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Emergency Notification System


Multimedia Message alerts. Blast text/ and or voice message to large groups: ... Multimedia Message alerts. Can create predefined lists to blasts messages to in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System
  • UCP 2.0 Emergency Alert Feature set
  • Emergency Alert Lists
  • Mass Recall

Multimedia Message alerts
  • Blast text/ and or voice message to large groups
  • Groups are multimedia lists
  • SMS address
  • Email address
  • Voice mailboxes
  • Embedded lists

Multimedia Message alerts
  • Can create predefined lists to blasts messages to
    in an emergency
  • Blast voice message
  • Blast text message
  • Blast email
  • Blast Instant message
  • Blast fax
  • Blast combination

Multimedia Message alerts
  • Create Predefined lists
  • Global lists
  • Department/Regional lists
  • Lists that combine defined lists
  • North and south Campus

Multimedia Message alerts
  • How it works
  • Setup Emergency Alert Account
  • Only administrators and users with credentials
    can access emergency Alert account
  • Approved senders can access from
  • Any telephone on campus Button on sets or pilot
  • Any outside telephone- DID phone number to access
  • Any web connection-Log into from web client
  • Any wireless connection- using WAP interface

Multimedia Message alerts
  • Phone access-
  • User calls defined number
  • Phone access-
  • Users sends Voice mail to list

Multimedia Message alerts
  • WEB access-
  • User logs into system from cell phone or PC

Multimedia Message alerts
  • WEB access-
  • User types text message and sends to list

Multimedia Message alerts
  • Power Lists
  • Users on UCP- calls users and delivers text
    using Text to speech synthesis
  • SMS addresses- Users global SMS provider to
    deliver text directly to phone
  • Email addresses- uses SMTP services to blast out
    text to valid SMTP addresses and devices
  • Fax numbers-converts text to fax and blasts as
    fax document to valid fax numbers

IM alerts
  • Provides quick desktop access to text alerts
  • Sends text to logged in UCP IM clients
  • Sends text to SMS addresses
  • Send alert to individual or defined group
  • Can do system broadcast to all logged in users
    and SMS definable addresses in UCP

Text alerting
  • Key Benefits
  • Increase the level of safety in the community,
    workplace or campus
  • Increase the reach of communications with your
  • Keep your subscribers informed in real-time
  • Reduce communication costs from TV, radio, paper,
    mail, posters etc.

Mass Recall system
  • Designed to notify Group of people at once for
    emergency task or check in
  • System blasts pre-defined list to notify of an
    emergency event
  • Once respondents check in and validate acceptance
    system ceases to notify
  • Provides log and reports of emergency transaction
    and users responses

Mass Recall system
  • Applications
  • Emergency alert to security
  • Emergency alert to teams and leaders
  • Assigning group tasks

Mass Recall system
  • Administrator sends message to defined list
  • UCP will continually notify each user on the list
    until they listen to message
  • Each user calls in to pick up message

Mass Recall system
  • Once message is picked up by all users system
    stops notification

Mass Recall system
  • System generates log of the event/ details on the
    attempts and who responded

Mass Recall system
  • Enable Mass Recall On UCP- Simple Licensing

Mass Recall system
  • Mass recall Voice mail interface for sending out
    Mass recall messages
  • Allocated to administrator mailboxes or for
    specific mailboxes to send Mass recall tasks

Mass Recall system
  • Ensure deliver of mass recall tasks
  • Allocate channels on UCP for Mass Recall tasks

Mass Recall system
  • Create Emergency alert IVR
  • Setup IVR to initiate MASS recall automatically
  • People call in leave message and it blasts to
  • Security
  • Set groups or teams
  • Dorm leaders
  • Etc.

Mass Recall system
  • Key Benefits
  • Password protection for Mass Recall Notification
  • Create voice messages and send mass notification
    messages from any DTMF telephone
  • Send calls to one or up to a ninety-nine Mass
    Recall Distributions Lists
  • Generate Mass Recall Notification to hundreds of
    people in minutes
  • Cancel a Mass Recall Distribution in progress
  • Establish time of day for notification schedules
    for an individuals Mass Recall mailbox
  • Define number of ports to use for Mass Recall

Emergency Notification System
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