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Conference on Future Energy: 1. Therapeutic Electromagnetic Healing Devices 2. Full-cost Energy Accounting


Conference on Future Energy: 1. Therapeutic Electromagnetic Healing Devices 2. Fullcost Energy Accou – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Conference on Future Energy: 1. Therapeutic Electromagnetic Healing Devices 2. Full-cost Energy Accounting

Conference on Future Energy1. Therapeutic
Electromagnetic Healing Devices 2. Full-cost
Energy Accounting
Characterizing field emissions from therapeutic
electromagnetic and/or acoustic devices and
examining their effect on various substances
(e.g. water)
  • Dr. Tania Slawecki
  • Assistant Professor of Materials
  • Materials Research Institute, Penn State

1. Therapeutic Electromagnetic Healing Devices
Taxonomy, Characterization, and Review of the
Electric Fields Static Varying
Magnetic Fields Static Varying
OR EM-field canceling Electrostatic Scalar
Potential Magnetic Vector Potential
Parameters Intensity Frequency range Specific vs.
random Waveform Phase Modulation
Acoustic Fields
For Reference, Review
  • Electric Fields
  • Positive/negative point charges (ions, anions)
  • Static fields
  • DCdirect current (linear charge flow)
  • ACalternating current (sinusoidal charge flow)
  • Voltage (potential) vs. Current (amps)
  • millivolt levels on skin
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Dipole always have positive and negative charges
    opposing one another
  • No such thing as a magnetic monopole in U(1)
    symmetry gauge
  • Static, varying, pulsed
  • Earths field .5 Gauss
  • Much less in body heart has largest field

Transepithelial Potential
PPT slide credit from Dr. Bart Flick
Brainwaves (electrical EEG) Beta (awake) 14
50 Hz Alpha (doze) 7 14 Hz Theta (dream) 4
7 Hz Delta (deep sleep) 0.3 4 Hz
Field from healers hand (magnetic measured
with gradiometer) Sweeps frequencies from 0.3
Hz to 30 Hz with most activity in the 7 Hz 8
Hz range Source Oschman Energy Medicine
Oschman Energy Medicine, p. 103
Frequencies of Interest ELFs Ref Oschmans
Energy Medicine Earths average EM resonance
frequency (due to constant lightning strikes
around the world) 8 Hz Brainwaves of QiGong
Meditator during QiGong meditation 8
Hz Frequency from healers hand 8 Hz Healing
frequencies 2 Hz Nerve growth 7 Hz Bone
growth 10 Hz ligament healing 15, 20 72
stimulates capillary formation
fibroblasts Molecular signaling 20 Hz 20
kHz Audible Sound 20 Hz 20 kHz
Schumann Resonance
8Hz brainwave entrainment
Not All EM is Good EM Learn what constitutes
harmful EM
See also the findings of Sharry Edwards on an
acoustical analog to this
Electromagnetic View of Body
  • 1925 Transmembrane Potential (TMP)
  • Healthy cells have TMP of 70-100mV
  • below 50mV fatigued
  • below 15mV, cancer is likely
  • Overall, the body is an electromagnetic entity
    whose ailments might be better treated, in many
    cases, with an electromagnetic approach (compare
    with MRIs).

See also Dr. Tom Valones Bioelectro- magnetic He
aling book
Electromagnetic Healing DevicesMME, VIBE, EFS
5000 gauss Electro- magnet
1000 gauss magnetic field high electrostatic
(photo from website)
VIBE high electric field, broad range f
Aim to raise the TMP in all the cells in the body
Tesla coil
E100 kV/m at 6 feet
Sample Magnetic and Electromagnetic Devices
  • Magnetic Molecular Engerizer (MME)
  • Bone/injury healing, arthritis
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Neurological diseases
  • Palsy, MS, Alzheimers
  • 3000-5000 Gauss DC field from large
  • FDA is currently evaluating
  • Energetic Fitness System (EFS) (www.energeticfitne )
  • High voltage, high frequency oscillator (EM)
  • Raises cell membrane potential to facilitate
    improved nutrient delivery to cells
  • Enhances healing/recovery
  • Marketed for sports performance

