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Lions and Leos, A Great Partnership


Graver was also an active member of the Glenside, Pennsylvania, Lions Club. ... As the world's first Leo Club, the group created the Leo acronym - Leadership, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lions and Leos, A Great Partnership

Lions and Leos,A Great Partnership!!!
Starting a Leo Club
Starting a Leo Club
  • Every 5M2 Club
  • Should Sponsor
  • a Leo Club!!!

First, a Little History
Coach Graver Started the Ball Rolling
  • Forty-eight years ago, Coach Jim Graver started
    the Leo ball rolling. Chances are, that ball was
    a baseball.
  • Back in 1957, Graver was the coach of the
    Abington High School, Pennsylvania, USA, baseball
    team. Graver was also an active member of the
    Glenside, Pennsylvania, Lions Club.

Coach Graver Started the Ball Rolling
  • With fellow Lion, William Ernst, Graver talked
    about starting a service club for high school
    boys. "The Kiwanians had their Key Clubs and the
    Rotarians had their Wheel Club (since changed to
    Interact Clubs)," Ernst is quoted as saying in an
    October 7, 1976 newspaper article in "The Evening
  • So they asked their fellow Lions for support.
    Without hesitation, the Glenside Lions agreed
    that a Lions youth group was a good idea. Graver
    and Ernst set to work.

Coach Graver Started the Ball Rolling
  • "We needed a nucleus, a group of kids to start
    with," stated Ernst. "So we got Jim's son to come
    to the first meeting with his whole baseball
    team." Nine sophomore, junior, and senior boys
    joined the group of 26 baseball players.
  • Together, the 35 teens formed a club. On December
    5, 1957, the Glenside Lions presented a charter
    to the Abington High School Leo Club.

Coach Graver Started the Ball Rolling
  • As the world's first Leo Club, the group created
    the Leo acronym - Leadership, Equality,
    Opportunity (Equality was later changed to
    Experience.) And, the group chose maroon and gold
    - their school colors - to serve as the Leo club

Leo Motto
  • Leadership - Leos develop skills as organizers,
    time managers, and motivators of their peers.
  • Experience - Leos learn the importance of
    cooperation through the performance of community
  • Opportunity - Membership in a Leo club provides
    young people with a chance to excel, to develop
    character traits, and to receive recognition for
    their contributions to the community.

Alpha or Omega?
  • In 2002, existing Leo Clubs declared themselves
    as either Alpha or Omega Leo Clubs.
  • Members of Alpha Leo Clubs are between the ages
    of 12 and the legal age of majority in their
  • Omega Leo Club members are between the legal age
    of majority in their country and an age deemed
    appropriate by the multiple district. All other
    requirements are identical for Alpha and Omega
    Leo Clubs.

Alpha or Omega?
  • All Leo clubs have been asked to declare their
    clubs as either Alpha or Omega Leo Clubs.
    Age-appropriate publications will be mailed to
    Alpha and Omega Leo Clubs.
  • Alpha Leo Club advisors will accept a more active
    role in guiding young Leos to plan effective
    meetings and successful service projects. Omega
    Leo Club advisors will serve mainly as liaisons
    between the Leo Club and the sponsoring Lions

Its Time to Meet the 5M2 Leos!!!
The Leo Clubs of 5M2
  • Central Leos
  • Cologne, Hamburg, Norwood-Young America
  • Northfield Leos
  • Northfield
  • Sibley East J.H.S and S.H.S. Leos
  • Arlington, Gaylord, and Green Isle

Leo Clubs of 5M2
The Sponsoring Clubs
  • Central Leos
  • Hamburg, Norwood-Young America, and West Carver
  • Lions Clubs
  • Northfield Leos
  • Northfield Lions
  • Sibley East J.H.S and S.H.S. Leos
  • Arlington, Green Isle, and Sibley East Arlington
  • Lions Clubs

The First Leo Club in 5M2
  • May 8, 1998
  • Sibley East Junior High School
  • Gaylord, MN

Test Your 5m2 Leo KnowledgeWhich are Alpha or
Omega Clubs?
All Alphas!!!
Which are School Based?
  • Central Leos
  • Sibley East J.H.S. Leos
  • Sibley East S.H.S. Leos

Suggestion for School Based Groups
  • Start in the middle or junior high school
  • As members hit high school, there is a nucleus to
    start a high school group.

Our Only Community Based Club
  • The Northfield Leos

5M2 Leos
  • Earn Money for Charity
  • Do Service Work
  • Assist Lions Clubs
  • Win Awards
  • Donate
  • Have Fun!!!

5M2 Leos Earn Money in Many Ways
  • As an example, the Sibley East J.H.S. Leos clean
    the Sibley County Fair for five days each August,
    earning enough to fund their projects, as well as
    serving their communities!!!

5M2 Leos We Serve
  • Leo Nick Barlage erases bar codes in preparation
    for Santas Helpers, a program which made
    Christmas possible for 675 needy children in his

5M2 Leos Assist Lions Clubs
  • Leos Brent Farber and Brent Sharping recently
    assisted the Arlington and Sibley East Lions in a
    waffle breakfast fundraiser for local Cub Scouts

5M2 Leos Win Awards
  • Leos Joe and James Maki receive the Lions Young
    Leaders in Service Award award from District
    Governor Meskans for contributing over 100 hours
    of community service in a single year!!!

