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Venkatadri samam sthanam Brahmande nasthi Kinchana


TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS WELCOMES Delegates of 1st International Temple Summit Venkatadri samam sthanam Brahmande nasthi Kinchana Venkatesa samo Devo na bhuto ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Venkatadri samam sthanam Brahmande nasthi Kinchana

Delegates of 1st International Temple Summit
Venkatadri samam sthanam Brahmande nasthi Kinchana
Venkatesa samo Devo na bhuto na Bhavishyati
Significance of the Temple
  • Sri Venkateswara is Srimannarayana, Self Manifest
  • The Tirumala temple is located in Hill called
    seshachalam, 2980 Feet above sea level
  • Seven principal peaks in eastern ghats in
    Chittoor District- Seven Hills
  • The hill rages appear as hoods of AadiSesha
  • Hence, hill is called seshachalam- Thousand
    headed Aadi Shesha as per legend

History Administration of Temple
  • This temple was under control of several rulers
    of the country
  • Temple received stream of royal benefactions from
    1530AD to 1830AD as per inscriptions
  • After fall of kingdoms it fell into the hands of
    Nawab of Arcot
  • With advent of British, the management passed
    into the hands of East India company
  • Under Regulation VII of 1817 of Madras Government
    the management of the temple was carried through
    Board of Revenue through the Collector of North
    Arcot District

  • It was ruled as per rules in Bruce-Code A
    code for departmental instructions for
    maintenance of temple
  • As per Court of Directors 1814 the management was
    transferred to Sri Seva Dasji the then Mahanth
    through a Sanad dated 10-7-1843 till 1933
  • Presently the administration of the temple is
    carried as per Act 30/1987 of AP Charitable and
    Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowments
  • TTD Trust board is appointed by the Government of
    Andhra Pradesh consisting of a Chairman and 14

  • TTD- An Official custodian of hill temple of Lord
  • 40,000 Pilgrims on an average visit every day
  • 4 dozen departments,11000 strong work force just
    to tackle the special challenges thrown up by
    this throng worshippers-in Managing the temple
    complex, its choultries, guest houses, other
    shrines on/down hills, Public places, ghat roads,
    crowd control, prasadam making potu, Gods
    jewellery, donations, hundi collections, hair
    tonsuring, Queue complex and Pushkarani,
    Annadanam Complex, visits of VIPs, VVIPs,
    thousands and thousands of worshippers, Health,
    food,travel, securities, sanitation, drinking
    water and many other duties A mammoth task

  • Assisted By
  • Joint Executive Officer, Tirumala , IAS
  • Joint Executive Officer, Tirupati , IAS
  • Financial Advisor CAO , IAAS
  • Chief Vigilance Security Officer , IPS
  • Chief Engineer

Name of the Group All Groups
(Rs. In Crores)
Receipts 03-04 Payments 03-04 Receipts 04-05 Payments 04-05 Receipts 05-06 Payments 05-06
Temples 341.16 71.87 388.47 76.07 427.07 84.29
Pilgrims 70.51 55.32 78.06 66.44 83.10 76.02
Engineering 3.72 118.37 4.29 145.03 4.53 164.96
Gen. Admn 172.14 77.65 171.72 113.07 154.09 129.14
Education 6.10 21.58 6.59 24.07 7.07 26.26
Total 593.63 344.79 649.13 424.68 675.86 490.67
Free Services by TTD
  • Free Accommodation for Approx. 15000 Pilgrims in
    Choultries, PACs at Tirumala Tirupati
  • Free Transportation from Railway station to
    Alipiri and in Tirumala
  • Free Luggage transport from Alipiri to Tirumala
  • Free Meals to nearly 30,000 pilgrims every day at
  • Free tonsuring to nearly 10 to 15 thousand
  • Free locker facility at Tirumala Tirupati
  • Free distribution of srivari annaprasadam after
  • Free medical aid
  • Free distribution of Nitya Stotra publications
    like Suprabatham etc

  • TTD ensures that comfortable accommodation is
    provided to pilgrims at a reasonable cost. It has
    constructed over 6000 cottages, guest houses and
    choultries both at Tirupati and Tirumala.
  • TTD provides accommodation free of cost to
    pilgrims who cannot afford to pay for their stay
    in Tirupati and Tirumala. Further, to ease the
    demand for accommodation, TTD has built Pilgrim
    Amenities Complexes at both Tirupati and
    Tirumala, which provide dormitory-type
    accommodation with lockers, free of cost.

