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Campus Safety 101


The Security and Safety Department offers a wide variety of services to assist ... The first step in a successful security and safety program is public awareness. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Campus Safety 101

Campus Safety 101
  • Presented by
  • Patrick W. Gagnon
  • Director of Security Safety

Security and Safety Mission
  • The philosophy of the St. Lawrence University
    Security and Safety department is to provide a
    safe and secure environment for the entire
    University community. The Security and Safety
    Department offers a wide variety of services to
    assist students, staff and faculty members in
    their day to day living. All services are widely
    publicized. We asked that all students, staff,
    and faculty members familiarize themselves with
    the handbook and all the services provided by
    this department. The first step in a successful
    security and safety program is public awareness.

Department Overview
  • Our office is located at 76 Park Street
  • The Diana B. Torrey 82 Health and Counseling

  • Dispatch Center
  • 5 Security Safety Dispatchers staff our
    dispatch center 24/7/365
  • Our dispatchers monitor our emergency phone
    lines, fire alarm panels, access control alarms,
    blue phone activations, yellow call box
    activations, and surveillance video systems.
  • Information is passed by the dispatchers to the
    Security Safety Officers in the field by 2 way
    radio transmissions or cellular phone.

  • Other services provided by our dispatch center

  • Replacement of lost or damaged access control
  • Registration of motor vehicles or bicycles

  • Security Safety Officers
  • We have 8 Security Safety Officers that provide
    24/7/365 patrol and response services.
  • Our officers respond to violations of NYS Penal
    Law, Student Handbook violations, fire alarms,
    access control alarms, and intruder alarms.
  • Our officers conduct investigations and work
    closely with Canton Village Police, Canton Fire
    Rescue, St. Lawrence County Sheriffs Department,
    and New York State Police.

Security Officer Patrol Vehicles
Security Officer Bicycle Patrol
  • Technical Services Coordinator
  • Manages our card access control systems and
    surveillance camera systems
  • Manages our parking program
  • Manages our university vehicle use and training

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Manages the clerical operations of the
  • Serves as a liaison between administrators and
    the dispatch staff
  • Supports the role of the Technical Services
  • Serves as an advisor to our Student Safety Team

  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Manages transportation services program for the
  • Coordinates shuttle van transportation to
    airports, train stations, and bus stations
  • Coordinates break bus transportation reservations

  • Student Safety Team
  • Consists of 20 students dedicated to providing
    safety patrol assistance to the Security Safety
  • Patrols campus walkways, roadways, and campus
  • Provides Safe Walks as requested
  • Reports incidents to dispatch for officer
    response, maintenance response, or for
    documentation purposes
  • Performs non-emergency transports to Canton
    Potsdam Hospital and various doctors offices

Student Safety Patrol Vehicles
  • First Response Team
  • Consists of 20 students dedicated to providing
    emergency medical services
  • Performs patrols of campus walkways, roadways,
    and campus buildings
  • Reports incidents to dispatch for officer
    response, maintenance response, or for
    documentation purposes

First Response Team Vehicle
  • Assistant Director Deputy Chief
  • Supervises operations of the Security Safety
  • Provides support to the Administrative Assistant
    and Technical Services Coordinator
  • Conducts investigations
  • Coordinates security safety operations for
    university events

  • Assistant Director Supervision
  • Supervises officers and dispatchers during
    evening and weekend hours of operation
  • Conducts investigations as needed

  • Director Chief
  • Administration of all Security Safety
    Department operations and staff members
  • Serves on University Safety Committee, Campus
    Safety Advisory Board, Judicial Review Committee,
    Emergency Planning Committee, and Radiation
    Safety Committee
  • Coordinates services with local police, fire, and
    rescue department administrators

Clery Act
  • Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy
    and Campus Crime Statistics Act" (originally the
    Campus Security Act)
  • Colleges and Universities have a responsibility
    to provide
  • Policy disclosure, records collection and
    retention, and information dissemination.

Policy disclosure
  • Colleges/Universities must provide their campus
    community and the public with accurate statements
    of its current policies and practices regarding
  • Procedures for students and others to report
    criminal actions or other emergencies occurring
    on campus security of and access to campus
    facilities and campus law enforcement.

Policies and procedures for students and others
to report criminal actions or other emergencies
occurring on campus security of and access to
campus facilities and campus law enforcement can
be found at the following web link

Records collection and retention
  • Colleges/Universities are required to keep campus
    records and to request records from law
    enforcement agencies.
  • Colleges/Universities must keep records of crimes
    reported to campus security authorities.
  • Colleges/Universities must also make a reasonable
    good-faith effort to obtain certain crime
    statistics from appropriate law enforcement
    agencies to include in an annual security report
    and the web-based report to Department of ED.
  • If a College/University maintains a campus police
    or security office, you are required to keep a
    daily crime log that must be open to public

Information dissemination
  • Colleges/Universities are required to provide
    campus community members with information
    necessary to make informed decisions about their
    safety, and must disseminate information in
    several ways.
  • Colleges/Universities must
  • Provide a timely warning of any Clery Act crime
    that might represent an ongoing threat to the
    safety of students or employees
  • Provide access to your crime log during normal
    business hours
  • Publish an annual security report and distribute
    it to all current students and employees, and
    inform prospective students and employees about
    the content and availability of the report
  • Inform the campus community where to obtain
    information about registered sex offenders
  • Submit their institutions crime statistics to ED
    through a web-based data collection system.

