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Convenient Electronic Check Payments for Merchants and Their Customers


Convenient Electronic Check Payments for Merchants and ... Travel web sites (Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz, others) Online ticketing integrators ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Convenient Electronic Check Payments for Merchants and Their Customers

Accepting Checks over the Internet
  • Convenient Electronic Check Payments for
    Merchants and Their Customers

eCheck Training for Resellers
Discussion Topics
In this training session, we will covering the
following topics
  • Electracash Overview
  • ACH Summary
  • eCheck Marketing
  • Roles between Electracash and its resellers
  • eCheck Sales
  • Pricing
  • Customer Types
  • Core Points
  • FAQs
  • Electracash Operations
  • Boarding Underwriting
  • Merchant Technical Support
  • Merchant Customer Support
  • Payor/Consumer Customer Support
  • eCheck Underwriting
  • Resellers
  • Assignment
  • Tracking/Reporting
  • Technology Considerations

Electracash Overview
Brief History
Electracash is established, profitable, and
growing fast
  • Founded in 1997 been in business 8 years
  • California corporation headquartered in Signal
    Hill, near Los Angeles and Long Beach, with
    technical offices in Memphis, TN
  • Serves thousands of merchants
  • Processed nearly two million eCheck transactions
    in 2003 and 2004
  • Growing at more than 60 per year the past
    several years
  • Top management personnel average 25 years of
    experience each in the financial services
  • Maintains an excellent reputation in the
    electronic payments industry
  • Active participant in NACHA Internet Operating
  • CTO is AAP-certified


Electracash Products
eCheck enables customers of merchants to make
one-time or recurring payments online from their
demand deposit accounts
  • eCheck accessing DDA via the Internet
  • Both one-time and recurring payments from
    checking/savings accounts, from consumers and
  • Virtual Terminal enables merchants employees to
    enter checking account transactions on customers
    for Internet processing phone, mail, over the
  • Two simple implementation options
  • Electracash Managed Service Electracash hosts
    check payment page
  • Electracash Gateway Service XML-based
    interface for real-time and/or batch processing
    (with CSV and HTTP Post options)
  • Direct Deposit Ability to send money from a
    business to its customers, vendors, and employees

Risk Management/Fraud Controls
  • Authorization that customer intended the
    transaction (I agree verbiage prior to final
    submission by Payor)
  • Authentication that user is who he/she claims to
  • Age Verification available
  • User Authentication available (additional cost of
    about 0.35 USD)
  • Verification that account number is valid
    (StarChek covers 40 US)
  • Risk analyses of merchant applicants
  • Fraud scrubbing
  • Negative database 6 years of data
  • Positive database 6 years of data

ACH Summary
  • ACH Automated Clearing House. NACHA the
    National ACH Association the network that
    governs ACH eCheck transactions
  • Rules and regulations
  • Charge for all transactions, including returns
    and resubmits
  • Have return codes (R codes), with limits on
    returns, with potential fines to the bank banks
    can require termination of specific merchants
  • Require Standard Entry Class Codes on a per
    transaction basis
  • Business-to-consumer
  • PBR Consumer cross-border payment
  • PPD Prearranged payment and deposit (written
  • RCK Re-presented check
  • TEL Telephone-initiated
  • WEB Internet-initiated
  • Business to business (corporate) CBR Corporate
    cross-border payment

NACHA Restricted Businesses
  • Types of business highly prone to fraud,
    especially from Canada
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Health benefits packages (not insurance, but
    supplemental medical benefits)
  • Gaming
  • Credit repair services
  • Anti-telemarketing devices
  • ID theft prevention packages
  • Those who sell anything that can be deemed
    fraudulent, deceptive or promote unfair practices
    (subjective evaluation by Electracash)
  • Electracash does have average ticket
    restrictions, avoiding those 1500