Accommodation at Tirupati
No of Guest Houses 8
Free 200 rooms
Paid 1012 rooms
Accommodation at Tirumala
  • The process of allotment of cottages to pilgrims
    at Tirumala has been computerised and is carried
    out from the Central Reception Office, Tirumala.
  • Advance Reservation
  • Current Booking
  • Free Paid

No of Guest Houses 35
Pilgrim Amenities Complex (PAC) With Lockers of 2400 Nos 3
Free 586 rooms
Paid 5165 rooms
Accommodation Availability at Tirumala
Accommodation No. Of Pilgrims can Accommodated
Free 586 Rooms 3 PACs 15000 36.75
Paid Rs 50 2278 rooms Rs100 2237 rooms 22575 55.29
Rs 150 to 2500 650 rooms 3250 07.96
Total5751 40825
Note 1015 Rooms ( 17.6) are provided for
advance reservations
Facilities provided along Foot Path
  • Shelters almost along the way for shade and for
  • Drinking water along the footpath and Toilets
  • Free transportation of luggage to Tirumala
  • Constant patrol by security forces
  • Relay of religious programmes through broad
    casting system
  • Round the clock medical assistance

Manual Q Management
  • Pilgrim waits in Q complex- A series of
    Inter-connected halls leading to main temple
  • Halls are clean, spacious, airy
  • Facilities in Q complex
  • Free food packet for free type of darshan
  • Canteen selling food packet at subsidized rates
  • Medical Aid, Toilets, Sale of photographs,
    calendars and other TTD publications
  • Closed Circuit Television, through which
    devotional programmes and music are relayed
  • Places for footwear deposit free of cost
  • Cloak room near the VQC entrance

