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Learn Spanish in Spain | Spanish Courses in Spain | Spanish language Schools


Learn Spanish in Spain: Alhambra Instituto is a Spanish language school in the nicest area of Malaga city, founded in 1980. We offer best quality Spanish courses in Spain. Accommodation & cultural activities, learn Spanish in Spain! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Learn Spanish in Spain | Spanish Courses in Spain | Spanish language Schools

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If you are looking for the ideal Spanish
Language Course in Spain, then look no further.
The Alhambra Instituto International of Spanish,
with a wealth of experience offers a warm and
friendly personal teaching environment. Alhambra
Instituto International has been established
since 1980 and is located in southern Spain
making it the perfect location for study with
convenient access to most of the main cities of
Andalucia including Sevilla and Granada. Our
Clients choose from a popular number of learning
options which include intensive, superintensive
and one to one courses as well as specialized
classes. These are conducted and delivered in a
supportive, welcoming and professional atmosphere
designed to provide our students with a rewarding
experience during their stay in
Malaga. Bienvenidos a España, bienvenidos a
Joaquín Chacón
Mucha suerte!
Why Study Spanish?
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the
world about 340 million people speak Spa- nish
as a mother tongue.
Actually there are more than 30 million Spanish
speakers in the USA.
Spain is the second most visited country in the
world. The ability to speak Spanish enlarges the
opportunity to enjoy everything that our country
has to offer. Why in Spain?
Because the easiest place to learn a foreign
language is in its country of origin! In Spain
you will always live the Spanish language
throughout your visit, you will participate in a
lot of activi- ties and you will have many
opportunities to practice what you have learned
in class. You will be surprised by how quickly
you will make progress and, furthermore, you will
better appreciate the way of life in Spain.
Why with Alhambra Instituto?
THE LONG EXPERIENCE Established in 1980 we are
exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish in
Spain and have become the leading specialist in
this field.
THE PROVED HIGH QUALITY The excellent quality of
our teaching staff is well-known.
courses are available from beginners to
advanced level (6 levels), with a maximum of 10
students per class (average 6). Each lesson lasts
55 minutes. STUDENT CARE Our student come at
first place! Each school offers a consulting
service and individual as- sessment of each
students needs. Everything is done to make our
students feel at home.
TIME-OFF GUARANTEE The option to take time off
and then come back and continue the course
without incu- rring extra charges.
GUIDED EXCURSIONS and Cultural activities are
always accompanied by teachers.
The best in learning The best in learning and the
best in leisure The best country in which to
learn correct Spanish is Spain and one of the
best schools in Spain is Alhambra Instituto.
We know that a successful language course does
not just mean excellent teaching. Good
accommodation and a well-designed leisure
programme are both equally important. Over 30
years of experience and development have enabled
us to create a well-balanced learning programme
for you. We have built a world-wide reputation
for excellence in teaching, accommodation and
leisure (since 1980). Excellence in learning
Alhambra Instituto has a first-class record of
academic achievement. Excellence in
accommodation our families are all personally
known to us, and only those who meet our
extremely high standards. Excellence in
leisure we have well-designed and comprehensive
programme of activities and excursions.
Málaga enjoys a subtropical climate. Here are the
warmest winters in Europe, with avera- ge
temperatures above 17.2 C (63.0 F) during the
day in the period December to February. The
summers season lasts about 8 months, from April
Malaga is a city with a welcoming, Mediterranean
spirit and an artistic, cultural and historical
heritage that enthrals visitors from all over
the world. Situated on the Sud Medite- rranean
coast, the city enjoys mild temperatures the
whole year round.
November. Malaga is the southernmost large
city in Europe. It lies on the Costa del
Sol (Coast of the Sun) of the Mediterra- nean
Sea, about 100 km beaches.
