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Yoga Classes Thailand


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Title: Yoga Classes Thailand

Pyramid Yoga
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The SCIENCE of Yoga Certified Teacher Training.
Pyramid Yoga is the central school for the
Science of Chakra Yoga, a comprehensive system
for understanding  and working with the energy of
the chakras for healing and personal development.
This leads to certification in teaching with 200
hour and 500 hour accreditation.
Chakra Yoga is the Scientific Merger of Chakras
with Quantum Fields.
Pyramid Yoga Center, Thailand
13 years in Thailand. Now also teaching on
Palawan Island in the Philippines. Pyramid yoga
was the first Yoga school on Koh Phangan, and is
now the first on Palawan. Teacher's trainings may
continue in Thailand (sometime in the future)
Yoga Vidya Teacher Training
Next Teacher and Healer's training January 27th
to April 18th 2015
The Principal Teacher of this "Science of Yoga -
Chakra System, as taught at the Pyramid Yoga
Center in Thailand and the Philippines is Yoga
Master David Goulet.
Chakra Yoga Training
This is an energy depiction of Muladhara. It is
often shown as a four petalled lotus in
Hindu symbolism. In many other traditions it
maintains the structure of four sides, in this
case four red triangles. In Egypt the four
triangles were folded up into a pyramid, like a
lotus with its petals folded up into a bud.
Yoga Teacher Training 2014
The Pyramid Yoga Center in Palawan is offering
the Chakra Yoga Teacher's Training at the usual
time - starting on January 27th. This year
offering three levels of international
certification within the 3 month period ending on
April 18th a 300 hour Teacher Training,
progressing to a 400 hour Healer's Training, and
the standard 500 hr Teacher Training.
Some students who have previously done a TT in
the Chakra Yoga system of energetic will be
joining the Healer's with the option to upgrade
their Teaching status to a 500 hr certification.
Yoga Healing Programs
Next Healing Course November 24th till December
20th on Palawan Island.
The Yoga Healing course is for those who have
successfully completed our Yoga Teacher Training
and have an interest in applying the Science of
Yoga as a method of promoting natural healing in
themselves and others. The course offered in
Canada will be adapted to those who have not had
the Chakra Yoga Training.
Yantra Yoga
The science of Yantra Yoga is the study of
mathematics and geometry as it unfolds in the
universe, visible in a variety of natural
phenomenon like the spider's web, or spiraling
Yantra Yoga is a complex system of geometry and
mathematics which assigns values to the forces
that make up the universe. These forces can then
be mapped out as mathematical formulas and
geometric patterns such as those seen in
Pyramid Yoga
Contact Number  Internationally   66 89 908
8620 Within Thailand  089 908 8620 Not in
serviceCall Philippines number
below  Address  118 Moo 7  Choluklum  Koh
Phangan, Surathani Thailand 84280
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