S.No. Name of the Sevas/Utsavams No. of Persons Seva Time Days Amount for each Ticket In Rs. Advance Booking Made Upto
I Daily Sevas Daily Sevas Daily Sevas
1 Suprabhatham 1 3-00 AM Every day 120 20-02-2006
2 Thomala Seva 1 3-45 AM Except Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday 220 05-06-2007
3 Archana 1 4-45 AM Except Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday 220 12-03-2008
4 Archanananthara Darsanam 1 5-30 AM Except on Friday 200 26-04-2005
5 Kalyanotsavam 2 10-00 AM Every day 1000 10-06-2005
6 Arjitha Brahmotsavam 5 12-30 PM Every day 1000 15-04-2005
7 Dolotsavam (Unjal Seva) 5 3-00 PM Every day 1000 15-04-2005
8 Sahasra Deepalankara Seva 5 5-00 PM Every day 1000 15-04-2005
9 Vasanthotsavam 10 3-30 PM Every day 3000 15-04-2005
10 Ekantha Seva (Only Current Booking) 1 10-30 PM Every day 120 No Advance Booking
S.No. Name of the Sevas/Utsavams No. of Persons Seva Time Seva Time Days Amount for each Ticket In Rs. Advance Booking Made Upto Advance Booking Made Upto
II Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas Weekly Sevas
1 Visesha Pooja 5 8-30 AM 8-30 AM Monday 3000 4-4-2005 4-4-2005
2 Astadala pada Padmaradhanamu 2 7-30 AM 7-30 AM Tuesday 2500 21-03-2006 21-03-2006
3 Sahasra kalasabhishekam 6 7-30 AM 7-30 AM Wednesday 5000 14-01-2009 14-01-2009
4 Thiruppavada Seva 6 7-30 AM 7-30 AM Thursday 5000 24-08-2008 24-08-2008
5 Vasatralankara Seva 2 Wife Husband 4-00 AM 4-00 AM Friday 12250 02-05-2014 02-05-2014
6 Poorabhishekam 1 4-00 AM 4-00 AM Friday 750 08-1-2016 08-1-2016
7 Civet Vessel (Punugu Ginne) 1 4-00 AM 4-00 AM Friday 300 08-1-2016 08-1-2016
8 Musk Vessel (Kasturi Ginne) 1 4-00 AM 4-00 AM Friday 150 08-01-2016 08-01-2016
9 Nijapada Darsanam 1 5-30 AM 5-30 AM Friday 200 27-05-2005 27-05-2005
III Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas Periodical Sevas
1 Float Festival 5 7-00 PM Five days in a year Five days in a year 2500 2500 2006
2 Vasanthotsavam 10 2-00 PM Mar/APR Mar/APR 3000 3000 2006
3 Padmavathi Srinivasula Parinayam 5 4-30 PM May May 5000 5000 2006
4 Abhidheyaka Abhishekam 5 8-00 PM June June 2000 2000 2005
5 Pushpa Pallaki 5 7-30 PM July July 1000 1000 2005
6 Pavithrotsavam 2 9-00 AM August August 5000 5000 2008
7 Pushpa Yagam 5 9-00 AM November November 3500 3500 2006
8 Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam 10 11-00 AM Mar/Apr/July /Sep/Oct/Dec /Jan Mar/Apr/July /Sep/Oct/Dec /Jan 3000 3000
Technology shines at the Shrine e-Governance in
Some of Successful stories of implementing IT
enables Services (ITes) towards e-Governance in
TTD include
  • Accommodation Reservation Allotment System
  • Arjitha Seva Reservation System- e-Dwarapalaka
  • Sudarshanam- A barcoded wrist band and Biometrics
    based darshan booking system- Q Management
  • TTDs official web portal /
  • On-Line Booking Services through Web
  • Ticket Automatic Printing Accounting System
  • Tonsure Token Issuing System
  • On-line Toll Fee collection system
  • Centralized Payroll, pension monitoring system
  • Centralized electronic surveillance system

Matter of convenience Introduction of
  • Earlier Waiting time in compartments 10 to 15
  • Barcoded wrist band based sudarshnam 1999
  • Biometrics with digital photo May 2003
  • Biometrics based Sudarshanm implemented in 29
    centres in AP and other states including
    Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, pondicheri
  • Reduced waiting time at Temple Premises
  • Facilitated to plan in advance
  • Smooth and hassle free darshan
  • Official Web Portal Providing information to the
  • Introduced web based on-line booking services to
    enable pilgrims to reserve accommodation and seva
    tickets through internet using credit card/debit
  • Introduced web based service to enable the
    devotees to send their offering to the deity
    through the Net e-hundi

e-Darshan(On-Line Booking Services)
Operational from 33 centres across AP India
  • All district HQs in AP, TTDs Information Centres
    state capitals outside AP Phase-I 33 places
  • Adhering to single window
  • Centralized, Integrated database at Tirupati
  • On-Line, Central Quota
  • First Come First Serve Basis
  • Biometrics with Photo for Identity

Pilgrim centric services
  • Accommodation
  • Arjitha Sevas
  • Sudarshanam

Annadanam Prasadam
  • Annaprasadams preparation at potu
  • Modernization of potu
  • Introduction of Ghee tankers
  • Conveyor belt for Laddu tray lifting
  • Sugar syrup preparation

Annadanam Trust
  • Vegetarian meals is provided free of cost to
  • About 30,000 pilgrims avail this facility every
    day in Annadanam complex
  • Food inspectors constantly check quality of food
    supplied by all TTD canteens and private hotels
    at Tirumala

