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I Think Always


Think involves the processing and manipulation of information, often leading to ... opposes Christ (human philosophy, popery, denominationalism, worldliness, etc. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: I Think Always

I Think Always
  • Pro.237 You are what you think
  • Many passages require us to think
  • Know involves the possession of information
  • Learn involves the acquisition of information
  • Think involves the processing and manipulation of
    information, often leading to decision and choice

  • to give careful consideration to various
    implications of an issue to reflect on, to
    think about seriously, to think deeply about
  • Ac.86
  • to pay close attention to something . . . to
    consider carefully (L-N)

  • to think about something thoroughly and/or
    seriously to think seriously about, to
    ponder (L-N)
  • 1 Co.1311
  • to think about something in a detailed and
    logical manner (L-N)
  • Context thinking matures w. age. 1

2 Co.105
  • we take every thought captive and make it obey
    Christ (L-N)
  • Control every thought
  • Our thoughts are captivated by Christ
  • Excludes everything that opposes Christ (human
    philosophy, popery, denominationalism,
    worldliness, etc.)

  • 1 Co.13
  • Thinking like Christ
  • Let the mind of the Master be the master of your
  • Col.32
  • to keep on giving serious consideration to
    something to ponder, to let ones mind dwell
    on, to keep thinking about, to fix ones
    attention on (L-N)

II Think Accurately
  • Mt.94
  • Jews thought inaccurately about Jesus
  • Lk.1217
  • Rich man thought inaccurately about this world
  • Ro.121
  • Proud philosophers thought inaccurately about God

III Think Ahead
  • Ro.121-2, renew to cause something to become
    new and different, w. the implication of becoming
    superior (L-N)
  • 3, first result of new mind new way of thinking
  • New birth, new mind, new man the
    inward change produces outward change of emphasis

  • To think about something ahead of time
  • Implication respond appropriately
  • Ro.1314
  • Stop planning ahead so as to satisfy the desires
    of your sinful nature
  • Eccl.113
  • Ga.211-14

IV Think Another
  • The Corinthians had already been thinking about
    one another, but not in the way they should
  • 1 Co. 47, pride
  • 1 Co. 61, greed
  • 1 Co. 1121, selfishness
  • 1 Co. 1225, competition

1 Co.101-14, Pauls concerns
  • Primary concern effects of certain actions on
    the participants
  • Secondary concern effects of certain actions on
    other people
  • Think about unbelievers 1 Co.1027-30
  • Think about other believers 1 Co.8, one for
    whom Christ died
  • May be encouraged by our example to eat food as
    an offering to a false god

Its not simply what is right and wrong
  • Mt.1724-27, Peter, Jesus, and taxes.
  • Jesus would have been innocent in disregarding
    the tax
  • BUT He would not act in a way that might wrongly
    influence others
  • Mt.186-7, snare, stumbling-block, temptation

NT emphasizes this principle
  • Our actions affect others!
  • Ro.141-5, 21
  • Not just about days and meats
  • Issue not merely what is right or wrong, but
  • How will this action affect others?
  • 1 Co.1031, whatever you do
  • 1 Co.1033, in all things . . . saved

  • Watch your thoughts they become words
  • Watch your words they become actions
  • Watch your actions they become habits
  • Watch your habits they become character
  • Watch your character it becomes your destiny
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