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Crystal Healing Meditation Workshop - Heal & Balance your Energy Centres


The crystals have a strong connection with the energy chakras of our body. Well, this fact has been proved by the experts, and different experiments have also been performed on this fact. The energy chakras are the energy centres of our body, and there are seven energy chakras in the body. All these chakras are aligned vertically on the central energy channel. All of these seven chakras balance aspects of our life. For more visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Crystal Healing Meditation Workshop - Heal & Balance your Energy Centres

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Crystal Healing, Its Technique and Effectiveness
  • Crystal healing is a popular technique that is
    based on usage of stones and crystals. Many
    people have been benefited through these
    techniques. Experts of these healing techniques
    can explain you about the underneath power of the
    tools, making it such effective.

Various Crystal Healing Techniques
  • There are various methods of crystal healing. In
    certain techniques, the crystals are placed on
    specific parts of the body. These body parts
    correspond to different chakras. Placing the
    crystal at the specific part of the body is
    primarily intended for developing an energy layer
    that surrounds the person with healing energy.
  • The experts make the person realize about the
    presence of different chakras. Especially, common
    men, for whom activating kundalini energy is
    close to impossible, can find these techniques
    effective enough.

Crystal Healing Method
  • These are the practical tools to clear the energy
    blocks in the body and the impurities, which are
    essential to get healed for better health and
    energy. Crystal healing method is a huge
  • Starting from their positioning to the colour,
    everything has a vibe. In fact, each colour here
    is associated with a certain electromagnetic
    field. The crystals of lower vibes heal the
    states of lower energy states, and those with
    higher vibes have the healing effects on higher
    states. One can learn these things upon joining a
    reputed centre for crystal healing in Singapore.

Crystal Healing Meditation Best for the
  • Everyone knows that the most blissful experience
    one can have on this earth is through meditation
    only. Meditation is effective for the body, mind,
    as well as the soul. There is no better way
    available really to stay away from the negative
    energy than meditation. However, meditation is
    not everyones cup of tea.

Crystal Healing Meditation
  • Crystal Healing Meditation can be a very good
    recommendation in this context. This healing
    technique is one of the simplest yet effective
    ways of going deep in meditation by a beginner.
    Not just for healing, this technique can be
    effective from spirituality point of views as
    well. It is one of the best ways of raising the
    consciousness level and developing the intellect.

  • Crystals have turned out to be the most effective
    ways of healing the energy centres for a common
    man. It is a fact that the crystals are
    incredible energy transmitters. Simple practices,
    like wearing it, having it inside the pocket,
    even simply placing inside the house can do the
    job. Now it can be easily imagined about the
    effectiveness of these crystals is used for
    meditation. All it needs is to find the right
    centre for meditation Singapore.

It makes meditation and healing so simple
Clear the Energy Paths
  • These are extremely powerful tools to clear the
    energy paths, the blockages and maintain the
    proper balance of the energy centres. On a
    simpler note, crystals are so much effective for
    meditation for their ability to develop focus.
    The focus thus generated are especially very much
    useful for beginners to go deep in meditation.
    Energizing the chakras, one can live an uplifted
    and intellectually enriched life.

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