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To help you find the best house that fits your needs in the time frame you ... Double-check closets, drawers, shelves to be sure they are empty ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mr.

Mr. Mrs. John Doe 1234 Main Street Anytown, ST
Brad Thompson E-Pro Realtor Broker
Company Overview
My Mission To help you find the best house that
fits your needs in the time frame you select with
the least amount of stress and inconvenience as
Company Overview
How the GMAC Real Estate BrandWorks For You
GMAC Real Estate has more than 1,300 franchised
and company-owned real estate offices with more
than 22,000 Sales Associates. Backed by the
resources and of GM and the success of one of the
worlds leading financial institutions, we are a
part of GMAC Home Services, which includes
Residential Real Estate,GMAC Mortgage and a
complete Global Relocation Division.
94 Customer Satisfaction Rating Were
Different! The goal of GMAC Real Estate is to
deliver a quality customer service experience
based entirely on what our customers want. And,
were succeeding. But dont take our word for
it, take our customers. After thousands of
completed surveys, 94 of them say they are
satisfied or very satisfied with our services
while 92 would refer us to a friend. And more
than 90 say they would use our services again.
How did we achieve these results? Premier
Company Overview
What is Premier Service?
Premier Service is an innovative way of doing
business that sets us apart from our competitors
while giving you the value and attention that you
deserve. Our Premier Service training and
experience ensures not only the success of your
real estate transaction, but also the quality of
your experience.
The Process of Premier Service Listen to your
needs. I will deliver a service experience based
on your needs and desires. Establish clear
expectations. I will explain the roles I play in
the purchase of your home and how we will work
together. Commit in writing. I will sign a
Service Commitment as my promise to deliver on
those expectations. Perform the service. I
will deliver on my written commitment. Solicit
your feedback. You will be asked to complete a
survey which will be used to measure and evaluate
my performance.
Company Overview
The Premier Service Guarantee
This guarantee, which GMAC Real Estate Sales
Associates give to their customers, pledges to
serve as their Trusted Advisor, Skilled
Negotiator and Expert FacilitatorSM.
Company Overview
My Roles
As your Trusted Advisor, I will listen to your
goals, recommend the right resources to help you
reach them and share with you my experience and
As your Skilled Negotiator, I will help you
explore all options, respect your confidentiality
and steadfastly represent your interests.
As your Expert Facilitator, I will handle all the
details and work to ensure that the sale I put
together, stays together.
Company Overview
The Commitment
By signing this pledge, I am giving you my
personal commitment to
  • Deliver a service experience based on your needs
    and wants
  • Stay in touch with you and deliver the level of
    service you want
  • Give you access to special programs and services
    that can deliver value and relieve the stress of
    buying or selling a home
  • Make myself available to answer questions or
  • Make it my highest priority to deliver the caring
    customer service you deserve

Company Overview
The Premier Service Survey
Your opinion is important and your input is
valued! Through the Premier Service program you
will be asked to complete a survey conducted by
an independent research company. The survey will
enable us to document and track our performance
and ensure a continued record of superior service
that no other company can match.
Company Overview
Buying a Home is a Complex Process
From specialized market knowledge to mortgage,
financing and the closing of the transaction, we
provide the luxury of Premier Service, every
step of the way.
Company Overview
Defining Your Housing Priorities
Well help define your housing priorities by
discussing your specific needs, wants and
desires. Then well create an organized plan and
timeline for your property search. Our commitment
to you is to deliver Premier Service.
Buying a Home
Agency Options
Buyers Agent A buyers agent represents you, the
buyer, during the home buying process. The agent
has a fiduciary responsibility to represent only
the home buyers best interest in all aspects of
the home buying transaction.
Sellers Agent A sellers agent represents the
home seller. They may assist the buyer, but do
not represent the buyer and must place the
interest of the home seller first. The buyer
should not tell the owners agent anything the
buyer would not want the owner to know because an
owners agent must disclose to the owner any
material information known to the agent.
Dual Agent A dual agent represents both the buyer
and the seller ethically and honestly and must
safeguard the confidentiality of both parties.
Buying a Home
Working with a Buyer's Agent
Unlike a sellers agent, or a dual agent, a
buyers agent has total loyalty to the home buyer
and will
  • Listen to the home buyers needs, wants and
    desires and stay within the scope of delegated
  • Solely represent the home buyers interest in any
    and all negotiations and transactions involved in
    the home purchase process
  • Fully disclose all information about the
    transaction that might affect the home buyers
    best interest
  • Actively work to reduce the final price of the
  • Keep home buyers confidences even after the
    agency relationship ends

