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Why Holistic Health is a Natural Path in Addiction Recovery


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Title: Why Holistic Health is a Natural Path in Addiction Recovery

Why Holistic Health is a Natural Path in
Addiction Recovery
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Why Holistic Health is a Natural Path in
Addiction RecoverySurrenderHolisticSynergyHea
lth is Ultimate CurrencyBe Healthier in Recovery
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I think one of the fundamental principles of
recovery is the act of surrender. You cannot
escape this concept no matter how you choose to
find sobriety in your life. Every addict and
alcoholic must first go through the process of
surrender if they are going to have any sort of
chance at getting clean and sober.
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The term holistic just means whole, as in the
whole person. You consider all of the areas of
your overall health. These might include things
such as Physical health. Mental health.
Emotional health. Social health and
relationships. Financial health and reducing
financial stress. Spiritual health and
relationship with higher power.
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The idea behind synergy is that the growth in
various areas of life will combine to enhance
each other in ways that can never be predicted
beforehand. You can do so by expanding your
efforts to include holistic health and pushing
yourself to make growth in multiple areas of your
life. Therefore you should not limit yourself to
only spiritual growth in recovery.
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Health is Ultimate Currency
Your health is the ultimate form of currency,
even over sobriety. Sobriety is a subset of your
health. You cannot have sobriety at all unless
you have your basic health as well. It is all a
matter of perspective and what really works best
for you. In my opinion your overall health in
recovery is the most important thing. This would
include your sobriety, your spiritual condition,
but also things like your emotional health, your
physical health, etc.
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Be Healthier in Recovery
If you want to be healthier in recovery then
pursue new forms of health in areas that you may
not have considered in the past. For example,
what have you been doing lately for your physical
health? Have you tried meditation lately? What
about your emotional health? Do your finances
stress you out? Could you take action to address
this? Hint the answer to these questions is
always yes, it is just a matter of deciding to
expand your focus in recovery and grow in new
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