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16 July 13 -Current Events | Current News | Entertainment News


16 July 13 - 4umf.com present Current Events, Current News, Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip, Business NewsFashion news from worldwide. Get Daily update according to Date. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 16 July 13 -Current Events | Current News | Entertainment News

4UMF Present
Today Headlines as on 16 July 2013
Current Events Current News Entertainment
News Celebrity Gossip
  • California Supreme Court Refuses Halt For Same
    Sex Marriage
  • Hit The Floor Gets Seond Season
  • Three Florida Cases
  • Chicago School Closings And The Joyce Foundation
    The Obama Connection
  • Feds Watchin How They Tune In When We Get Turnt
  • Knock, Knock- A Poem By Paradise Gray For Trayvon
  • Phil Ade Philluminati R.O.S.E.
  • Lil Wayne Tour Passport Part 6
  • Wells Fargo Donates 300 Million
  • Jay Z Explains His Beef With Timbaland

California Supreme Court Refuses Halt For Same
Sex Marriage
  • In a terse, one-sentence ruling Monday,
    the California Supreme Court refused to halt the
    same-sex marriages taking place in counties
    across the state.
  • Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that
    Protect Marriage, the group that sponsored
    Proposition 8 which eliminated marriage
    equality rights from the California Constitution
    had no standing to challenge U.S. District
    Court Judge Vaughn Williams ruling that the
    initiative violated the federal Constitutions
    equal protection clause. State officials,
    including governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and
    Jerry Brown and State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris
    had declined to defend the proposition in court.
  • Protect Marriage appealed to Californias high
    court, arguing that Williams ruling applied only
    to the two counties in which the plaintiffs who
    brought the federal suit against Prop. 8 reside.
    The group asked the court to halt same-sex unions
    in other parts of the state until its appeal is
    heard, which now appears will occur sometime next
  • On Monday, the court curtly declined to issue
    such a stay, ruling The request for an
    immediate stay or injunctive relief is denied.
    The justices gave no reason for their decision.
  • California Atty. Gen. Harris argued to that
    Protect Marriage is asking the states high court
    to unconstitutionally interfere with a federal
    court order.
  • In Washington, Chad Griffin, president of the
    Human Rights Campaign and organizer of the
    federal suit against Prop. 8, said Our opponents
    have failed in a desperate attempt to deny
    happiness and protections to lesbian and gay
    couples and their children and no amount of legal
    wrangling is going to undo that joy. Marriage
    equality has returned to the Golden State.

Hit The Floor Gets Seond Season
The cable network has renewed the scripted drama,
centered on a group of professional basketball
dancers, for a sophomore run, it was announced
Monday. According to VH1, Hit the Floor is the
highest-rated freshman scripted cable series
among the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49
demographic, where it averages a 1.2 rating. The
series draws an average of 1.9 million total
viewers. We always knew that Hit the Floor was a
strong project from the beginning and we are
thrilled that so many of our viewers agree with
us, said Jill Holmes, VH1s senior vp West
Coast production and development. With creator
James LaRosa at the helm, everyone in front of
and behind the camera has created a compelling,
addictive series with high-energy dance numbers,
and we cant wait to continue the storyline
thats made it the No. 1 cable show in its time
period among adults. Hit the Floor follows
fictional basketball team the Los Angeles Devils,
whose players share the fame, money, sex and
power with their dancers, the Devil Girls. Hit
the Floor stars Dean Cain, Kimberly Elise,
Charlotte Ross, Taylour Paige, Logan Browning,
Valery Ortiz, Katherine Bailess, Jonathan
McDaniel, McKinley Freeman, Rob Riley and Don
Three Florida Cases
Chicago School Closings And The Joyce Foundation
The Obama Connection
  • Chicago School Closings And The Joyce Foundation
    The Obama Connection by Steve Horn
  • The Windy City is is undergoing a tumultuous
    historical moment, with the uprising of the
    Chicago Teachers Union occurring alongside the
    ongoing restructuring and privatization of the
    Chicago Public Schools system.
  • Most recently, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel oversaw
    the closing of 50 public schools, many of which
    will be replaced by charter schools. A bulk of
    the 550 laid-off teachers will be replaced by
    Teach for America contractors, many of whom teach
    in charter schools.
  • Statewide enrollment in charter schools has
    surged from 6,152 students in 2000 to 54,054 this
    school year with most of them in Chicago
    according to the Illinois State Board of
    Education, an April Chicago Tribune editorial
    explained. The first charter school in Illinois
    opened in 1996. Now there are 132 campuses
    operating under 58 charters.
  • A thus-far underreported story of the retooling
    of CPS concerns a foundation close the epicenter
    of it all the Joyce Foundation.

Feds Watchin How They Tune In When We Get Turnt
  • Many people across the country are upset over the
    outcome of the George Zimmerman trial for the
    murder of Trayvon Martin. And rightly so. The
    trial was a miscarriage of so called justice if
    Ive ever seen one. However, the fact that we
    cant sleep on. is that for the past two weeks
    the whole hood has been on trial.
  • From the day that the George Zimmerman trial
    began, most of the focus of the media was not on
    the death of an innocent 17 year old Black kid,
    but on how Black folks in Sanford, Florida and
    hoods across America were gonna react if
    Zimmerman was found not guilty.
  • While people in this country claimed to be on a
    nightly verdict watch, in reality, they were on
    a 24/7 riot watch. What is interesting is that
    the tactics the Feds used to monitor black rage
    in Sanford were the same ones that they have,
    historically, used over and over again when they
    think that there is the possibility of urban
    unrest. The preemptive strike against the hood
    has gone on for decades.

Knock, Knock- A Poem By Paradise Gray For Trayvon
  • Knock knock, whos there?
  • George Zimmerman,
  • George Zimmerman who?
  • George Zimmerman who got away with murder!
  • Who was profiled for his skin color and the way
    he dressed?
  • Who Had the nerve to wear a hoodie in the rain no
  • Who was riding? Who was walking?
  • Who called what on who? Who was just on the phone
  • Who was scared?
  • Who was brave?
  • Who is the master?
  • Who was the slave?
  • Who is the man?
  • Who is the boy?
  • Who, plays with guns?
  • Who, plays with toys?
  • Who is privileged? Who is poor?
  • Who left the crib armed?
  • Who was just going to the store?

Phil Ade Philluminati R.O.S.E.
  • Phil Ade Philluminati R.O.S.E.
  • Check the video!

Lil Wayne Tour Passport Part 6
  • Check the video!

Wells Fargo Donates 300 Million
  • San Francisco based bank Wells Fargo beat
    seven-year winner Wal-Mart after giving over
    300million to charity.
  • The USs fourth largest bank jumped ahead of
    Wal-Mart in 2012 after they spent almost 50 per
    cent more than the year before, according to a
    new survey of 100 companies by the Chronicle of
  • Wells Fargo gave away 315.8 million in cash last
    year, increasing its giving to support a new
    program that provides down-payment assistance to
    home buyers in neighborhoods with high
    foreclosure rates.
  • The company donated 47.9 per cent more than they
    did in 2011, giving them the push they needed to
    jump ahead of big givers, Wall-Mart. Wal-Mart has
    led U.S. corporate giving for the last seven
    years. Their donations were down 9 per cent from
    2011 at 311.6 million.
  • This does not include the sum of money they have
    agreed to give to settle federal civil
    charges.They will pay 6.6million for charges
    saying that the bank failed to inform investors
    about the risks tied to mortgages it sold.

Jay Z Explains His Beef With Timbaland
  •  Jay Z Explains His Beef With Timbaland
  • Check the video!
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