Alhambra Instituto Alhambra Instituto opened its
first school in Málaga in 1980. It is one of the
greatest centres specialised in Spanish as
foreign language. All our teachers are native
Spanish and have a Univer- sity Degree with many
years of experience. Numer- ous institutions and
teachers abroad recommed our schools to their
Courses start every monday throughout the year
(we only close 2 weeks in Christmas). Our
students come from more than many
different countries. At Alhambras schools you
will learn more about them and their
culture. After 28 years of intensive work, our
School is in- ternationally known. Our committed
team consists of highly qualified native teachers
who refer to our extensive experience.
Learn to communicate effectively and more
fluently in eve- ryday Spanish on these lively,
international courses for adults of all ages. We
offer you original texts which are
devised exclusively for your course and youll
have the chance to benefit from the new
technology for teaching languages which are in
place at the school. Of course, our teaching
methods include audiovisual and Superlearning
tech- niques.
The best way to learn Spanish Learn how to
communicate in Spanish clearly and effectively
and more confidently in everyday situations
attending one of our Spanish Courses. Intensive,
Specialized or part time courses for stu- dents
of all ages. Your classmates are
students, graduates and working people drawn
from over 30 countries (during summer). The
course develops all your practical
communi- cation skills, with special emphasis on
speaking, pronunciation and listening. By
learning and prac- tising new language in
imaginative and structured lessons, you achieve
greater fluency in everyday Spanish. This
includes grammar, vocabulary, col- loquial
Students Services - Wifi in the school and
terraces. Free Internet access in all our
schools. - Whenever there are 2 holidays in a
week we shall make up for one of them. - The
first day, students receive a Alhambra folder
with the book, a map and practical information
of the city. - The school offers a consulting
service and individual assesment of each
students needs. - Cultural Activities, trips,
sports, paella, flamenco and salsa
lessons,parties - Mail box for letters and
mail. - Last minute bookings are accepted - Video
service, you can borrow films. - Library service,
you can borrow books. - We offer pick up services
from airport and railway station. - Free receipt
of faxes and the possibility to send them. - A
certificate is given to every student who
attends our courses.
The Spanish language courses
5 Mini-Seminars
Intensive Course 20
Super - Intensive 30
Intensive Combi 20 plus 5 Superintensive Combi 30
plus 5
Course consists of 30 lessons each week. It is
designed for those who want to rapidly improve
their Spanish. Classes are small with 6-10
partici-pants per group. The course duration is 1
week mini- mum. The level of Spanish spoken in
class is adjusted to suit the le- vels and needs
of the students. You have 2 hour daily more
conversation and practice than in the Intensive
Course 20. The other caracteristics see
the Intensive Course on the left. Also you have
the option to combine with an Individual Spanish
lesson daily
l 5 lessons Individual tuition l 20 classes in
Group per week lComplementary Cultural and Social
Activities program l Course suitable for all
levels from beginner to advanced lFlexible start
dates - students can start on any Monday l
Flexible course duration 1 to 28 weeks l
Minimum age 16 l Option to combine with an
Individual Spanish lesson daily. l End of course
certificate l Daily homework
Course consists of 30 lessons in Group per week
and 5 lessons ndividual One to One per week. It
is designed for those who want to rapidly improve
their Spanish. Classes are small with
6-10 partici-pants per group. The course duration
is 1 week minimum. The level of Spanish spoken in
class is adjusted to suit the le-vels and needs
of the students. The other caracteristics see the
Intensive and SuperIntensive Course on the left.
l Small groups maximum 10, average 4-6 l 20
classes per week lComplementary Cultural and
Social Activities program l Course suitable for
all levels from beginner to advanced lFlexible
start dates - students can start on any Monday l
Flexible course duration 1 to 28 weeks l
Minimum age 16 l Option to combine with an
Indi- vidual Spanish lesson daily. l End of
course certificate
We offer many diffe- rent options for
closed groups (with or wi-
l Daily homework
thout their teachers) and special Spanish courses
for groups of students.
