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Jessica Larrew on creating financial freedom


Jessica Larrew on creating financial freedom. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Jessica Larrew on creating financial freedom

Jessica Larrew on creating financial freedom
Jessica is a 28-year-old wife, mother, and
entrepreneur. Shes been making a fulltime income
working online for the last six years after being
laid off from her fulltime job in 2008. Within
one month after being laid off, she was able to
earn the amount of money online that she used to
make at her fulltime job. Three years after she
was laid off, her husband left his job to work
from home with her.
Shes most proud that shes been able to enjoy
her family in a way that she never saw in many
peoples examples in her real life.
Her family and her husbands family just
struggled financially and with a lot of things as
we were growing up. They didnt know how things
were going to be for them when they got married
and what their finances would look like.
The biggest turning point for her was when she
was laid off and she just didnt expect it.
After being super devastated for a little
while, it took her about a week to recover, she
just said, You know what? Im just going to do
my own thing and it doesnt matter what things
are supposed to look like. Im just going to do
it. She thought, Okay, Im going to take any
skills that Ive ever used before and Im going
to become an entrepreneur. Im not going to put
myself in that position again, because it
doesnt matter how secure you feel that a job is,
its not. It doesnt matter, and so now she has
that things can change at any moment so you just
have to be in charge of it and you have to take
everything by the reigns and just be in control
of what you can.
She started looking online trying to find people
who were entrepreneurs and had made online income
work for them. So, she really started to try and
surround herself with people who were going to
bring her up and help her to get to where she
wanted to be and realized that the people around
her werent going to understand because it was
like all the time they were like, Have you
gotten a real job yet?
It was really on Facebook that she met so
many great people. At that point in her life, she
was selling on Ebay, so she was looking at groups
of people who were selling on Ebay. Theres one
girl, her name is Beth and were business
partners now in one area and we met online. She
would consider her one of her best friends, but
theyve never actually met in person.
A lot of people dont realize the transition
that weve made from selling on Ebay to selling
on Amazon to having our own consulting business
and things like that.
She put as many systems in place as she could
to make time to go to the beach.. ?
She has virtual assistants. She has people
who look for products for her that she can sell.
Theyll be sourcing for her and then she just
pull the trigger on what shes going to buy to
sell. She has a lot of stuff on the website that
generates income as well.
Since she sells on Amazon. Even something
as small as they only make 8.00 profit on it,
when they make a thousand of those, then they
make 8,000.
Things she does on a regular basis to
just keep having this awesome life that you
have Shes always just looking for new ways
that she can improve on what shes already doing
or ways that she can make it easier. Having
virtual assistants was a big one. If shes
spending too much time trying to figure something
out or if somethings taking too long for her to
do herself, then that was a big one. Also, just
to really spend time with people who build you up
and who you can learn from, even if thats just
reading websites of positive people. She thinks
that really impacts you.
She hired 5 virtual assistants within a year.
They are working for fulltime and others do
specialty things for her, just things that were
hard for her to do. She hired these people from
referrals and had a trial and error on Odesk,
trying different people and just seeing how they
work together.
For Jessica, the beginning is where all the
hard work comes. People have to realize that its
not super fun, and its not sexy when youre
staying up super late. When she first started
really heavy in the Amazon side, she was
pregnant, and then her son was a newborn while
she was really building it. That wasnt a fun
time. Shes staying up when her babys sleeping
trying to make an income because she had to
replace the income that she lost, but they still
needed it to pay bills. Its not like just
because she had a kid, all of a sudden she could
quit. It was a lot of really, really hard work to
get to where shes at now. She thinks its really
important to see that it doesnt matter where
they are today, but just to know that it took a
lot of effort to get there.
Shes been struggling with lately is finding that
balance with having a public life. Shes been
really struggling with now is trying to
differentiate herself and to not get hurt.
Shes just kind of had a period where she got
tired of dealing with people who try to make you
feel worse to make to make themselves feel
better. That happens so much on the Internet. She
keeps saying, public figure, but thats not how
she sees it She just cant think of another word
for it. Shes been dealing with a lot of people
who are trying to bring me down to their level
and so shes kind of at the point where shes
backing off a little bit to just really focus on
herself and her family, so whenever she comes
back full force, those things arent going to
bother her.
She thinks that the more that you make
yourself open and vulnerable, the more people
take advantage of that. So, shes kind of at that
point now where shes been really, really
vulnerable and now its like people are really
taking advantage of it. So, shes going to
refocus and figure out where she is in this and
not lose herself. She cant let other people
affect that. Thats kind of where shes at right
now is trying to make that whole side of the
business not affect her personal being because
then nothing is what it is.
According to Jessica, for people who are
scared to make a change in their own life, just
get over that fear in any way that you can,
whether its just reaching out to people who have
been there or talking with a close friend or a
spouse and just really set those goals into
place. She thinks if you have the opportunity to
make these changes before something forces you to
then you have the upper hand the whole time.
You get to plan better. Things arent thrown
at you. So, if you have that opportunity to make
what you want happen and to put those things into
place for yourself, then your outcome is just
going to be so much faster and so much easier
because you controlled everything that got you to
that point instead of somebody else doing it.
Then you say, Im going to be reactive anI
dont want to be in that position, so Im going
to do this instead.d this is going to be what I
do with that. Instead, you get to say,
To anyone now who are struggling and feeling
trapped by their circumstances, Jessica advised
when people actually feel that place where they
know that things arent right and they feel like
they cant do anything else and are going to be
stuck here forever, thats the time where you
really, really have to dig out of it and make it
something for yourself.
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