5M2 Leos Give
  • 5M2 Leos have donated many things to their
    schools and communities, everything from large
    screen TVs to physical education equipment for
    the blind and they have fun doing it!!!

Are You Sold on Leos?
  • If you are, here are
  • the steps to get started

How a Lions Club Starts the Process of Forming a
Leo Club
  • 1. Request a Leo Club Organization Kit (Kit 830)
    from international headquarters.
  • 2. Arrange a meeting with Lions club members to
    explain the responsibilities of Leo club
    sponsors. Explain that every Leo club must have
    an advisor. This advisor must be a Lion who
    enjoys working with young people. School-based
    Leo clubs often require a teacher or school
    administrator to serve as co-advisor.
  • 3. Sponsoring a Leo club also involves a
    financial obligation. The Leo club organization
    fee is US100 or the national currency

How a Lions Club Starts the Process of Forming a
Leo Club
  • 4. Lions clubs are also responsible for the
    annual Leo club sponsor levy of US 90 or the
    national currency equivalent. The levy pays for
    Leo Club Program materials, mailings, club record
    maintenance, communications, awards, and Web site
    maintenance. The annual sponsor levy is prorated
    for clubs certified within the fiscal year.
  • 5. Appoint three or more Lions to serve on a Leo
    club committee

How a Lions Club Starts the Process of Forming a
Leo Club
  • 6. Determine if the new Leo Club will operate in
    conjunction with a local school, church, or other
    community group. Often, outside agencies require
    the appointment of their own club leader or
    advisor. This agency must agree to fulfill Leo
    Club Program responsibilities
  • 7. Obtain the names of potential Leos from
    schools, houses of worship, youth groups, and
    friends and relatives of Lions Club members

Organizing a new Leo club
  • 1. Announce the day and date for a Leo club
    formation meeting. Inform local young people
    about this meeting through notices sent to
    schools, religious youth groups, community
    programs, and the local media.
  • 2. Lions should be prepared to answer questions
    concerning requirements for Leo club membership,
    the relationship to the sponsoring Lions club,
    and activities undertaken by Leos.

Organizing a new Leo club
  • 3. Distribute the Application for Membership
    (Leo-50). Leo leaders can then submit a signed
    Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51) and the Leo
    club organization fee of US100, or national
    currency equivalent, to the Youth Programs
    Department at international headquarters. Only
    registered Leo clubs will receive a Leo club
    charter and Leo membership materials.

Organizing a new Leo club
  • 4. After review of the applications by Lions, the
    new Leos can vote to accept
  • the original members
  • the Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws (Leo-5)
  • club officers
  • a specified amount of money for member fees
  • a day, place, and time for club meetings

Charter Night
  • Together, the Leo Club officers and Lions on the
    Leo Advisory Committee plan the Leo installation
    ceremony as outlined in the Leo Club Officer
    Installation and New Member Initiation (Leo-8).
  • During the ceremony, the highest-ranking Lions
    official presents the Leo Certificate of
    Organization to the club officers. The Leo Club
    members also receive their new member kits during
    the ceremony.

Charter Night
  • Invitees to the ceremony should include
  • -Lions Club members
  • -parents and friends of the new Leo Club
  • members
  • -representatives of outside agencies such as
  • schools, religious youth groups, or community
  • -Lions and Leo district officers
  • -local media representatives

Leo/Lion Relationship
  • Every Leo Club is sponsored by a Lions Club.
    Sponsoring Lions Clubs maintain close rapport
    with Leo Clubs.
  • A Lion is appointed as a Leo Club advisor (or
    co-advisor). This Lion promotes communication
    between the two clubs. Through this club liaison,
    Lions and Leos often agree to work together on
    joint community service projects.

The Leo Advisor The Key to Success
  • Every Leo Club has a sponsoring Lions Club. A Leo
    club advisor is appointed to serve as liaison
    between the two clubs. The advisor is a member of
    the sponsoring Lions Club. School-based Leo clubs
    often require a teacher or school administrator
    to serve as co-advisor. The advisor(s), along
    with two other appointed Lions, form the Leo Club
    advisory committee.
  • The role of the advisor includes that of
    motivator, educator, counselor, and role model.

The Leo Advisor The Key to Success
  • All advisors are adults who help guide the Leos
    as a club. The qualities of a successful Leo Club
    advisor (according to Lion Tom Swann of
    California, USA) include
  • A - AvailableD - DependableV - VirtuousI -
    ImaginativeS - SupportiveO - OrganizedR

The Leo Advisor The Key to Success
  • The Leo Club advisor, and, occasionally, one or
    more members of the sponsoring Lions club, should
    attend Leo club and board of directors meeting.
    In addition, three representatives from both
    clubs should meet on a regular basis to review
    the actions of the Leo Club and its board of
    directors. If arranging this meeting is
    difficult, Leos can submit copies of the meeting
    minutes to the Lions Club for review.

Where can I find this information later?
  • Check the 5M2 website for this powerpoint
  • Or
  • Go to the International Website home page, then
    Youth Programs gt Leos. Its all there and more!

Best of luck on you endeavor.Your Leo advisors
are always available for advice.Dont hesitate
to call.
Need Help?Contact Leo Cabinet Advisor
  • Lion Dan Hislop, Advisor of the Sibley East
    J.H.S. Leo Club
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