Great for Degenerative Diseases
(photo from website)
Small EM Field Devices
Earthpulse 0.5 gauss as you sleep Square-wave
pulses 2-15 Hz
EMpulse 2 gauss spike-pulse
See Dr. Glen Gordons talk
Mitigates pain Enhances healing of
Energy-Wellness Machine Square-wave pulses Micro-c
urrent frequency generator
Enhances sound sleep and rejuvenation via
brainwave entrainment
Frequency- specific Rife-like
Rife Instrument Specific frequency plasmas Not
to be confused with VIBE Rife/Tesla combo
Royal Raymond Rife employed radio-frequency
carrier waves new variations exist on this
Also see Lynn Kennys work at Beam Ray
VIBE machine
Pulsed Plasma Devices (Combo Rife/Tesla) BELS,
Novalite, VIBE, Premiere 3000
Gene Koonces VIBE
Tom Valones Premiere 3000
Jim Girards BELS
Ralph Suddaths Novalite
All of these use high voltage Tesla coils in
their operation
EM radiation as Visible Light
David Thomas Perkl-Light
Lasers and LEDs static, pulsed, dual frequency
pulses with beat frequencies (heterodyning)
Some have infrared spectral components
(therapeutic heat)
during testing in lab
See Supplemental 1, slides 55-57
Acoustic Devices with EM Light, Sound,
  • Medical investigation of therapeutic effect of
    sound 1896
  • 8th 10th cranial nerves carry auditory signals
    to vagus nerve, to all visceral organs and the
    immune system
  • Sound can alter brainwave states (Monroe
    Institute) binaural beats
  • Light (EM radiation) as therapy 1870s
  • Dinshah Ghadialis Spectro-Chrome therapy
  • Today Barry McNews Life Vessel Paul Laussacs
    Crystal bed

Crystal Beds Light Through Vogel Crystals(with
the sound of music)
Paul Laussac design Seven crystals, each over a
major chakra, sequence chakra tuning light,
from red at the root chakra to violet at the crown
Music is played separately
Passive Devices
The QLink is said to protect the body from EM and
chemical stressors in the environment. It has no
active components.
Dr. John Neely at Hershey Medical Center exposed
cell cultures to a derivative of mustard gas
either with or without the QLink present. There
was significantly higher survival rate of cells
as a function of gas dose when the QLink was
present. See also, studies conducted and
published by Dr. Beverly Rubik
Slim Spurlings Light-Life tools
Vogel Crystal
Novel no EM Devices
  • FLO recently developed by Robert Kersten and
    Marc Newkirk strips off EM field and uses
    resulting information field to de-stress the
    body, which facilitates the healing process

Dr. Charles Crosbys TENSCAM unit cancels out
the EM field and employs user-tuned crystals to
allow directed intention to facilitate healing in
the self or others TENS unit driver (pulsed)
See Supplemental 2 slides 58-65
Devices that affect water chemical analysis,
applications, benchmarks, standards?
Bios-Materials Research Project Building an
Active Collaboration
  • Rustum Roy
  • Tania Slawecki
  • Rick Hoover
  • Amar Bhalla
  • Will White
  • Penn State University
  • MRI-BMR Group
  • Hershey Medical Center
  • University of Arizona
  • Iris Bell (homeopathy)
  • Kathy Creath (biophoton)
  • Gary Schwartz (human energy field)
  • Melinda Connor (biofield therapies)
  • Arizona State University
  • Dennis Clark (plants as biomarkers)
  • Sandwip Dey (materials research EE)
  • Bruce Towe (bioengineeing)
  • Charles Palmer
  • John Neely
  • David Hufford

Two-year project funding from the Materials
Research Institute and the Huck Institutes for
the Life Sciences, January 2004-December 2005
What can we do as materials scientists?
  • Remove placebo conditions examine effects of EM
    devices ( human intention or emissions) on
    physical matter
  • The body is comprised mostly of waterelements
  • Are there changes to water, saline solutions,
    mineral water?

Dr. Rick Hoover puts a sample droplet of water on
the stage of the WiTech Raman Spectrometer at the
Penn State BMR Group Focus and Tools
  • Device characterization
  • field emissions
  • signal analysis
  • effect of emissions on materials relevant to
    living systems (e.g. water, saline solution,
    mineral water, etc)
  • Aqueous solutions (Water, Colloids)
  • chemical analysis
  • structural analysis
  • effect on plants
  • Chemical Analysis Tools
  • ICP, Mass Spec
  • Structural Analysis
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Infrared (IR spectroscopy)
  • X-ray Electron Diffraction
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • Other physical properties
  • Viscosity, surface tension
  • Dielectric properties

