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How to Get SEO Jobs


How to Get an SEO Job online, at home or anywhere. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Get SEO Jobs

SEO Jobs How to get an SEO job online, at home
or anywhere.
After 10 years of running an SEO agency I
recently decided to stop doing consulting work
and focus on developing a cloud based SEO sales
marketing automation tool specifically for SEO
companies and web designers so they can get more
leads and grow sales. I think my insight into
this topic can be helpful to you as Ive hired
many experts looking for SEO jobs.
Unless youre a complete beginner you may also
want to ask How do i start an SEO company, this
way youre creating your own career, not just
looking to work for someone else. Although even
if you own your SEO agency, youre still
technically working for your clients albeit you
dont have a boss breathing down your neck and a
set work schedule, which is even more difficult
than a typical SEO job, but the lifestyle is
vastly better once you hit your stride. Ill dig
deeper into the topic of starting your own SEO
agency later in a different post, for now lets
see how we can help you get an SEO job.
Your own personal site or blog. Try and and find
a domain like or even .Co and .Net
would work for this purpose (consequently both.Co
and .Net rank very well in the SERPs). Keep it
simple, clean and smart. Have an about contact
page, links to your social media if its safe for
the work place and a linkedin account.
Make sure your website is optimized for a keyword
or keyphrase you can use to impress a potential
boss or (later on a client). Something like Best
SEO consultant. This wont be overly difficult
but its also not too easy that its wouldnt
impress someone who knows about SEO. If you want
to really impress them, signup to be the first to
use our Free SEO Report tool on your homepage
with your own brand and logo, this will show them
you know about SEO software and can easily
diagnose a websites optimization issues, helping
you do your job faster and better.
Your Linkedin Profile, should have a professional
or fun / artistic picture, depending on the
persona youre trying to create. Dont forget an
important rule Remember your audience.
Link to your website from your linkedin profile.
The default anchor text will say Company site
but you can actually change this to a custom
anchor text that will consequently help boost
your in-bound link value. Use that keyphrase you
chose to try and rank for in order to impress a
boss or future client.
Contribute meaningful observations or tips to
popular SEO Q/A boards like http//community.seobo and http// which are
both great SEO communities and run by two of the
people who really helped me Aaron Wall who
without his SEO Book I would have never had a
career for the past decade or Rand Fishkin who
was always quick to reply when I needed a helping
hand. Even if you have to research the answer
before posting on QA sections, this will help
position yourself as an expert and youll be
learning simultaneously.
Make sure your own personal website is well
optimized both onpage and offpage. There is a
huge list of things to optimize that Ill leave
for another post, but some of the ones you may
not immediately think of are
  • Verify W3C validation is perfect or near it
    without messing with your design.
  • Site speed must be lightning fast. Use this to
    check your speed fix issues.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cross Browser Testing. You have to make sure your
    site doesnt break on different browsers, you
    never know if your future employer is using
    Firefox, Chrome, IE or which version of those 3.
  • Verify your images have optimized alt tags.
  • If you link to your social media accounts, you
    dont necessarily want to pass link juice to them
    (they dont need it), make sure to have no follow
    tags on those links.
  • Dont keyword stuff.
  • If youre applying for a job at a top SEO firm,
    make sure to impress them with your tech skills
    and setup a CDN or content distribution network.
    If youre using a WordPress site, you can get
    this setup easily with WPengine hosting.
  • Verify your writing quaility is up to par with
    http// Although youre
    applying for an SEO job, people are visual beings
    and an ugly site wont do you any favors, make
    sure your site is sharp, up to date with modern
    design and something you would be proud to share
    with anyone. If youd like to see amazing designs
    check out https//
  • There are traditional job sites like
If you dont want to go down the boring old path
of finding an SEO job, heres what you should do,
make a list (preferably a Google spreadsheet) of
the top AD agencies and PR firms in the city you
want to work in, you can also do this if you want
to work remotely, except you can just make a list
of the top companies regardless of their
location. Check their websites for the Hiring
section and take note of any individuals contact
info for later reference. Once youre done
making the list, create a second column in your
spreadsheet with the names of the CEO and HR
director. Fill the 3rd column with their emails,
this is going to require some intelligent
searching on your part. For example if you can
find the email of even 1 person in the company
you can reverse engineer the format of their
emails like for
example. A simpler way is to use
http// which has a very large
database of executives contact info, but its not
free. In the 4th column put down their linkedin
profile link if they have one. 5th column put
the companies twitter handle . 6th column put
the companies Facebook URL.
7th column put the executives twitter
handle. 8th column put the executives Facebook
URL. 9th column write down the executives
interests and or hobbies along with any notes.
Where did the executive go to school? Where did
they work before their current job? All this
will help you build a profile of your potential
boss so youre able to more readily relate to
them. 10th column put down URLs of any
interviews written or videos of the executives
(and watch them). 11th column with their phone
s. We left this one for last, because we wont
be interrupting them with a call just yet, this
is a last resort. Now you have your target list
and hopefully plenty of information about your
ideal employer to take intelligent next steps.
Youll have to do something create and impressive
at this point, but some ideas could be Send a
large padded envelope with handwritten address to
and return address labels, this way the assistant
makes sure to hand it to the exec un-opened.
Include something slightly heavy like a Gold
Medal for being the smartest CEO/VP in the
industry along with a letter congratulating them
for winning 1st place for deciding to interview
you for a position. This can go either way, but
you dont lose much for trying and at the very
least youll get a chuckle out of them. If you
can include a creative resume, like an
infographic displaying why youre the best SEO
expert they could ever find, that would help as
the standard resume is boring and C-level execs
and HR execs are tired of reading them. If you
want a job bad enough, make a video stating what
you want and why youre the best candidate for a
role, add it to your site. Then buy Google, Bing,
yahoo ads for the executives name and send them a
quick email with a screenshot of the Google Ad
popping up first, and write this in the email
Remember if you do this with multiple executives
at different companies you could make different
intros to the same video youre sending them,
explaining why they need to hire you. Then just
edit the intros together so each video is custom
made and addresses them by name and company
name. Make sure you link the ad to the page on
your site specifically with the video for that
executive so its targeted. Add analytics and
goal tracking to the Ad campaign to see how it
converts. Analytics geo location stats will tell
you if the exec or someone at the company saw it
based on their office location which you can
cross reference. Yes this is quite a bit of
work, but how else are you going to stand out for
the big paying jobs with so many other people
waiting in line.
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