Your subconscious is sabotaging you

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Your subconscious is sabotaging you


Change your subconscious to achieve massive results in your life. - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Your subconscious is sabotaging you

How To Change Your Mindset To Achieve Anything
Your Subconscious
  • Success
  • For a long time I always wondered why I wasnt
    successful and why I always wanted to quit when I
    started to make head way, it was a massive
    problem for me as I know it is for a lot of other
    people running their own businesses, online or
    offline. You start to generate leads, the cogs
    are moving and you are finally starting to see
    results come your way.

  • Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful
    and will control you in ways you would never of
    thought, it can make you or break you. What our
    subconscious mind works with is the external
    environment that we live in, all of the outside
    influences etc, it then uses them to make
    assumptions about the world, it just doesnt know
    any different! If you feed it negative bullshit,
    it means you will be full of it! However if you
    focus on the positive things in life, you will be
    a much more optimistic and positive person.

Your Subconscious Sabotages You
  • The easiest example I can use are people that win
    the lottery. Many of those who do so, are very
    often broke within the next 5 years. Why is this?
    Well the fact of the matter is they were always
    used to being poor and in any case nowhere near
    as rich as they were before they had the money.
    This is what I refer to as your financial
    thermostat. To some people 1000 is a lot of
    money, to others it is back pocket change,
    depending on what kind of money you earn. If your
    mind thinks that you should earn no more than
    50,000 a year, because you have never earnt
    much more than that, your subconscious will do
    its utmost to bring you back down to that level
    of income, make sense?
  • The same goes for being successful, if you have
    always been unsuccessful and you then accept that
    as part of life, it requires a lot of time and
    paradigm shifts to get you to the point where you
    are able to convince your subconscious that you
    are already successful, making it possible to
    actually become so.

Change Your Subconscious
  • How Do I change That?
  • Well, it has been found through many studies,
    that through audio and kin aesthetic behavior, in
    other words speaking and writing, you can alter
    the way your subconscious thinks about the world
    and what you are doing.

Mind set changing exercise
  • I want you to create an image in your head of
    your ideal day. Exactly what your doing, how you
    feel, what you can see, smell and polish it up,
    make it such an awesome moment in time for you.
    You will need this to be along the lines of what
    you want to achieve so make it realistic and
    achievable, when you have it clear in your head,
    write it down in one paragraph.

  • If what you have chosen as your ideal day, is a
    far cry from where you are now (IE a 10/10 on the
    difficulty scale of achieving it), you are going
    to write it down 100 times. If it is only a 6 or
    less, say it out loud 100 times. You may begin to
    think that it is a waste of time doing this, it
    may become like this by the 30th time you have
    done it, but keep going, it is just your
    subconscious trying to interfere with what you
    are trying to instil.

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