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The Great Depression


The Depression. The Wall Street stock-market crash of 1929 precipitated the Great Depression, ... Herbert Hoover held office when the Great Depression began. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Great Depression

The Great Depression
The Depression
  • The Wall Street stock-market crash of 1929
    precipitated the Great Depression,
    ___________________________ ______________________
    __________. The depression had devastating
    effects on the country. Many banks couldn't
    continue to operate. Farmers fell into
    bankruptcy. A quarter of the working force, or
    _______ __________________________________________
    , and this was only the beginning. The depression
    lasted over a decade, with hundreds of thousands
    of Americans losing their jobs, businesses
    failing, and financial institutions collapsing.

How it happened
  • Firms cut back their plans for further purchase
    of producer durable goods (materials) firms
    making producer durables cut back production
    out-of-work ______________________________________
    ___), and firms making consumer durables faced
    falling demand as well.

Work cycle in U.S.
  • Workers were idle because firms would not hire
    them to work their machines firms would not hire
    workers to work machines because they saw no
    market for goods and ____________________________
    ______________ ___________________________________

In a nut shell.
  • The Depression became a worldwide business slump
    of the 1930's that affected almost all nations
    ____________________________. Some nations
    changed their leader and their type of
    government. In Germany, poor economic conditions
    led to the rise to power of the dictator Adolf
    Hitler. The Japanese invaded China, developing
    industries and mines in Manchuria. Japan claimed
    this economic growth would relieve the
    depression. This militarism of the Germans and
    Japanese eventually led to World War II

In a nut shell
  • In the United States, President Herbert Hoover
    held office when the Great Depression began. The
    economy continued to slump almost every month.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in
    1932. Roosevelt's ____________________ gave the
    government more power and helped ease the
    depression. ______________________________
    _________________. This increased production
    provided jobs and put large amounts of money back
    into circulation.

Why did the world experience depression in the
  • Causes of worldwide depression
  • ___________________________
  • Expansion of production capacities and dominance
    of the United Sates in the global economy
  • High protective tariffs
  • ______________________________
  • Stock Market Crash (1929)

What political changes resulted from the
worldwide depression?
  • Impact of world depression
  • _____________________________________________
  • Bank failures and collapse of credit
  • __________________________________________
  • Nazi Partys growing importance in Germany Nazi
    Partys blame of European Jews for economic

Key Terms
  • Stock Market
  • Black Thursday
  • Welfare and Public Works
  • Franklin D. RooseveltNew Deal

Essential Understanding
  • A period of uneven prosperity in the decade
    following World War I (1920s) was followed by
    worldwide depression in the 1930s. Depression
    weakened Western democracies, making it difficult
    for them to challenge the threat of
  • Totalitarianism _________________________________
    ______ ___________________________________________
    __________________________________________. This
    govt seeks to control all economic and political
    matters, the attitudes, values, and beliefs of
    its population, erasing the distinction between
    state and society. The citizens duty to the
    state becomes the primary concern of the
    community, and the goal of the state is the
    replacement of existing society with a perfect
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