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What does a Healthy Church and Healthy Church Member Look Like?


Week 5: What are the Important Marks of a Healthy Church? Important vs. Essential Drawing the Line Biblical Understanding of Conversion February 3, 2013 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What does a Healthy Church and Healthy Church Member Look Like?

What does a Healthy Church and Healthy Church
Member Look Like?
  • Week 5 What are the Important Marks of a Healthy
  • Important vs. Essential
  • Drawing the Line
  • Biblical Understanding of Conversion
  • February 3, 2013

Class Outline
  • What is a Healthy Church
  • Week 1 The Church (What is a Healthy Church
    Chap. 12)
  • Week 2 What is the Churchs Purpose and
  • What is a Healthy Church Chap. 34 and Article II
    from PBC Constitution
  • What are the Essential marks of a Healthy
  • Week 3 Essentials of a Healthy Church
  • What is a Healthy Church Chap 5, 6 7
  • Week 4 What the Church Believes
  • Article III PBC Statement of Faith
  • What are the Important marks of a Healthy
  • Week 5 A Biblical Understanding of Conversion
  • What is a Healthy Church Chap. 8,
  • Week 6 A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism
  • Week 7 Church Membership and Discipline Part 2.
  • What is a Healthy Church Chap. 10, 11 and 9Marks
    Church Membership book
  • Week 8 Biblical Discipleship and Church
  • What is a Healthy Church Chap. 12 13
  • What is a Healthy Church Member
  • Week 9 A Healthy Church Member is an
    Expositional Listener and Biblical Theologian.
  • What is a Healthy Church Member Chap. 1 2 and
    Listen Up booklet
  • Week 10 A Healthy Church Member is Gospel
    Saturated and Genuinely Converted.
  • What is a Healthy Church Member Chap. 3 4
  • Week 11 A Healthy Church Member is Biblical
    Evangelist and a Committed Member.
  • What is a Healthy Church Member Chap. 5 6
  • Week 12 A Healthy Church Member Seeks
    Discipline and is a Growing Disciple.
  • What is a Healthy Church Member Chap. 7 8
  • Week 13 A Healthy Church Member is a Humble
    Follower and a Prayer Warrior.
  • What is a Healthy Church Member Chap. 9 10

Essential vs. Important
  • Essential Marks of a Healthy Church
  • Expositional Preaching
  • Biblical Theology
  • Biblical Understanding of the Gospel
  • Important Marks
  • Biblical Understanding of Conversion
  • Biblical Understanding of Evangelism
  • Biblical Understanding of Membership
  • Biblical Church Discipline
  • Biblical Discipleship and Growth
  • Biblical Church Leadership
  • Why the distinction?

Sanctification in the churchs Life occurs slowly
over time. An issue with these marks May not be a
reason to Leave the church
The Church
The People
Where and How do we Draw the Line?
  • 1st Establish the essentials of the faith
  • Trustworthy Sayings (1 Tim. 115 31 4910 2
    Tim. 21113 Titus 348)
  • Creedal Formulas (1 Tim. 117 25 316
    61516 Titus 21115)
  • Doctrines associated with false teaching (1 Tim.
    1811 413 2 Tim. 218 Titus 116)
  • Beliefs explicitly linked to the gospel and sound
    teaching. (1 Tim. 1810 28 2 Tim. 31417)
  • God is glorious we are sinners and Jesus Christ
    is our Savior and God. Jesus Christ is the Son of
    God and God in the flesh He died and rose again
    He ascended into heaven He is coming again.
    Salvation is by sovereign grace, according to the
    converting power of the Holy Spirit, through
    faith, not according to our works. The Scriptures
    are wholly inspired and true. Jesus Christ saves
    us from sin, saves us for eternal life, and saves
    us unto holiness. Any gospel that denies these
    essentials or ignores them, marginalizes them,
    leads people to doubt them, or is ashamed of
    themis a different gospel.

Where and How do we Draw the Line?
  • 2nd Listen to the Communion of the Saints
  • If we love Scripture, we will learn from the
    traditions of the church.
  • 1 Timothy 315 (ESV) if I delay, you may know how
    one ought to behave in the household of God,
    which is the church of the living God, a pillar
    and buttress of the truth
  • Those who wrote the ancient creeds, such as the
    Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the
    Chalcedonian Definition, were not infallible, but
    these creeds have served as effective guardrails,
    keeping Gods people on the path of truth.
  • 3rd Distinguish between landing theology and
    launching theology
  • Some doctrines represent different conclusions
    reached from basically the same premises.
  • Other doctrines are starting points that set us
    on a wildly different trajectory.