Company Overview
Advantages of Working with a Buyer's Agent
Financing Your Home
How Much Home Can You Afford?
  • Your Mortgage Payment
  • The amount of mortgage payment you can afford may
    be limited by your monthly payments on long-term
    debts (those that will take more than 10-12
    months to pay off).
  • The total of your monthly payments on long-term
    debts PLUS your proposed mortgage payments should
    not be more than 36 - 40 of your gross monthly
    income. This percentage is called your ratio.
    Your lender or I will help you to determine what
    mortgage payment will work for you.
  • Examples of Long-Term Debts
  • Monthly home equity line of credit or loan
  • Monthly car payments
  • Monthly revolving credit payments (furniture,
    appliance loans, etc.)
  • Monthly student loan payments
  • Monthly minimum credit card payments times two
  • Monthly child support payments

Financing Your Home
Financing Your Home
Pre-Qualification A lender can normally
pre-qualify you for a mortgage in a short 15 - 20
minute phone call. By getting pre-qualified for a
mortgage, you will have an idea of the estimated
monthly payment and a price range to shop based
on the loan size. This information is a guide for
you in the home buying process and does not
guarantee mortgage approval. Pre-Approval Being
pre-approved for a mortgage may afford you more
leverage in negotiating the purchase of a home.
Mortgage pre-approval requires completing a
formal application to the lender, and submission
of all the necessary financial and employment
documentation. Once the information has been
evaluated, verified by the lenders underwriters
and approved, you will be cleared for a loan of a
determined amount. This process has been greatly
improved and can be accomplished in less time
than in previous years. Your home search is now a
much more enjoyable experience you can make
your offer with confidence knowing youre
Financing Your Home
The Mortgage Process
  • Complete loan application
  • Verification of financial, employment information
  • Home appraisal ordered
  • Good faith estimate of closing costs and truth in
    lending disclosures
  • Loan application evaluation
  • Loan approval and letter of commitment
  • Closing is scheduled
  • Closing is held, signing of documents and funding
    of loan
  • Disbursement of funds by lender
  • Seller is paid and the home title is transferred
    to you
  • Documents are recorded at the county office of

Financing Your Home
Documents Needed to Apply for a Mortgage
  • Two years of W2s and one month of pay stubs (if
    you are salaried)
  • Two years of tax returns and a Year-To-Date
    Profit and Loss Statement (if you are
  • Three months of bank statements for each bank,
    mutual fund, and/or investment account
  • A current statement from your stock, retirement,
    and/or 401K statement
  • If you own rental property, provide two years of
    tax returns and current rental agreements
  • A copy of your divorce decree if applicable
  • If you are not a citizen, provide a copy of the
    front and back of your green card
  • A copy of your Homeowners Insurance Declaration
    Page (for refinancing)

Finding Your Home
Finding Your Home
Property Search With our Free VIP Buyer Program
we will enter your search criteria into our
state-of-the-art computer system and identifying
all of the properties that match your needs. Your
criteria then checks every new home listed and
revised listings by any realtor and if it
matches will e-mail a flyer to you the same day
so that you see hot new listings price
reductions first giving you a competitive
edge. Property Showing You are in control
because you decide which listings you would like
See. I will show you the properties that you
decide meet the criteria you have
selected. Property Evaluation/Disclosure I will
give you my expert opinion and advice on each
property viewed and disclose any defects known to
me including any information that might affect
your purchase decision.
Company Overview
Factors Affecting the Price of a Home
Depending upon market conditions, it is the
starting point from which to negotiate the actual
price of a home. The actual market value is
determined by what a buyer is willing to pay.
The second most important factor in the buyers
mind is location. The proximity to area amenities
and schools is typically a concern. In addition,
street traffic, access to expressways and public
transportation are considerations.
The structural and mechanical integrity, as well
as the upkeep and cosmetic appeal of a property
affect a home price. Neutral d├ęcor, including
floor and wall coverings, appliances and
fixtures, offer the broadest appeal to buyers.
Company Overview
Factors Affecting the Price of a Home
Interest rates, competition from other
properties, the economy and consumer confidence
all influence the sale of a home. Each of these
factors plays an important role in the ultimate
purchase price of a home. An offer to purchase
must be tailored in response to market conditions.
The terms of a purchase can make or break the
contract. House sale contingencies, closing
dates, and inclusion of accessories or fixtures
should be handled clearly and up front in order
to avoid any confusion that could affect the
Finding a Home
Making the Offer
  • Offer Preparation
  • I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis in
    order to complete a written offer on the
    property you choose to purchase. In addition to
    the price we will determine the best terms and
    closing date that will work for you as well as
    review with you the sellers written disclosure
    statements, if available.
  • Offer Presentation
  • I will present your purchase offer to the seller
    or the listing associate. and diligently promote
    your interests