Why do we learn towards using Raman and Infrared
Ref Z. Lu Scientific Qigong Exploration
Heres one reason why Dr. Yan has used his qi
to significantly alter the structure of water in
the laboratory, under controlled conditions
Prof. Rustum Roy, founding director of Penn
State Universitys MRL, and Dr. Yan Xin, M.D.,
Qigong master
Raman Spectrum of Tap Water, In-Situ
Normal O-H bending mode peaks for water
No known physical interpretation
Anomalous peak decayed over a period of hours
back to normal water O-H peaks

Is Raman Spectroscopy an appropriate tool to use?
  • If healers can alter the structure of water, can
    EM devices?
  • Preliminary data indicates structural changes in
    chemically identical samples can be detected with
    Raman spectroscopy
  • Examples
  • EM imprinted mineral water
  • 10 ppm colloidal silver solutions (off-the shelf
  • These devices may control the nanoscale
    structuring of water
  • The body is mostly water

Basics of Raman Spectroscopy
The energy difference between the incident light
(Ei) and the Raman scattered light (Es) is equal
to the energy involved in changing the molecule's
vibrational state (i.e. getting the molecule to
vibrate, Ev). This energy difference is called
the Raman shift.
Monochromatic light (from laser) is incident on
Photo- multiplier
Inelastic scattering Raman Spectroscopy
or CCD camera
Elastic scattering Infrared Spectroscopy
center position Peak 1 3051 cm-1 Peak 2
3233 cm-1 Peak 3 3393 cm-1 Peak 4 3511 cm-1
Peak 5 3628 cm-1
H2O Bending modes
(No Transcript)
Spectroscopic Tools the Information They Tell Us
  • Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy (FTIR) reveals
    nearest-neighbor bond strength
  • Near-IR Spectroscopy examines higher order
    overtones of the OH stretch bond
  • Raman Spectroscopy reveals 2nd nearest neighbor
    and beyond, looking at weaker, longer-range bonds
    and their vibrational states
  • Sum of these picture of molecular arrangement,
    i.e. structure of the water

How to imprint water?
Dr. Yury Kronn (left) uses a proprietary pulsed
plasma device that he developed to imprint
water for his Vital Force solutions, as part of
his Energy Tools International business.
Natural-born healers can they too imprint
water or alter its structure as Dr. Yan Xin could?
Judith Jubb
Dr. Charles Crosby
Raman Spectroscopy
Dr. Yury Kronns Vital Force supplements,
relative to control (uncharged)
  • What effect do these devices have on water?
  • Is there an imprint that remains or decays?
  • Can one control and sustain imprints?
  • What IS an imprint?
  • Can energy imprints duplicate actual substances
    you might add to water?

Computer controlled plasma (ionized gas) device
is used to imprint mineral water with
other substances (e.g zinc)
Raman Spectroscopy of three chemically identical,
mineral solutions, two of which were imprinted
  • Identical solutions of minerals dissolved in
    water were reported to benefit animal health when
    imprinted to address a specific malady
  • Two samples Zinc and GIA - are
    electromagnetically imprinted using a
    proprietary computer-controlled plasma device
  • Uncharged is control sample, un-imprinted
  • Significant differences!!

Dr. Yury Kronns samples
Judith Jubb Clairvoyant, HealerExperiments 23
June 2005
Bill Russell, Tania Slawecki, Judith Jubb, Rick
Hoover At the Penn State Materials Research
Raman Spectroscopy DataNo input signal yet
output from Judith!
Signal when Judiths hands are near the
spectroscope probe
Signal from probe in open Air identical to
signal When Ricks hands are Near spectroscope
Raman Data and Healers
  • Qigong Master Jixing Li no perceived effect (May
  • Dr. Charles Crosby even stronger effect than
    Judiths possible entrainment effect Rick
    and I could also affect Raman probe in his
    presence. The effect vanished when he left
    (August 2005)
  • No one else has been able to affect the Raman
    probe since. We tested numerous trained healers.