New York StateSex Offender Registry
  • http//

Who is responsible to report
  • Campus police
  • Non-police security staff responsible for
    monitoring campus property
  • Individuals and offices designated by the campus
    security policies as those to whom crimes should
    be reported
  • Officials of the institution with significant
    responsibility for student and campus activities.

Crime Statistics
  • St. Lawrence University Crime Statistics and
    Crime Definitions are available on our website at
    the following web link
  • http//

Safe Walks
  • Security Safety provides safe walks from any
    university affiliated or owned property to
    another university affiliated or owned property.
  • Safe Walks consist of a personal escort by a
    Security Safety Officer or Student Safety Team
  • To request a safe walk at any time of the day or
    night, simply call 5555 from a campus phone or
    229-5555 from an outside line or cellular phone.

Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Physical
Violence, and Stalking
  • Incidents involving Sexual Assault, Relationship
    Violence, Physical Violence, or Stalking must be
    reported to Security Safety at 5555 or

Once an incident is reported
  • Our first commitment will be to the survivors
    safety. Once the safety of the survivor is
    confirmed, the survivor controls the process.
  • We will provide the survivor with any one or all
    of the following resources/services
  • Medical treatment
  • Advocate from our Advocate Program
  • Counselor from our Counseling Center
  • Community Outreach Programs (CAVA and Renewal
  • Law Enforcement
  • Safe room

Access Control System
  • St. Lawrence University has installed a card
    access control system, requiring our community
    members to pass their access cards to access most
    of our campus buildings.
  • The access control system also detects propped
    doors or forced entry and an alarm activates at
    both the door and at the dispatch center.

  • By passing ID cards within 3-4 inches of an
    electronic reader at the main doors of each
    building, our campus community members are able
    to  enter immediately.
  • Because the card holder must have access rights
    to that building or doors will not unlock, the
    main entrances of the residence halls have a
    yellow emergency phone. The emergency phones are
    equipped with a key pad to dial on campus phone
    number and a red panic button that dials Security
    Safety directly.

Card Components, Reader, and Yellow Call Box
Blue Phones/Yellow Call Boxes
Fines for the following Canton Village
  • Open Container
  • 1st Offense is 150
  • 2nd Offense is 200
  • 3rd Offense is 300
  • Public Urination
  • 1st Offense is 150
  • 2nd Offense is 200
  • 3rd Offense is 300

Cross Walk Safety
    like motorists, pedestrians are expected to
    follow certain rules of the road
  • Pedestrians are to use crosswalks to cross
  • Pedestrians are to use sidewalks whenever they
    are safely available.
  • When sidewalks are unavailable, pedestrians must
    walk facing traffic as far to the left as
  • Pedestrians must obey traffic signals and/or
    traffic officers.
  • At crosswalks where there isn't a traffic control
    signal or officer, pedestrians have the right of
  • If there aren't any crosswalks, signs or signals,
    the pedestrian must yield the right-of-way to all
  • Wear bright colored clothing or reflective
    materials when using crosswalks in low light
  • Before entering the crosswalk to cross the
    street, pedestrians must be certain that vehicles
    approaching the crosswalk from both directions
    have come to a complete stop.

Weapons Policy
  • Weapons Policy
  • The New York State Legislature adopted the
    following legislation regarding firearms on
  • Section 265.01(3) Any person who knowingly has
    in his possession a rifle, shotgun, or
  • firearm in or upon a building or the grounds,
    used for educational purposes, of any
  • school, college or university without the written
    authorization of such educational
  • institution, is guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor,
    and is guilty of a Class D Felony if he
  • has previously been convicted of any crime.
  • Section 265.06 It shall be unlawful for any
    person age sixteen or older to knowingly
  • possess any air-gun, spring gun, or other
    instrument or weapon in which the propelling
  • force is a spring, air, piston or CO2 cartridge
    in or upon a building or grounds, used for
  • educational purposes, of any school, college or
    university, without the written
  • authorization of such educational institution.
  • In accordance with this law, rifles, shotguns, BB
    guns, pellet guns, hunting bows, knives,
  • swords, martial arts weapons, sling shots and
    other weapons, as well as ammunition
  • associated with these weapons, are prohibited on
    campus. Unusual or special exceptions
  • are made only with the permission of the director
    of security and safety. Violations result
  • in referral to the Student Judiciary Board or
    Human Resources, confiscation and possible
  • loss of item in violation, and may be suspect to
    arrest in accordance with Section
  • 265.01(3) or Section 265.06 as described above.

Web Sites and Contact Information
  • Security Safety dial 5555 or 229-5555
  • Canton Village Police dial 911 0r 386-4561
  • Canton Potsdam Hospital dial 265-3300
  • Canton Rescue Squad dial 911 0r 5555
  • Advocates Program dial 229-5122
  • Health and Counseling Center dial 5391/5392 or

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