Accounts with these practices must be closed
three (3) days of the discovery.
Specific Transaction Types
  • We do handle Canadian transactions, as well as
    US, however Canadian items require special
  • Payors signature on form, must be faxed to
    Electracash before transaction can be released
    for processing
  • New Canadian Payments Association rule that works
    around this requirement, but not supported by
    enough banks, yet
  • We do handle business-to-business as well as
    business-to-consumer transactions
  • TEL transaction requires a written authorization
  • Regulation E applies to all sales transactions
  • Promulgated by the Federal Reserve Board of
    Governors in order to ensure consumers of a
    minimum level of protection in disputes arising
    from electronic funds transfers
  • Federal Reserve assigns Reg E PIN to each
    transaction when processed through the ACH

Return Codes
The most common return codes we deal with in ACH
  • R01- Insufficient Funds NSFs can be resubmitted
    up to two times costs the merchant each time
  • Administrative Returns Electracash implementing
    pre-notes to reduce these
  • R02- Account Closed
  • R03- No Account/ Unable to Locate Account
  • R04- Invalid Account Number
  • R05 Web Entry to Corporate Account
  • R07 Authorization Revoked by Customer
  • R08 Payment Stopped or Stop Payment on Item
  • R09 Uncollected Funds
  • R10 Customer Advises Not Authorized

All except for R01 and R09 will automatically
result in the account being added to the Negative
Data Base
  • Unauthorized categories

Full list available in the Electracash Merchant
Administration Manual
eCheck Marketing

To reach more consumers, demand more payment
  • 10 million households without a credit card are
  • 89 of US Adults have a checking account
  • More than 967 million ACH debit payments were
    initiated over the Internet in 2004 (worth over
    300B, and up 40 versus 2004)
  • 86 of all business payments are by check
  • 23 of households do not have a credit card
  • 45 of all credit card holders are within 5 of
    their credit limit
  • 83 of all consumer bills are paid by check
  • 80 of all non-cash payments are by check

Source NACHA and the US Federal Reserve
Adding online checks has increased merchants
site revenues by as much as 20 (Source
Electracash Merchant Survey 11/2002)

Consumer Check Use Online
Consumers are demanding more electronic bill
payment options
  • Nearly two-thirds of all households now pay at
    least one bill with an automatic debit (Source
  • Online bill payment is the most popular
    application on the Internet, with a 25 annual
    growth rate (Source Jupiter)
  • Electronic bill payment will grow five times
    faster at biller web sites than at bank sites
    (Source Gartner)

The question for most recurring billers is how to
provide electronic bill payment not if or when.
Source Jupiter
Consumer Benefits eChecks
  • Consumer benefits are tangible and intangible
  • Convenience easy, quick, saves time, no paper
    checks, 24x7 access
  • Control know the payment is made, not delayed
    in the mail
  • Choice
  • Flexible payment date (for bill payment)
  • Option to credit card, which consumer may not
    have, may have maxed out, or simply may not wish
    to use
  • Financial Benefits no postage, late fee
    avoidance, cash flow management

Merchant Benefits eChecks
  • Lower remittance processing costs (electronic
    payments are substantially less expensive than
    paper-based payments)
  • Improved cash flow by reduced average days
    outstanding (i.e., accounts receivable)
  • Low cost option for receiving payments on the
  • Lower cost of managing past due and delinquent
  • Reduced number of collection notices sent
  • Reduced bad debts
  • Reduced dependency on collection agencies
  • Improved collection employee effectiveness
  • Reduced exceptions and return item costs

Target Markets eChecks
  • Recurring payments, returning users
  • Utilities (gas, electric, water, waste
    management), insurance, car payments, rent,
  • Entertainment sites
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel
  • Airlines, Hotels, Car rentals,
  • Travel web sites (Expedia, Travelocity,
    Priceline, Orbitz, others)
  • Online ticketing integrators
  • Rent/mortgage/property management
  • Business-to-business invoice payments and
    Internet purchasing
  • Unless special, low-risk circumstances, avoid
    large average tickets (even in the B2B space)

Benefits when Marketed
  • Customer use of electronic bill payments is
    driven by several criteria (in priority order)
  • Very proactive marketing of the service
  • Notices on the bill
  • Bill inserts
  • Trained CSRs informing users of the service
  • Mass advertising
  • Posting on the merchants web site
  • Payment types accepted (check, credit card, debit
  • Availability of recurring and one-time
    convenience payment options