Limits to Raman Spectroscopy
Self-consistent only on same instrument hard to
compare with others
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Arizona State U. (Sandwip Dey)
  • Puerto Rico (Amar Bhalla)
  • JY Corporation, NJ
  • Penn State MRI
  • Considerations
  • Sample size, vessel
  • Instrument geometry/optics
  • Incident wavelength
  • Choice of substrate
  • Epitaxial effects
  • Sample storage vessels

New protocol Always test emanations from people
Other results
  • Water samples treated by various EM healing
    devices did not exhibit structural changes
    detectable by Raman Spectroscopy
  • We are presently expanding our repertoire of
    spectroscopic tools UV-Vis holds promise

Charging water samples on the Energetic Fitness
Other Results and Project Continuation
  • Healing properties of ultradilute aqueous
  • Colloidal Silver (10-30ppm) structures vary with
    how it is made
  • Homeopathic remedies UV-Vis spectroscopy is
    showing structural differences! (Dr. Manju Rao
    and Prof. Rustum Roy at Penn State U.)
  • Russian TV film WATER

Whats the big deal about these colloidal
  • Colloidal silver (highly dilute) joins a class of
    other therapeutic 99.99 water solutions
  • Examples homeopathics, colloidal silver,
    energized water
  • Data from these (99.99 water) defy
    biochemically-based medical model Biochemical
    reactions are clearly not responsible for
    observed effects
  • Preliminary data indicates these samples show
    nanoscale structure
  • Not all silver colloids are equally effective
  • Structurally different
  • EM manufacturing is different in each case

See Supplemental 3 slides 66-72
Comparison of Raman spectra of water Literature
ref. versus 10ppm Colloidal Silver
D. M. Carey and G. M. Korenowski, J. Chem.
Phys. 108, 2669 (1998)
Our data on 10ppm Colloidal Silver

center position (FWHM) Peak 1 3053 (43) cm-1
Peak 2 3330 (239) cm-1 Peak 3 3462 (146)
cm-1 Peak 4 3596 (133) cm-1
center position Peak 1 3051 cm-1 Peak 2
3233 cm-1 Peak 3 3393 cm-1 Peak 4 3511 cm-1
Peak 5 3628 cm-1
Hydrogen Bonded
  • Correlation with ref. good

Non hydrogen bonded
Water is HOT!
  • Dr. Masaru Emotos work with crystal morphology
  • Key the structure of water, rather than the
    chemistry of water
  • Prof. Rustum Roys proposed nano-heterogenous
    cluster water model

Polluted water from Fujiwara Dam (left), and
after a monk said a prayer (right)
Part 2
Some of the following slides were taken from a
February 2006 talk, Implications of and
Alternatives to Petroleum-based Farming by Gene
Bazan and Tania Slawecki E-mail us to request
full e-notes
2. Full-cost Energy Accounting in Future Energy
The Other Hat I Wear
  • Former Director, Penn State Center for
  • Advisor, PA Governors Renewable Ag Energy
  • Asst. Prof. in College of Engineering, teaching
    Green Design Technologies, and Projects in
    Sustainable Living

A few rules of thumb
  • Economics does not reflect Energetics
  • The soil is regarded as a renewable resource, but
    it is not used in that way rather, it is being
    depleted rapidly globally. Wes Jackson, The Land
    Institute, estimates less than 40 year of topsoil
    left and predicts a population crash by the
    2040s based on declining soil health alone
    (without considering growing biofuels in addition
    to food crops, nor considering fresh water
  • It takes energy to make energy how we make and
    transport materials is key
  • A BTU from one energy source is fundamentally
    different from a BTU of energy from another
    source (e.g. coal vs. a log vs. insolation
    (incoming solar radiation)), and these
    differences must be taken into account in our
    calculations and comparisons.

eMergy concept
  • When comparing energy alternatives with each
    other, we must keep in mind the insights of
    Howard Odum
  • Different kinds of energy cannot all be reduced
    to mere BTUs and toted up. You cannot easily or
    efficiently run your car on wood or solar. You
    cant fly a plane with coal nor run bulldozers or
    steel mills with windmills or pv panels. There
    are ways to adjust the energetic value of
    different sources to take this into account, but
    few analysts do this (eMergy and exergy
  • Unlike standard energy analysis, eMergy considers
    the free services of nature and the value of
    human inputs, rather than just energy used in
    economic inputs.
  • If this concept still confuses you, consider that
    a BTU of incoming energy from the sun is a
    disperse form of energy that you can retrieve
    immediately on a sunny day. Coal, by comparison,
    took a long time to form and represents a very
    dense, concentrated form of energy, so its BTU
    value reflects all the energy it collected eons
    ago and concentrated into its being. A log is
    inbetween. A log might take 20-50 years to form
    and has a BTU value per unit volume or weight
    that reflects it is a less dense energy source
    than that of coal. Thus the coal embodies the
    most energy content.