Health, Sanitation, Tonsuring Cleanliness
  • TTD takes measures to prevent spread of
    contagious diseases at Tirumala
  • Cleaning of rooms in choultries, cottages, guest
    houses, residential localities, quarters and all
  • Cleaning of pilgrim congregated areas
  • Desilting and cleaning of open drains and removal
    of any blockages in sewer pipelines
  • Special measures to control of rats/rodents
  • Anti Malarial Measures
  • Three sewage treatment plants
  • Privatization of House keeping, Sanitation
  • Use of Mobile Toilets
  • Collection and Transportation of garbage
  • Construction of plant for Bio-Conversion of solid
    waste into manure under process
  • Cleaning of public toilets and urinals 600 Nos
  • Maintaining cleanliness and application of
    sufficient disinfectants like bleaching power,
    Phenyl etc round the clock
  • Frequent inspection of food establishments,
    seizing the exposed food articles

Health, Sanitation, Tonsuring Cleanliness
  • Testing of drinking water
  • Cleaning of footpaths
  • Control of Mosquitoes, House flies, Bedbugs,
    cockroaches and other insects
  • Distribution of potable water

  • Over 600 barbers, operating in three batches
    round the clock, are available to perform tonsure
  • Tonsure done at free of cost at KKC
  • Antiseptics are mixed with water and applied to
    the head before tonsuring
  • Bathrooms, with geysers for hot water are
  • Biometrics based token issue system
  • Each pilgrim is provided a blade with token
  • Proposed to use hand gloves by the barbers for
  • Frequent medical check to the barbers
  • On an average 20,000 tonsure per day
  • Sale of Human hair 30 crores per year

Water Supply System
  • Average daily water demand 20 Lakhs Gallons

Water Sources
Name Full Storage Capacity in Lakh Gallons Present storage capacity in Lakh Gallons
Gogarbham dam (1963) 2894 2894
Papavinasanam dam (1983) 5240 5240
Akasaganga dam (2002) 685 685
  • Water is filtered and chlorinated to potable
  • Nearly 15 Lakh Gallons is being pumped from
    Srivari mettu to Tirumala

Quality Control
  • Separate Quality Testing facility
  • Quality control division in engineering
  • Testing Lab
  • For Food water Analysis
  • Analysis of food grains and spices
  • Analysis of srivari prasadams

Srivari Seva
  • According to the scriptures, Devine grace can be
    attained not only by worship of Lord Balaji but
    also by serving his devotees
  • A unique opportunity ,TTD provides for devotees
    to serve fellow pilgrims
  • An integral part of worship at Tirumala
  • It enlivens our spirit, prepares our bodies and
    souls to act according to the will of Supreme
  • Through Srivari Seva, devotees can volunteer
    their services in the following areas
  • Annadanam, Queue Lines,Kalyanakatta, Service to
  • Cloak rooms, parking areas, Free luggage centre,
  • Information centres, Srivari Temple

Vigilance Security
  • Right from the Alipiri tollgate vigilance
    security personnel are put
  • Security checks are posted along the paths
  • Technology utilization
  • CCTV system, Fire extinguishers, LPG storage,
    Solar energy for cooking and water heating, wind
    mills etc
  • Pollution checking equipments utilized
  • Computerised toll fee collection system is
  • Bullet proof door control system is under process