Source Edgar, Dunn Company analysis
Marketing Tactics
  • Electracash has landing pages, sales sheets and
    PDF files for
  • eChecks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Re-designing web site will include statements
    about and links to resellers
  • Industry-specific/product-specific trade shows
  • Press releases
  • Developing an Electracash brochure
  • Launching a reseller campaign
  • Merchants may implement promotions to drive
    usage, especially at introduction of the service

Electracash Web Site Re-Design
Electracash Web Site Re-design
Features for Merchants
  • Offer flat rate and/or percentage fee structures,
    depending on type of business based on
  • Industry segment
  • Transaction volume
  • Average transaction size
  • No hidden fees all pricing established up front
  • NSF notification (usually in 3 or 4 days)
  • Daily distributions (after first five business
  • Outstanding customer and technical support
  • 24/7 merchant technical support
  • LiveChat for merchant and customer support
  • Toll-free help desk phone numbers

Target Markets Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit is the electronic (ACH) transfer
    of a payment from a companys checking account
    into the checking and/or savings account of an
    individual or business.
  • Payroll
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Revenue sharing
  • Allows businesses to pay
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Shareholders
  • Employees

Electracash can disburse funds around the globe,
and even divide payments among several different
accounts and between different financial
Benefits of Direct Deposit
  • Reduces check preparation bill payment costs
  • Lowers time and labor requirements associated
    with payments administration
  • Eliminates lost stolen checks
  • Diminishes fraud due to lower potential for
    stolen and counterfeit checks
  • Decreases processing costs (companies report
    savings more than 40 cents in processing costs
    for each paper check converted into direct
  • Provides incentive and convenience for your
    employees with direct deposit of payroll
    (employees do not have to take time to deposit
    their checks)
  • Enhances reliability versus paper checks

eCheck Sales
  • Pricing, Core Points, FAQs

Online Inquiry Form
Qualifying the Prospect
Pricing Schedule
All pricing in US Dollars
  • Attachment to Application/Agreement
  • Merchant must initial acceptance

Pricing Considerations
Hold Backs and Exposure Limits
  • Deferred Contingencies (aka Hold Backs)
  • Calculated based on estimated ACH activity per
  • Generally 5 of sales volume held back each
    month, until total hold back is approximately
    equivalent to one month of ACH sales volume can
    be higher or lower, depending on returns history
    of merchant
  • Funding options include Letter of Credit or cash
  • Contractually required by processing banks (we
    have risk with window of liability)
  • Required to ensure all monies paid out ultimately
    clear without payor contention or merchant
    financial problems
  • Released within 180 days of final disbursement
    (usually after 60 days)
  • Exposure Limits
  • Exposure limits are designed to thwart attempts
    at fraud
  • Exposure limits are calculated on a per merchant
  • Highest volume conducted over a four-day period
    (to account for volume peaks)
  • A reasonable percentage of estimated uncollected
    items at any one time
  • Portfolio monitoring to flag us when merchant
    approaching limit our action is to apprise
    merchant and assess whether increase is required

Frequently Asked Questions
  • From the merchants perspective
  • What is ACH?
  • When do funds arrive in my account?
  • How quickly am I notified of NSFs?
  • Do you have online reporting?
  • Why do I have to pay an application fee? Your
    pricing is too high.
  • Why do I have to pay basis points rather than a
    fixed per transaction fee?
  • What is a hold back, and what does it mean to me?

Electracash Operations
  • Boarding, Merchant Technical Support, Merchant
    Customer Support, Payor/Consumer Help Desk

