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Gel-Matic Soft Serve Ice-Cream machines Presented by the


Gel-Matic Soft Serve Ice-Cream machines Presented by the Asia/Pacific representative: Major s Group Contact number: +61 8 9249 1310 Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Gel-Matic Soft Serve Ice-Cream machines Presented by the

Gel-Matic Soft Serve Ice-Cream machines
  • Presented by the Asia/Pacific representative
  • Majors Group
  • Contact number 61 8 9249 1310
  • Website

Discussion points and comparisons to other
  • Design/Manufacture/Philosophy
  • Performance/ambient conditions
  • Overrun (product volumisation)
  • Power usage
  • Serviceability/Backup
  • Cleaning
  • Parts
  • Price

  • Gel-Matic have been making ONLY Soft Serve
    machines for nearly 40 years, choosing to strive
    to be the best in only one area. SOFT SERVE.
  • Commitment to customer service and the design of
    ITALIAN made machines and components.
  • Never compromise quality for price.
  • Constantly strive to improve the product
  • In parts of the world Gel-Matic are the ONLY
    player of substance.
  • The areas where Gel-Matic are strong all have one
    thing in common. They are HOT, HUMID, ARID and
    generally unkind to Soft Serve machines!
  • Gel-Matic tread where others fear to tread!

  • Only the finest Italian and European components,
    metals and compounds are used in the machines.
  • Completely manufactured in Italy.
  • Flexibility to manufacture special components to
    order and offer branding options.
  • Strict QC and meets all European standards of
    manufacture and components
  • No sharp corners, sleek aesthetic design.
  • Decals can be created to the customers design.

Performance/Ambient conditions
  • Gel-Matic are specifically designed to operate in
    hot and humid ambient conditions.
  • Global leader for machines especially designed
    for torrid conditions.
  • Especially designed and manufactured heat
    exchange units (condenser coils) enable the
    machines to be highly efficient in ambient
    temperatures over 35C and 100 humidity.
  • Compared to ALL other manufacturers, Gel-Matic is
    the only machine that has concentrated so much on
    the importance of heat exchange.
  • Heat exchange efficiency. The better the heat
    exchange, the better the machine works when
    ambient conditions are HOT and HUMID.
  • Each Gel-Matic model, when compared to others of
    similar size, offer more serves in succession and
    serves per hour.

Overrun/ Volumisation /Usages
  • Gel-Matic Gravity machines offer a consistent
    overrun from 40-50
  • Pump machines can offer up to 100 overrun,
    consistent and continuous.
  • Only Carpigiani can offer similar performance,
    Taylor can not.
  • Machines work competently with all products.
    Gelato, Soft Serve, Sorbet, Fruit based products,
  • Gel-Matic have especially designed freezer doors
    (faces) standard, which can accept a variety of
    exclusive attachments turning the machine into a
    high capacity piping bag, Spaghetti machine,
    decorating machine. Eliminating the need for the
    investment in huge continuous machines for single
    serve manufacture.

Power usage
  • Gel-Matic offer a VERY BIG point of difference
    (POD) in this market.
  • ALL machines (Except the HPC235 and JUMBO) are
    offered in SINGLE PHASE (50 or 60 HZ).
  • The use of especially designed for Gel-Matic
    single phase motors and the use of INVERTERS
    allow this huge POD.
  • Installation costs are minimized. Just "Plug and
    Play". (No 3phase issues)
  • Running costs (electricity use) are lowered
    dramatically and manifest themselves considerably
    over time.
  • Machines run as well on generators as mains
  • No issues with power fluctuations like machines
    that have mother boards or high tech electronics.

  • ALL of the Gel-Matic machines were designed FIRST
    with the service technician in mind. It must be
    easy to service and replace parts.
  • ALL components are easily accessible for the
    service person. Clearly marked and in positions
    where immediate rectification can be afforded.
  • ALL electrical and moving parts are EASILY
    changed quickly and efficiently.
  • This is a MASSIVE "POD" in the market. ALL other
    competitors machines are particularly difficult
    to maintain and service.
  • Other manufacturers rely on making more money
    after the initial sale from the service and
    backup, this is their secret!
  • GM are SPECIFICALLY designed so that a qualified
    electrician or refrigeration mechanic can easily
    rectify issues.
  • ALL schematics, plans, wiring diagrams,
    assistance, and technical data are available from
    Majors 24/7 and via a portal on the website.
  • Machines must be working for the customer to make
    money, they must not have to rely on factory
    trained technicians.
  • Majors and Gel-Matic are the only company that
    offer a full service kit at COST. By installing
    this kit every 22 months, the machine will
    survive its expected life of 15-20 years. A fully
    comprehensive service kit is provided.

  • The cleaning process is dramatically easier than
    the Taylor machines, this is especially
    demonstrated in PUMP machines.
  • Far Less parts to lose/disassemble
  • Impossible to re-assemble incorrectly
  • Quick hassle free cleaning program.

  • In order to comply with the Majors Group and
    Gel-Matic principle philosophy, of CUSTOMER
    SATISFACTION FIRST, parts are inexpensive if
    compared to ALL other competitors.
  • Other companies are in the business of continued
    massive margins on parts.
  • MG and Gel-Matic parts only carry a small
    handling fee, therefore are close to cost, this
    is a huge advantage moving forward as customers
    measure the on-going costs associated with
  • All parts are in stock and can be changed by
    technicians as per 8 above, easily and with
    limited fuss.

Price/Market difference
  • The philosophy of Majors Group in close
    conjunction with Gel-Matic is to bring the
    machines to market at prices more competitive
    than the only real player, Taylor.
  • Taylor have OWNED the Asia/Pacific region for 40
    years. as such, they are entrenched and able to
    ensure margins are maintained.
  • Taylor only offer a few models, and most are far
    too big for the customers requirements.
  • The C706 and the C712/713 are for the most parts
    far to big, too power hungry and too high in
    capacity for the general customer needs.
  • Majors/Gel-Matic present equipment that is
    slightly less in production capacity than these
    massive machines, but the price is reflective.
  • there is a HUGE gap in the market where the
    correct machine for the correct application is
    required. We facilitate this.
  • We also offer the massive performance machines if
    required, all at competitive and better prices
    than Taylor.

  • Thank you for your time.
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