Social Services
TTD has taken many social service initiatives in
areas like education, medical treatment, and
rehabilitation of the physically challenged and
economically backward. It also provides aid to
authors and subsidised equipment to other
temples. Insurance to pilgrims in case of
accidents Medical Institutions Social Activities
Educational Activities Religious Activities
Publications Literary Research
  • Veda Patashala
  • Established in 1884 as Gurukula sytem , an
    extension to SVO college
  • To encourage and promote vedic studies
  • Rig Vedam, Yajurvedam, Suklayajurvedam,
    Samavedam,Pancharatra,Vaikhanasa, Saivagama,
    Smartham are taught
  • Sri Venkateswara Vedanta Vardhini Sanskrit
    college, Secbad
  • Taken over from council of a sanskrit education ,
    Hyderabad on 01-04-1964
  • Impart courses in sastras viz. vedanta, Nyaya,
    Vyakarana, Tarka, Sahitya, Meemasa, Alankara
  • Free education and boarding
  • Affiliated to Osmaia University
  • SV Oriental College
  • Established in 1884
  • Impart orientanl education
  • Awards oriental titles viz. Siromani in sahitya,
    Nyaya Vyakarana Vidwan/Sanskrit, Vidwan/Telugu,
    Pre-degree and BA degree in Telegu and Hindi
  • Hostel facility provided

  • Sri Venkateswara Institute of traditional
    sculpture and Architecture (SVITSA)
  • To Develop, encourage and propagate all
    activities associated with temples
  • The main area being traditional sculpture and
  • Imparting training in carving prathimas and
    construction of Vimanams
  • Imparting training free of cost in temple
    architecture, stone sculpture, Sudhai, wood
    carving, metal sculpture and traditional painting
  • Makes and supplies stone idols of various Gods
    and Goddesses to temples in need
  • Idols of Lord Venkateswara and Padmavathi upto 5
    Feet are supplied free of cost
  • Other Idols at a subsidy of 50
  • SV Music College
  • Established in 1959 to encourage Fine Arts
  • Has B.Music degree , Diploma in Sangeetha,
    Vadhya, Natya Visharadha courses, Harikata
    Visharadha, Sangeetha Vadhya Praveen
  • Has day and evening courses
  • No Tuition fee
  • Affiliated to SV University

Welfare Activities
  • SV Poor Home
  • For alleviating the people suffering from Leprosy
  • Patients admitted are
  • Infective cases, who require MDT (Multi Drug
  • Cases fit for reconstruction surgery and other
  • Cases of Tropic Ulcers
  • Who require physical rehabilitation
  • Bed strength 200
  • Out patients block for treating out-patients
  • In-patients provided with good accommodation,
    boarding and clothing
  • Entertainment through TVs, record player
  • As a rehabilitation the patients are trained in
    agriculture, occupational therapy like carpentry,
    weaving, shoe making, basket making and tailoring

Welfare Activities
  • SV Balamandir
  • Established in 1943
  • Cares for destitute and homeless children
  • The strength is 225
  • Provide food , shelter and basic education to
    enable them to stand on their own feet
  • Provide School uniform, un-uniform, blankets,
    towel, bed spread, pillow and weekly oil bath
  • Impart coaching in tailoring and gardening
  • During vacations they are sent to transport,
    workshop and limb centre for training

Welfare Activities
  • SV Karunadhamam
  • Established on 26.07.1991
  • To rehabilitate old neglected people and
    eradicate beggar menace
  • Bed strength 50
  • Served two meals and break fast. Sweet and
    savuory are served
  • Clothes provided twice in a year
  • Medical care given by TTD Central Hospital and
    Govt. Hospitals
  • TV and Tape recorder provided for entertainment
  • In the event of death, if there is no response
    from guardian, the funeral is conducted by the

Welfare Activities
  • SV School for deaf and dumb
  • Three institutions are run at Tirupati,
    Bhimavaram and warangal
  • At Tirupati started in 1984, in Bhimavaram on
    10-09-85, and at warangal on 02-10-86
  • Aim is to normalise , humanise, socialise the
    handicapped children and make them live as normal
  • Imparting training in book binding, tailoring
    and arts
  • Provided free hostel facility

