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The Power of a Positive Role Model in Addiction Recovery


| Role models can put us on the path to success, or they can lead us down dangerous paths of self-destruction. That’s as true for those undergoing substance abuse treatment as it is in every other area of life. Sponsors offer support. They inspire and encourage. They act as mentors and guides. They impart lessons earned the hard way—through experience. When it comes to recovery, the importance of positive role models can’t be overstated. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Power of a Positive Role Model in Addiction Recovery

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  • As humans, we learn from each other. Its called
    social learning. By watching others, we observe
    what to do and what not to do. That means we
    dont always have to make our own mistakes.
  • Instead, we can sometimes benefit from the
    lessons of others.

  • A role model can be
  • A sponsor who has successfully graduated from
  • A family member or friend who forms part of a
    support network.
  • Someone in the community who offers guidance and
  • A substance abuse counselor who is trained to
    help people through alcohol and drug rehab.
  • A public figure who has shared their struggle
    with the world.

  • Role models offer hope for the future. Through
    their actions
  • They show that its possible to conquer drug
    addiction and alcohol abuse.
  • They point the way to a sober lifestyle.
  • They stay positive about the road ahead.
  • They share their own story and help recovering
    addicts understand that they are not alone.

  • Sponsors have already crossed the rough terrain
    of drug and alcohol rehab. That means they can
  • Help newly recovering addicts navigate the
    treacherous landscape of recovery.
  • Offer personalized advice based on their own
    hard-earned experience.
  • Spot an excuse when they see one.
  • Keep those in recovery accountable at each stage
    of rehab.

  • Role models also
  • Comfort those who are suffering through drug and
    alcohol withdrawal.
  • Drive recovering addicts to try harder and cross
    the finish line.
  • Encourage their recovery partners when success
    seems tough or even impossible.
  • Help recovering addicts get over the
    disappointment of a setback.

  • Negative role models for drug abuse (parents,
    partners, friends, celebrities) often lead people
    into substance abuse in the first place.
  • Addicts frequently surround themselves with
    fellow users, which further feeds their
  • During the recovery process, negative role models
    can trigger cravings and even cause a relapse.
  • Positive role models balance the scales and
    counter the negative effects of harmful role

  • Those who have a support group see a significant
    reduction in the risk of relapse.
  • Replacing unhealthy social groups with healthy
    social groups can create positive results.
  • Just as people learn negative coping mechanisms,
    so too can they learn positive coping mechanisms.
  • Evidence suggests positive social learning
    reduces rates of substance abuse.

  • DO choose someone with whom you feel a personal
  • DONT choose someone merely because they are
  • DO choose someone who is available to offer help
    and support when you need it.
  • DONT choose someone because they might help you
    get ahead in business, make money, or expand your
  • DO choose someone who is actively engaged in a
    local recovery group.

  • Remember no human is perfect. Even role models
    suffer from flaws and weaknesses. Even role
    models relapse from time to time.
  • Its important to have realistic expectations.
    That can save you from a disappointment that
    capsizes your recovery.

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