What do I mean by full-cost energy accounting?
  • Look at all of the energy inputs required to
    manufacture, maintain and recycle or dispose of a
    given energy-producing technology and its
    infrastructure, including raw materials and the
    energy required to obtain, transport and refine
    them as needed, recognizing that different forms
    of energy are not equivalent (eMergy or exergy
  • Compare with energy output over lifetime of device

Apply to popular alternative energy sources
  • Wind Power
  • Photovoltaics
  • Biofuels
  • Cellulosic Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Bottom line do the math! Combine life cycle
    analysis with eMergy analysis

Energy Ratio of Output to Input for Various
Energy Sources
Energy Source Ag crops in blue bolded ERs gt 4 Energy Ratio
3. Non-solar electricity production
Coal-fired, US average 9
Western surface coal fired, with scrubbers 2.5
Natural gas fired 2.3
Nuclear light water reactor 4

4. Solar-related electricity production
Photovoltaic arrays 1.7-10
Parabolic thermal collectors 3-8
Wind turbines 3-18
Hydroelectric 10-12
Biomass-fired (plus crop production) 3.3-3.7 lt4
With advanced co-generation 8-9 gt4

5. Energy Conservation
Double-pane windows 136
Ceiling insulation 61
Passive solar housing 10-25
Energy Source Ag crops in blue bolded ERs gt 4 Energy Ratio
1. Nonrenewable Fossil Fuels
Oil natural gas (US wellhead)
Discoveries 1940s gt 100
1970s 8
Coal 1950 US Mine 80
1970 US Mine or strip 30

2. Renewable Fuels
Methanol (tree planatation) 2.6 lt4
Biomass crop, then gasification 2-5 lt4
Vegetable oil (precursor to biodiesel) 1.8-4.6 lt4
Ethanol (grain, sugarcane, crop residues) 0.7-1.8 lt4
Biomass herbaceous crops (fertilized) 11-12 gt4
Biomass tree crops 6-13 gt4
Anaerobic digester biogas (8 countries) 1.5-3.1 lt4
Solar flat plate collectors (heat) 2-5 lt4
  • Net Energy Ratio / Energy Return On Investment

Omitted from costs embodied costs of roads, cars
and trucks, repair shops, salvage yards,
recycling accidents health environmental
pollution of air water
Conclusions from Net Energy Analysis
  • Indicators are abstract. Because we offload costs
    on the future and on the environment, we dont
    feel the pinch at ERs approaching 1 or less
  • In the case of oil, raising the cost per gallon
    at the gas pumps financially supports the higher
    embodied energy prospecting and continued
    drilling, even if it is net energy negative.
  • Future energy technologies are best removed from
    depending on a future with oil
  • Future energy-generating technologies require
    novel ways to self-replicate

Solution 1 Identify new ways to manufacture key
materials at lower embodied energy
  • June 15, 2006 Annual regional meeting of the
    National Academy of Engineering Immediate
    Energy Savings Via Microwave Usage in Major
    Materials Technologies

Microwave drilling and plasma balls. And link to NAE
regional meeting
Solution 2 Dont Settle for Ordinary Efficiency
  • Common definition
  • Efficiency Useful Energy Output
  • Input Energy
  • Self-referential sets no benchmark for
    improvement! The American Physical Society
  • Efficiency Minimum energy to do X
  • Input Energy you are using

Solution 3 Use eMergy Analysis to guide your
  • All energy technologies that I have examined fall
    short of cheap and plenty oil unless ZPE or
    other similar infinite energy source (whose
    extraction wont kill us or the planet) emerges
    as viable
  • Consider the materials for each component of the
    energy-producing technology and how could it be
    manufactured in a future without cheap and
    abundant oil?
  • Consider that small-scale decentralized materials
    factories could exist in the future, set up
    before the end of oil to use new materials
    manufacturing methods that are clean(er) and
    require far less energy e.g FLO
  • Be as rigorous as possible with calculations, and
    specify assumptions if those assumptions are
    not correct, it will be easy to correct for
    errors later.

Quick Question Guide
  • Life cycle analysis from energy perspective?
  • Can the technology be used to reproduce or
    replace itself? Including its infrastructure?
  • What is the QUALITY of the energy needed to
    manufacture each part? Material?
  • How much CO2 other toxics are produced?
  • Does it push the envelope of efficiency? Are
    you thinking outside of the box?

