    promise of certainty and offer many other
  • Web Graphic designs
  • Flash PHP programming
  • Site maintenance
  • Logo Newsletters Design
  • Website Development
  • Search engine placement many more

Brand Identity
  • Do you have an idea for your brands identity
    that needs to be brought to life? Perhaps you are
    looking to revamp your whole brand identity
    design. Or maybe you are completely unaware about
    the concept of brand identity
  • We just do not create, we innovate
  • Whatever the case, dont fret. With our cutting
    edge branding strategies, your brand and your
    brand identity designs are sure to be in harmony
    with each other
  • By studying your business type, audience,
    process, vision and target audience, we are able
    to create a unique memorable identity for your
  • Since your online branding is a valuable and
    fundamental part of your company identification
    and it establishes you as one of your kind

  • Why need this?
  • Brand identity is the noticeable elements of
    a brand (for instance - Trademark color, logo,
    name, symbol, etc.) that identify and
    differentiates a brand in target audience's
    minds. And we are experienced in creating
    innovative and authentic brands for start ups,
    entrepreneurs, and companies to help them stand
    out of the crowd. With us,
  • Reflect your brand values, practices, ideologies
    to the users
  • Help your business stand apart from the
  • Represent aspects of your brand identity, its
    colors, logotype, design, name, symbols, etc.

Strategy and Planning
  • Let us help you conquer cyberspace and claim
    victory with strategies customized to your
  • Strategy and planning constitutes the nucleus of
    a business. And it is no different when it comes
    to business marketing. In order to attain the
    desired results, a marketing campaign has to be
    comprehensive for which it has to get the
    following aspects of marketing strategy right
  • Planning, which includes analyzing the objectives
    and expected returns of a campaign, determining
    audience demographics and determining a brands
    past and present perception along with positioning

Brand Identity
  • Creation, which is essentially creating a plan of
    action for the campaign. It involves creating
    KPIs, additional planning based on previous
    analysis, designing and building various elements
    of the campaign and planning the route to
    realizing the campaign
  • Materializing or Realizing the campaign, which
    involves checking progress of the campaign and
    subsequent optimization, building audience
    engagement loops etc
  • Evaluation, is the final stage of an effective
    digital strategy which basically is evaluating
    the whole campaign to determine whether all the
    objectives have been achieved
  • Steps to media success through strategy
  • Effective business goals for your media
  • A media strategy for your business to reach your

Brand Identity
  • Active social listening and reputation management
  • Defined content and engagement strategy
  • Defined communications strategy
  • Deploying best practice approaches for the core
    social media platforms
  • Social media optimization to deliver real value
    for your business
  • Even the most well thought-out strategy has to be
    put into Practice with great care. Thats why we
    offer a wide variety of Services from concepting
    to responsive sites to copywriting Facilities
    among many others, to ensure that the devised
    Digital strategy is implemented and all the
    desired objectives are achieved

UX Design
  • Treat your users to an enchanting experience
  • Have you thought of something that could be
    perfect for your website? Can't figure out how to
    get it started? A website can take you through
    the possibilities and how to implement your ideas
    for into a website
  • So, what is UX?
  • User Experience (UX) focuses on having a deep
    understanding of users, what they need, what they
    value, their abilities, and also their
    limitations. It also takes into account the
    business goals and objectives of the group
    managing the project
  • User Experience or UX is paramount in deciding
    the success or failure of all aspects of a brand.
    And the brands website is no exception

UX Design
  • Understanding your business is essential to
    the web development process which is why
  • We carry out in-depth research into your industry
    and how it operates on the web
  • We keep knowledge on who are your competitors
  • We understand your online target audiences
  • We monitor your website after the launch a vital
    stage of the web development process
  • We have everything you need to put some life into
    your brand and give you the edge over your
  • These issues are factored into the design of
    your website and in the structure and
    implementation of your online branding strategy

UX Design
  • A website that covers all the above bases and one
    that is a true reflection of your brand is what
    we endeavor to create. Our industrious in-house
    talent will ensure that the user interface or UI
    of your business website on all devices is not
    just easy to use but a joy to behold as well
  • Just like websites, mobile apps figure at the top
    of our list of priorities. We design them with
    the same care, prioritizing quality and
    usability. Beautiful websites and apps offering
    the desired usability is an unbeatable
    combination when it comes to delivering a
    memorable UX. And that is exactly what we deliver

Augmented Reality
  • Reality of AR
  • Augmented reality or AR is augmenting the
    real world view of your consumers with
    computer-generated content. AR is currently
    available to smart phone users in the form of
    accelerometer and GPS. But the use of AR for
    advertizing a brand using augmented reality apps
    is not common. It is still occupies a niche area
    in digital marketing ergo and its novelty factor
    is high
  • How does it work?
  • Using a mobile application, a mobile phone's
    camera identifies and interprets a marker, often
    a black and white barcode image 

Augmented Reality
  • Reasons for uniting with Refine for AR
  • We create, manage publish your AR content to
    your very own app
  • Dedicated community of augmented reality
    enthusiasts who are pushing the boundaries of
    whats possible today
  • We have global reach, with customers in countries
    around the world
  • Annual revenues from mobile augmented
    reality (AR) services and applications will reach
    1.2 billion by 2015, up from just over 180
    million last year. Use our advanced augmented
    reality services to bewitch your customers. Amaze
    them with their very own smart phones and tablets

CRM Solutions
  • Customer is king goes the saying. And our
    CRM solutions will help you treat them like
  • Customer relation is the critical factor
    that determines whether customers come back for
    more or leave forever. In fact good customer
    service is among the undisputed linchpins of
    customer relationship management
  • What is CRM?
  • Customer Relationship Management or CRM is
    the process of managing the interactions between
    a business and its current and future customers.
    CRM systems organize, automate and synchronize
    data from all stages of business operation right
    from project management to sales to marketing to
    customer service to technical support

CRM Solutions
  • Refine CRM
  • Organize, track, and sell without complications
    or confusion
  • What makes us different?
  • Refine adapts to your process, not the other way
    around. Our team will get started quickly and
    stay focused on your brand
  • We are connected to the dozens of places where
    the modern advertising process takes place - on
    website, email, social media, and more
  • We make it easy to connect with your leads
    quickly easily
  • Refine CRM works in the background with the tools
    you already use

CRM Solutions
  • Quality commitment matched up with by best
  • Unmatched customer services with responses
  • Most competitive prices with our proven quality
  • We value time and understand that clear and
    prompt communication is the key to quality
  • Our web designs and mobile apps are created by
    harnessing the best and the latest technology.
  • Latest and most efficient technological
    developments delivering quality products and
    services quickly
  • Creating positive customer perceived value with
    competent CRMs that satisfy all your business
    needs, thats Refine Interactive for you

To Know More Details
  • Refine Interactive,
  • 77 Robinson Road, Level 34,
  • Robinson 77, Singapore 068896
  • Phone No 6568092290
  • E- mail
  • Website http//
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