  • Canadian Item Handling

Canadian Item Handling
submit batch transaction requests to the
Electracash ACH Gateway. Upon receipt of the
transaction requests, the ACH Gateway will return
to the merchant an approved response pending
receipt of the Canadian Authorization Form. The
merchant must provide the customer an
authorization form that must be completed and
faxed to Electracash within 3 days of the
transaction. The transaction will be placed on
hold status until the completed authorization
form is received. Upon receipt of the
authorization form, Electracash will immediately
issue the transaction to the specified financial
institution for debiting.
MANAGED ACH MERCHANTS Managed ACH Merchants will
receive an authorization receipt after
successfully completing the transaction. An
authorization form is present on the receipt page
which the customer can download and fax to
Electracash. Electracash must receive the
completed authorization form within 3 days of the
transaction. The transaction will be placed on
hold status until the completed authorization
form is received. Upon receipt of the
authorization form, Electracash will immediately
issue the transaction to the specified financial
institution for debiting.
Merchants submit transaction requests via (for
example) a call center to the Electracash Virtual
Terminal Interface. Merchants must provide their
customers the authorization form to complete and
fax to Electracash within 3 days of the
transaction. The transaction will be placed on
hold status until the completed authorization
form is received. Upon receipt of the
authorization form, Electracash will immediately
issue the transaction to the specified financial
institution for debiting.
Canadian Customer Auth Form
Dear Canadian Consumer All online check
processors are required by the Canadian Payments
Association to receive written authorization from
any Payor prior to processing an online check
transaction completely. This is called a
Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form. Your online
check will be not be processed until we receive
this completed form with your signature, as well
as a blank, VOIDED check. If you have questions
about this form, please contact Electracashs
Customer Service Department at 1-800-444-6952.
  • Administrative Areas

Account Admininistration
Electracash Administration
Once you have entered in your username and
password you will be brought to the main menu
  • Customer Service

Help Desk Search
Electracash Help Desk
View Open Tickets Directs you to the Help
Desk Customer Search Brings you back to Screen
1 Below you see what tickets you have open. If
there are none it appears as No Open Tickets You
may locate customers detailed information using
one of the following 1. Reference number 2.
Customer ID (Reg E- Pin) 3. Bank account number
4. First and Last name 5. E-mail address Click
Search or hit Enter
The consumer helpdesk enables merchants to manage
their customers transactions cancel
subscriptions, void transactions, and refund
Help Desk Search
  • Search any customer by
  • Reference number (Sale ID)
  • Customer ID
  • Last 5 digits of the A/C number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • On the left top frame, you can view the open
  • In the left bottom frame, a list of all the
    tickets opened by you are displayed.

Help Desk Creating a Ticket
Select a Ticket by clicking Create Ticket
After you search for the customer, the details
are displayed. You can view the previous
customer service history for a particular
customer or else create a new ticket to process a
refund. You cannot process anything before you
create a ticket on the customer.
Help Desk Creating a Ticket
Help Desk Customer History
Customer Service History will allow you to view
notes by representatives or those the system has
logged previously. Every time someones
information is accessed, it is logged here. You
can also access it from Screen 2 by clicking
Customer Service History.
Help Desk Transaction Status
The transaction status is displayed. If the
transaction has not been batched (still not sent
to the bank), then a link is provided to keep the
transaction on hold. This voids the transaction
and moves it to the incomplete transaction
history in the system.
Help Desk Password Lookup
  • If there is no Password Management link then we
    do not handle the passwords for the site.
  • Passwords are CaPs SeNsItIvE.

You can also look up the password and user name
from the Subscription History Screen. Click
Password Management and you will see the
following screen. From here you can change or
email the password. Be sure to click Submit
Help Desk Transaction History
Transaction History will show all transactions
made through Electracash, and the status of those
transactions. The earliest date is when the first
charge was made. It will indicate when the
service was subscribed to. If there is recurring
billing, it will be initiated at midnight. The
customer will not see charges right away it may
take a few days. Therefore it will have a
different date on their statement.
Help Desk Issuing Refunds
When a transaction appears as uncollected, we
have not yet received the payment from the bank.
Even though the customer has seen it clear on
their statement, the payment hasnt made it to us
yet. Often times it is necessary to refund a
customer when it is still showing as uncollected.
To Issue a Refund, select Issue Refund on the
specific transaction you would like to refund.
You will see this screen. You may click Close to
close the ticket out as soon as you submit. At
that time Click Submit or hit Enter.
Help Desk Issuing Refunds
  • Issuing partial and full refunds
  • To work on the ticket later, check in the ticket,
    so that you can check out the ticket again.
  • When finished working on the ticket, close the
  • Once the ticket is closed, you cannot work on it,
    so you have to create new ticket.