Acknowledgements Thanks
  • Penn State Huck Institute for Life Sciences and
    the Materials Research Institute (MRI)
  • Rick Hoover, Rustum Roy
  • ASU, U of Az
  • Puerto Rico facility
  • JY Corp.
  • Our many colleagues friends!
  • Dr. Bart Flick and Dr. Tom Valone

Contact Info Dr. Tania Slawecki 105
Materials Research Lab University Park, PA
Juliana Brooks, M.D. Spectral Catalysis
Supplemental 1
  • The Foundation
  • Every element in the periodic table can be
    expressed in terms of its energy spectrum which
    is generated by the discrete electron orbital
    levels around atoms.

Juliana Brooks with Tania Slawecki at the
November 2004 MRS meeting in Boston
President, Berkshire Labs, Ohio dozens of
Photoelectric Spectrum
  • Each element exhibits energy peaks associated
    with the differences in electron orbitals
  • Catalysts share harmonics of the elements they
    catalyze multiples of a base energy.

Wavelength (Angstroms)
What can we do with this info?
  • Pt is a catalyst for H O H2O
  • Why? Spectral analysis shows it shares key
    harmonics with H and O!
  • What if, rather than using Pt directly, we input
    its energetic signature or electromagnetic
    signature that is, input the energy in direct
    proportion to the natural spectrum for Pt at each
  • Matter can be treated as energy

Supplemental 2
Looking for Commonalities among Devices
How to cancel out an EM field?
  • Coils
  • Tesla
  • Bifilar, Toroid, Mobius
  • Passive (Slim Spurling)
  • Active (current-carrying)
  • Crystals (quartz)
  • SiO2 / H2O similarities
  • Vogel-cut crystal
  • Plasmas (ionized gas)
  • Key Frequencies (e.g. Schumann resonance)

E H fields cancel out electrostatic scalar
potential magnetic vector potential remain
Electric (E) Magnetic (H) fields
Supposedly only the electrostatic scalar
potential remains here scalar waves
E H fields cancel out electrostatic scalar
potential magnetic vector potential remain
Ref Energy Medicine, by Jim Oschman
Ref Energy Medicine, by Jim Oschman
  • In the case of destructive interference of
    electromagnetic waves,
  • What happens to the energy? Where does it go?
  • What happens to the information encoded and being
  • Classical EM vs. Quantum Electro-dynamics (QED)
  • Leftover scalar terms have physical meaning

Note FLO operates on very different principles
than the above
Transverse vs. Longitudinal EM waves
Non-Hertzian waves
Key Concept Scalar Waves
  • Also called Non-Hertzian or longitudinal
  • Propagate instantaneously in all directions with
    no apparent diminishment of amplitude
  • Have been used in numerous patented inventions,
    including Dr. Pat Flanagans neurophone which
    allows nerve deaf patients to hear.
  • Are very difficult to detect except by biological
    organisms or gas tubes, according to Dr. Jack Dea
    at Arizona State University

Intention-driven DevicesAre these working on
poorly-understood quantum physics principles?
  • Radionics Used in Europe banned in US
  • VIBE machine
  • Dowsing/Pendulum
  • OPP staff dowse for utilities
  • Applied Kinesiology?
  • Vogel Crystal
  • Shamanism cast stones
  • Visualization therapies

"Scalar waves"?
Kahuna Shamanism and Quantum Physics
  • Bill Russell retired physicist 20 yrs of study
    with Kahuna
  • Everything is alive, aware, responsive, and
    communicating with everything else
  • Energy flows where attention goes
  • The world is what you think it is
  • There are no limits

"Scalar waves"?
Kahuna Shamans were extraordinary healers
Supplemental 3 Whats so special about silver?
The Body as an Electromagnetic Entity
Bob Becker
The Body Electric Electromagnetism and the
Foundation of Life by Robert O. Becker, M.D.
and Gary Selden (at left salamander limb
Transepidermal Potential Changes
First to Apply Silver Nylon
VA Hospital, Syracuse, New York Dr Beckers Lab
Restore Electrical PotentialsOptimal Wound
Dr. Bart Flick, M.D. at right
Silver Nylon Microcurrent
Dr. Bart Flick, MD Silverlon used to regenerate
fingertip in 21 yr old male
Day 1
Day 17
Day 88
Day 39
Dr. Bart Flick, MD Treating head trauma with
Silverlon no plastic surgery
Day 2
Day 10
Day 212
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