Finding a Home
Negotiation to Contract
I will discuss and review the best negotiation
strategy in order to acquire the property of your
choice. I will
  • Report to you promptly on counter-proposals or
    counter-offers and advise you on next steps,
    except when acting as a dual agent.
  • Advise you of all appropriate contract
    changes/additions for your final written
    execution of the contract

To protect your interests, and maintain the
strongest negotiating position you should not
discuss the following information with potential
sellers or other real estate agents
  • Reasons for purchasing a home
  • Urgency to purchase a home
  • Maximum funds available to purchase a home
  • Financing terms you would consider
  • Corporate relocation timeframes and benefits
  • Any personal confidential information

Finding a Home
Closing the Transaction
Prepare for the Closing Our closing coordinator
will track the progress of the sale and keep you
informed as to your needs and responsibilities
every step of the way. Final Walk-through I will
accompany you on your final property walk-through
prior to closing (if agreed to in the sale
contract) and assist you with solving any
problems that may be discovered. Closing the
Transaction Our closing coordinator will work
with you and all of the involved parties to
ensure that the required and appropriate
information is available facilitating a smooth
Team Members
Cindi Ross Huntington
Closing Coordinators Their responsibilities are
to make sure that everything is done properly in
order to insure a smooth closing once an offer
has been accepted. She works closely with the
buyer, their lender, the seller, and everyone in

Tina McDowell Ft Wayne
Finding a Home
You've Got Agents in 50 States
Whether its your home, vacation or investment
property, as a member of a network of more than
1,300 GMAC Real Estate offices and over 22,000
Sales Professionals, we are trained and committed
to work together to meet all your real estate
needs. I can connect you to another equally
qualified and dedicated GMAC Real Estate
Professional with local expertise and a proven
record of success and customer satisfaction.
It is all part of the Premier Service
philosophy. GMAC Real Estate Sales Associates
acting on your behalf as your Trusted Advisor,
Skilled Negotiator and Expert Facilitator.SM Whet
her its you or someone you know, consider me
your connection to a satisfying real estate
Lets Get To Work!
  • My Mission

To help you find the best house that fits your
needs in the time frame you select with the least
amount of stress and inconvenience as possible
Im ready to put Premier Service to work for
Brad Thompson E-Pro Realtor Broker
Additional Information
Checklist For Family Moving
  • And be Sure to
  • Plan for special care needs of infants and
  • Empty freezer, plan use of foods
  • Defrost freezer/refrigerator place charcoal
    inside to dispel odors
  • Have appliances serviced for moving
  • Clean rugs or clothing before moving have them
    wrapped for moving
  • With your mover, check insurance coverage,
    packing and unpacking labor, arrival day,
    various shipping papers, method and time of
    expected payment
  • And on Moving Day
  • Carry currency, jewelry, and documents yourself
    or use registered mail
  • Plan for transporting pets
  • Carry travelers checks for quick, available
  • Let close friends or relatives know route and
    schedule you will travel, including overnight
    stops use them as a message headquarters
  • Double-check closets, drawers, shelves to be sure
    they are empty
  • Leave all old keys needed by new tenant or owner
    with agent or Realtor

Additional Information
Checklist For Family Moving
  • Send Change of Address to
  • Post Office give forwarding address
  • Charge accounts, credit cards
  • Subscriptions notice requires several weeks
  • Relatives and friends
  • Dont Forget
  • Bank transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in
    new city
  • Insurance notify new location for coverage
    life, health, fire, auto
  • Automobile registration transfer of car title
    registration if necessary also drivers license,
    city windshield sticker, motor club membership
  • Utility companies gas, light, water, telephone,
    perhaps fuel get refund of deposits arrange for
    immediate service in new location
  • Route deliveries laundry, newspaper, milk,
    diapers changeover of services
  • School records ask for copies or transfer of
    childrens records
  • Medical, dental, prescription histories ask
    doctor and dentist for referrals, transfer needed
    prescriptions, eyeglasses, x-rays
  • Church, club, civic organizations transfer
    memberships, get letter of introduction
  • Pets ask about regulations for licenses,
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