  • Merchant Support

Merchant Admin Reports
The Reports link in the main menu will take you
to the different reporting options that
Electracash offers.
Merchant Admin Reports
  • Sales Reports provide real-time reporting of the
    transactions processed to date.
  • Pull this report by deposit date or transaction
  • Reports by deposit date give transactions that
    have been sent out to ACH.
  • Reports by transaction time are pulled according
    to the transaction date/time entered into the
    search fields.

Merchant Admin Sales Report/Deposit Date
Payout reports will give you the amount of your
payout on a specific date as well as the
transaction and fee detail to support the payout
Merchant Admin Payout Report
Payout reports will give you the amount of your
payout on a specific date as well as the
transaction and fee detail to support the payout
amount. To get the detail of the payout you will
click on the date link.
Merchant Admin Payout Detail
The payout is then broken down into detail of
Sales, Fees, Holdback Deposits (reserves),
Returns, and minimum balance. Each of these
breakdowns also has a link to the supporting
detail so that you can see exactly what is making
up the figures for each category.
Merchant Admin Subscriptions
Electracash gives you the option to be able to
pull active and inactive subscriptions. The
active subscription report will give you basic
subscription details on your current active
Merchant Admin Inactive Subscriptions
The inactive subscription report will give you
the customers name, cancel date, and email
address. This is useful if you would like to
send an email offer to a former customer to
rejoin your site.
Merchant Admin Manage Websites
  • Manage Websites section enables merchants to set
    up their site profiles Merchants can modify
    their sites.
  • For merchants not web-based, the site information
    is the company name, and is still used to set up
    the account for processing, with subsequent
    product or products attached to each
  • Ex For web-based
  • Site
  • Product one time billing 50.00
  • Ex For non- web-based
  • Site ABC Shoes, Inc.
  • Product one time billing 50.00

Merchant Admin Site Management
Site name- What you want your website to be
called in our system. Site URL- The URL that
links us to your website. Content Section URL-
The URL you want your customers to be redirected
to after the transaction is completed. Technical
Contact Email- The email address you want to be
contacted at or Technical issues. Customer
Service Email- This is the email address you want
to be contacted at for Customer Service
Issues. Order Notification Email- This is the
email address you want to be contacted at for
transaction notification. (optional) Declined
Transaction Redirect- The URL that you want your
customers to be redirected to so that you can
request another form of payment. Once this
information is entered, click the add site
button. Your site will then be issued a site id
that is required for processing on most
integration options.
Merchant Admin Manage Products
  • Manage products Select the site that the product
    is associated with and click Choose Site.
  • Option to add, modify, or inactivate a product.
  • Add, click the corresponding product type. We
    offer several different setup types for products.
  • Standard Product- This is a one time billing
  • Recurring Product non-password managed ( you will
    set the recurring rules)
  • Add Password Managed Product requires a username/
    password to access your sites. Recurring or
    non-recurring( you will set the values).

Merchant Admin Add Product
When finished, click the add product button. At
this point the product will be assigned a product
ID. This product ID is required for most of the
Electracash integrations.
Merchant Admin Add Recurring Product
  • To add a recurring product that is not password
    managed, click the button for Add Recurring
    Product (Not Password Managed) and then click the
    button for Choose product/function.
  • You will then be prompted to enter in the
    description of the product, the price of the
    product, and your desired recurring rules.
  • Once you have entered in the information needed,
    click the add product button. Your product will
    then be assigned a product id.