Where and How do we Draw the Line?
  • 4th Distinguish between the explicit teaching of
    Scripture and the application of scriptural
  • The Bible clearly teaches that parents train
    their children in the way of the Lord. It is less
    clear about how to do that.
  • Different Christians may reach different
    conclusions based on good Christian principles.
  • 5th Distinguish between church existence and
    church health
  • Lose some doctrines and you no longer have a
    church. Lose other doctrines and your church is
    not everything it should be. The latter is still
    a problem worth correcting, but you can exercise
    more patience and gentleness in getting there.
  • 6th Avoid foolish controversies.
  • This is another common theme in the Pastoral
  • (1 Tim. 146 47 64, 20 2 Tim. 214, 16, 23
    44 Titus 114 39).

Where and How do we Draw the Line?
  • 7th Allow for areas of disagreement, especially
    regarding conversion baggage.
  • Paul is most flexible when it comes to the
    traditions of new converts. He is willing for
    Christians to be convinced in their own minds
    about certain days and foods
  • Romans 14 5 One person esteems one day as better
    than another, while another esteems all days
    alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his
    own mind.
  • Over, around, and in all these steps we must put
    on lovelove for God, love for neighbor, love for
    truth, and love for the church.

Important Mark 1 Biblical Conversion
  • Mark 1 15 The time is fulfilled, and the
    kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in
    the gospel.
  • In its simplest terms, conversion equals
    repentance and faith.
  • Repentance is the activity of reviewing one's
    actions and feeling contrition or regret for past
    wrongs. It involves a commitment to personal
    change and resolving to live a more responsible
    and humane life.
  • Faith Biblical faith isn't believing against the
    evidence. Instead, faith is a kind of knowing
    that results in action.

Conversion is Gods work in Us
  • Acts 11 16-18 And I remembered the word of the
    Lord, how He used to say, John baptized with
    water, but you will be baptized with the Holy
    Spirit. 17 Therefore if God gave to them the
    same gift as He gave to us also after believing
    in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could
    stand in Gods way? 18 When they heard this,
    they quieted down and glorified God, saying,
    Well then, God has granted to the Gentiles also
    the repentance that leads to life.
  • Ephesians 2 4-8 But God, being rich in mercy,
    because of His great love with which He loved us,
    5 even when we were dead in our transgressions,
    made us alive together with Christ (by grace you
    have been saved), 6 and raised us up with Him,
    and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in
    Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the ages to come He
    might show the surpassing riches of His grace in
    kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. 8 For by
    grace you have been saved through faith and
    cthat not of yourselves, it is the gift of God

Bad Fruit and Good Fruit
  • True conversion may or may not include an
    emotional experience, but it will be evidenced in
    its fruit.
  • Do lives give evidence of change?
  • Are members interested in waging war against sin,
    even if they stumble?
  • Do they show a new interest in enjoying
    fellowship with Christians?
  • Do they have new motives in spending time with
  • Do they respond to trials differently, do they
    see them less as somebody or something trying to
    get them and more like God working on them in
    their lives?

Membership Covenant
  • I believe that there is one and only one living
    and true God eternally existing in Three Persons
    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as revealed in
    Holy Scripture.
  • I believe that the books of the Old and New
    Testaments uniquely constitute Holy Scripture,
    which are without error as originally written the
    Word of God and reveal what we should believe and
    how we should live.
  • I acknowledge that I am a sinner by birth and
    practice, for which I justly deserve Gods
    condemnation and wrath. I believe that the Lord
    Jesus Christ died as a substitutionary sacrifice
    satisfying Gods just wrath on behalf of all
    those who call upon him as Lord and Savior and
    that He rose bodily from the dead for their
    justification and assurance of eternal life.
  • I have personally trusted the Lord Jesus Christ
    as my Lord and my Savior
  • I have read the constitution of this church, and
    I pledge, as a member of this church, to share in
    its public worship of God, to submit to its
    teachings and government, to serve the Lord
    through its ministries according to the gifts God
    has given me, to attend congregational business
    meetings, to support this church with financial
    offerings as the Lord enables, and to work for
    the well being and unity of the people of this

Membership Covenant continued
  • I desire to be in a relationship of mutual
    accountability with my brothers and sisters in
    Christ. I understand that if I persist in a
    pattern of unrepentant sin, this church may
    exercise church discipline for the purpose of
    restoring me to full fellowship with the body of
  • I pledge to diligently and personally pursue
    spiritual growth in the grace and knowledge of
    God and in that pursuit to use the opportunities
    that this church provides through the instruction
    of Gods Word, through fellowship, and through
    the celebration of the ordinances of the Church
    (baptism and the Lords Supper). I likewise
    pledge to raise the children that God places in
    my care in the faith of Christ and to diligently
    instruct Gods Word to them.
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