AMA Marketing Effectiveness Online Seminar Series

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AMA Marketing Effectiveness Online Seminar Series


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Title: AMA Marketing Effectiveness Online Seminar Series

AMA Marketing EffectivenessOnline Seminar Series
Melissa Jazmines American Marketing Association
A wealth of information is available for
marketing professionals at www.MarketingPower.
com The 1 marketing site on the web
Commonly Asked Questions
  • 1. Will I be able to get copies of the slides
    after the event?
  • 2. Is this web seminar being taped so I or others
    can view it after the fact?
  • 3. Will I be able to ask questions of the

Commonly Asked Questions
  • 1. Will I be able to get copies of the slides
    after the event?
  • Yes!
  • 2. Is this web seminar being taped so I or others
    can view it after the fact?
  • Yes!
  • 3. Will I be able to ask questions of the
  • Yes
  • Questions that cannot be answered during the
    webcast will be answered by email by one or more
    of the experts. You may go to
    to submit your questions.

Industry Experts
Andrew Eklund, CEO, Ciceron, Inca web marketing
firm with breakthrough strategies for interactive
channels that provide unparalleled access to
markets and business intelligence Keith Harrison,
CEO, Compass Marketing a billion dollar
multi-national product development, marketing and
sales enterprise specializing in some of the
largest brands on the planet Adam G. Southam,
CEO, Reshare Corporationthe leading distribution
relationship management software company with the
only patented distribution channel management
solution Michael Paradis, CEO BenNevis a
business process, customer relationship
management and demand chain optimization company
The Problem
Brand control is at great risk in this global
Internet age where the lines of distribution
sometimes blur. Competitors and counterfeiters,
who are bent on market share, seize opportunity
where it exists and cause an alarming rate of
customer defection at the manufacturer,
distributor and retailer level. Pure-play
etailers and auction sites can foster brand
degradation. eCommerce can be the greatest weapon
against these insidious threats.
The Solution
Collaborative online/offline sales
marketing Bringing the offline world
online Enhancing Brand Equity Decreasing Customer
Defections Diminishing Channel Conflict
Andrew Eklund, CEO, Ciceron, Inc
The increased value and authenticity of
psychographic and demographic data derived from
eCommerce and how it can be used in marketing
programs and product development.
  • When behavioral profiles and traditional
    demographics dont line up
  • Impact of false positives and other mushy
  • Developing flexible marketing programs that can
    accommodate instant research data
  • Applying online geo-targeting metrics to offline
    media planning
  • Recognizing eCommerce behavioral patterns between
    product research, try-before-you-buy, and the
    ultimate purchase

Marketing Intelligence
Keith Harrison, CEO, Compass Marketing
The future of distribution lies in Value-added
distribution being invaluable to all channel
partners. Importance of creating and maintaining
a cohesive brand experience from pre-purchase,
through purchase, and to post-purchase. 
  • Consumer-demand, retail-back approach
  • Focused on delivering a superior shopping
  • Merchant directed to respond seamlessly at low
  • Execute to do what we say we'll do

Value-added Distribution
Adam Southam, CEO, Reshare Corporation
Enabling online sales across entire the
distribution channel, mitigating channel
conflict motivating remunerating channel
  • Increasing importance of online sales
  • What value added distribution means
  • Barriers to online sales for channel-
    dependent companies
  • Mitigating channel conflict
  • Inspiring channel cooperation
  • Rewarding channel partners

Distribution Relationship Management
Michael Paradis, CEO BenNevis
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of
the most powerful business strategies used by
companies today. The more an organization knows
about its customers and the closer the
relationships it can forge with them, the better
it can serve their needs and the more it can
sell. The most important part of Customer
Relationship Management is customer-focus.
Customer Relationship Management
  • Interdependent solutions for sales marketing
  • Practical solutions
  • Opportunity at the moment of truth
  • Meeting customers at every touch point (including
    online sales)


Additional Resources
National Association of Manufacturers
National Association of Wholesale American Marketing
Association Council of
Chief Marketing Officers
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