Welfare Activities
  • Balaji Institute of Surgery, Rehabilitation
    Research for Disabled (BIRRD)
  • Started on 06-04-1985
  • Aim is to provide comprehensive free treatment
    and rehabilitation to poor and disabled,
    orthopaedically handicapped person from all over
    the country
  • Treatment offered by major, minor surgical
    procedures and medicines
  • Has IP OP , Bed strength 200
  • Out patients who come for physiotherapy and ALFC
    are provided free accommodation and food
  • Free Food is served to the inpatients and one
    attendant also
  • Financed by TTD as grant-in-aid and accept
  • Artificial Limb Fitting Centre (ALFC)
  • Started in 1981
  • Orthopedic appliances , Artificial limbs supplied
    on free of cost to the needy physically
    handicapped persons

Dharmic Activities
  • Dharma Prachara Parishad
  • Established in 1969
  • Propagation of sanathana dharma
  • Conducts periodical and special programmes to
    inculcate religious discipline and moral values
    and to instill faith in Hindu religion and its
  • Conducts Bhajanas, religious discourses,
    Harikathas, Kumkum puja, Sankeerthans, Purana
    Pravachana, Geetha Gnana Yagnam, Musical
    competitions on devotional songs and Bhaghavad
    Geetha, Drama and Upanyasams to achieve the
  • Epic study examination
  • School going children of 8th to 10th class are
    tested through an examination about their
    proficiency in Hindu epics
  • Prizes are awarded to rankers
  • Kumara Adhyapaka Scheme
  • Selected gurus teach veda to students under
    gurukula tradition on sambhavana basis
  • The disciples are also given stipend
  • They are called to SV Veda Parashala to their
  • On successful completion they are permitted to
    appear in veda sastra agama vidwat sadasu
  • Vedaparayanam Scheme
  • Veda pandits are given monthly sambhavana for
    rendering vedaparayanam service in temples of AP
    and other states
  • Veda pandits over 70 years age are given
    financial assistance for the service of veda
    pravachanam in their houses till their life time

Dharmic Activities
  • SV Central Library Research Centre
  • Registered as an autonomous society under
    registration of societies Act
  • To Create a sizeable collection of books mainly
    dealing with Indian Philosophy, culture,
    religion, mythology, rituals etc
  • Facilitates and promote research by scholar
  • Annamacharya Project
  • Aim is propagation of divine message of
    Annamacharya in which the Venkateswara cult is
  • Keertanas are taught to students and propagated
  • Printing Publishing of works of Annamayya
  • Conduct Saptagiri Sankeerthanas at several places
  • Conduct monthly programmes like music concert,
    Harikatha at various temples , institutions all
    over India

Dharmic Activities
  • AlwarDivyaprabandham Project
  • Aim is to propagate and carryout research and
    publish the nalayiara(4000) Divyaprabandham
  • Propagate messages of Alwars and other Acharya
    purushas of Vaishnava sect
  • Celebration of Tirunakshatram and Avatarotsavas
    of the Alwars
  • Dasasahitya Project
  • Aim is to propagate and popularise the philosophy
    and traditions of karnataka haridasas and their
  • Conduct cultural programmes and exhibitions ,
    musical programmes, Harikatha and discourses

Dharmic Activities
  • Bhagavatham Project
  • Aim is to bring a definite critical edition of
    Srimad Bhagavatham along with the three major
    commentaries for dwaita, Adwaita and
  • Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Dasavathara Jayanthi, Vyasa
    Poornima are conducted
  • SV Recording Project
  • Aim is to bring out pre-recorded audio/video
    cassettes , audio/Video CD etc of relevance to
    TTD programmes of daily rituals and other rituals
    at SriTT Tirumala, Annamayya compositions,
    selected portion from vedas and Brahmotsavams
  • Veda Pandits are selected to recite vedas for

Dharmic Activities
  • Veda Recording Project
  • Aim is to record the rescensions of four vedas
    from all over India
  • Rare sakhas are also selected for preservation
  • To record the Nalayiara Divyaprabandham composed
    by Alwars for preservation
  • To make available for research purpose

Service to man is service to God
Ultimate objective is to have a hassle free
darshan and take sweet memory of Lords darshan