Spanish language courses II
5 Mini-Seminars
DELE preparation
Individual Course 10-40
Spanish for Business
Individual Spanish Cour-ses are completely
tailor-made Spanish programmes, in which your
teacher will work closely with you to identify
your needs and objectives. This One-to-One
programme is aimed at those who want to rapidly
improve their general Spanish and who want to
study specific areas of interest such as
marketing, finance, law and sales. Also is
suitable for a family or a group of 2 3
people. We can help you to prepare for business
presentations, negotia- tions or meetings
This course is designed for people who already
speak and understand Spanish. The goal is to
learn how to structure your speech correctly, how
to define concepts and how to speak and write
properly in the Spanish business world.
General business correspondence, nego- tiations,
discussion of commercial topics, dialogues in
business situ- ations, how to set up a business
in Spain, commercial law. This course is ideal
for those who wish to work in any branch of
business in Spain or Latin America, such as
people working in banking, insurance and the
import/export sector. l 10 lessons Individual
tuition l 20 classes in Group per week
Alhambra Instituto Internacional offers an
intensive 2 to 4 week preparation course to
obtain this internationally recognized
diploma offered by the Spanish Ministry
of Education and Science. The exam is offered at
three levels inicial, básico and superior. To
obtain the inicial diploma, students require at
least a pre- intermediate level, for the
basico diploma, an intermediate level and for
the superior an advanced or superior level to
begin the course. l 5 lessons Individual
DELE tuition l 20 classes in Group per week
Summer Course
Our Summer Course is a holiday course with a
maximum of 10 stu- dents per group. We combine
clas- ses with a large variety of
outdoor activities. Summer Courses at
the Al-hambra Institituto Internacional are
really something special! l 15 lessons Semi-Inten
sive Course These Spanish courses are desig- ned
for those who want to start or continue studying
Spanish while ta- king advantage of the
considerable amount of free time left over
to participate in the citys social life. l 1o or
15 lessons per week.
Activities and Excursions
Accommodation in Spain
Alhambra Instituto includes a dynamic,
interesting and fun leisure program that is
complementary to the process of learning the
Spa- nish language. All activities are directed
towards socialising in a learning environment and
increasing the student's knowledge of Spanish
Culture. This way you will learn the language
more effectively and also discover foreign
customs and culture. You will gain a better
understanding of the Spanish culture and way of
life of the Spain. Always you will find
something to complement the Spanish lessons and
those experiences will transform a simple
language course into an unforgettable
experience. There is no doubt that with Alhambra
Instituto you are choosing one of the best
Spanish pro- grammes offered in Spain! Activities
in the school l Welcome/ Farewell Party l
Flamenco / Salsa lessons (opt.) l Cinema in the
school l Paella lesson/party l Spanish songs
lessons Activities out of the school l Visit
Museums and monuments l Tapas excursion... (more
info in our Web) Excursions to other cities l
Excursion to Sevilla l Excursion to Granada l
Excursion to Cordoba
Apartments, flats Appartments the possibility
to live in shared furnished apartment, in
individual rooms (or double if you come with two
friends). The minimum reserve in apartments is 2
weeks. All the participants of our courses can
reserve an apartment from the school or search by
themselves another type of accomodation. Thus
you shared your life with 3, 4 or 5 people of the
Institute. You have in common a living room
where you can meet or watch television, a kitchen
to prepare your meals and one or more bathroom.
That means that you will ive with people of
different nationality and that you will endeavour
to speak Spanish.
Spanish Family Immerse yourself in the
Spanish language and culture by having us arrange
your accommodations with a host family. Almost
80 students choose to live with a host family
during the first weeks of their program. Staying
with a host family is an important and rewarding
part of the students learning process. The
students receive their own house key and are only
required to bring their own towels. Students can
choose half-board or full-board, as accommodation
in a single or a double room. If there is more
than one student with a family we will look for
an international room- mate in order to encourage
the use of Spanish 24 hours a day. To select the
type of accommodation that suits you best or to
inform us of any special (nutritional) needs,
you can indicate your preference on the bottom of
the registration form
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