Merchant Admin Profile
The Merchant profile section allows merchants to
modify their contact information with
Electracash. They are also able to change their
Merchant Administration password. Once the
changes are complete, click Update Profile.
Returns Handling
  • No notification to merchant of NSF in advance of
    re-presentment (redeposit).
  • Redeposit NSF twice per item (unless the merchant
    elects to turn off redeposits).
  • Redeposits currently on 1st and 15th (item 6
    days in redeposit state).
  • If again returned as NSF, no further action
  • Return rates vary widely by industry.
  • We collect on NSFs at approximately 30.
  • There are no collection rates on other types of
    returns, such transactions are non-representable.
  • If the merchant can subsequently obtain a good
    account number from the customer, the transaction
    is re-entered as a new transaction.
  • Checks have a 60 day liability for unauthorized
  • Some state laws give up to seven years
  • Notify of NSF and invalid account transaction in
    3 days, at minimum

Electracash Underwriting
Underwriting Requirements
  • We send an application with contract, pricing
    schedule, and EFT authorization form
  • Merchant must return
  • Completed application, with signature (4 pages)
  • Accompanying required documents (choice of
    documents offered)
  • Pricing schedule, with acceptance initialed
  • Signed contract (5 pages)
  • Completed EFT form
  • Voided check
  • We do have available, as needed
  • Combined Direct Deposit Agreement and Application
  • Standalone agreements and applications for
    eChecks and Direct Deposit
  • Merchant set-up form is filled out by or with
    merchant, in preparation for boarding

Underwriting Application
Underwriting EFT Authorization
  • Attachment to Application/Agreement
  • Merchant must sign
  • Used to initiate application fee
  • Requires a voided check

Sources for Underwriting
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Internet search
  • Credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, others)
  • Small business
  • Corporate
  • Personal
  • International

Merchant Boarding
Merchant Boarding, p. 2
Reseller Network
Reseller Support Points
  • Value added service that expands portfolio in a
    wide open market no more competing with
    thousands of others just to shift share.
    Significant opportunity to make money!
  • Competitive and flexible compensation includes
    buy rates and commissions
  • Paid monthly, promptly with detailed accounting
    Online access to Multi-tiered (drill down)
    tracking and reporting
  • Sales education and tools
  • High retention rates and customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined application process with fast
    approval and setup, plus high approval rates
  • Special pricing for customers negotiable
  • Direct deposit of funds
  • No software or reporting fees, no merchant setup
  • Daily settlement to the merchant

Reseller Program
  • URL links for Reseller web sites that
    automatically populate the Affiliate number in
    our inquiry form/Salesforce
  • eCheck and Direct Deposit sales sheets/PDF files
  • EC brochure underway
  • Online status reporting by merchant, by
    reseller (development underway)
  • For bigger Resellers, may co-sponsor print
  • Reseller section on new website, with access to
    all relevant documents and information
  • Training materials addressing marketing, sales,
    underwriting requirements, pricing
    considerations, and operational support

Affiliate Management
Affiliate Management
Affiliate Reporting Lead Status
Affiliate Online Activity Reporting
  • Completely redundant Internet connections,
    database and web servers
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Password-managed sites
  • Secure sites for transaction capture capability
    on both and
  • Anything we have can be put behind SSL quickly
  • Meets all US and Canadian federal regulations
  • Meets all NACHA banking and data security

Technology Considerations
  • Technology Escalation Procedures Memphis
    Merchant Support 901-684-6266 or
  • Michelle Mynatt is first point of contact 24/7
    Memphis x 301
  • Gets escalated from her to support developer (not
    24/7, but we will support large customer needs)
  • Procedures for service interruptions TBD.
    Starting point
  • If its on our side, first point of contact is
    Kenny Sessions (24/7) Memphis, x 307
  • In the end, Mike Hoffmeyer, CTO, is The buck
    stops here guy Memphis, x 310

Points of Contact
Signal Hill 562-498-6888 Memphis 901-684-0348
Tammi Haney x-111 Megan Mattheson
x-112 562-304-7878 Diane Bircher x-204
Supervisor Debi Yoachum X-100 901-684-6266 Mich
elle Mynatt x-301 800-444-6952 Jody
Hancock 562-498-6888 x-106 Jody Hancock Jody
Hancock Jody Hancock
  • Merchant Sales
  • Merchant Support (customer service, e.g.,
  • Merchant technical support
  • After hours (24/7)
  • Customer Support Help Desk (payer/consumer)
  • Day-to-day support/decisions between Electracash
    and Reseller
  • Pricing plan
  • Reseller performance
  • Anything else
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