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NCMM Summit Rendezvous 08 Meeting Retrospective


Be the second wave not first and not last. Trust in God for the long term. ... The best ideas are in years 7 9. 2. Tuesday, November 11th (PM) Ministry Updates: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: NCMM Summit Rendezvous 08 Meeting Retrospective

NCMM SummitRendezvous 08 Meeting Retrospective
  • November 11 13th 2008
  • Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday, November 11th (PM)
  • Dinner and Fellowship
  • Welcoming comments from David Delk
  • History of NCMM
  • We can do more together
  • Worship by Tim Lemmens
  • Comments from Bethel University Vice President
    Ralph Gustafson
  • Leary Gates welcome message
  • Area pastors and leaders will be attending on
    Wednesday morning
  • We need each other
  • Plenary Session with Dr. Leith Anderson
  • Leading men Battle of Gettysburg
  • Challenges of leadership
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Figure out what you need to doand do it!

Tuesday, November 11th (PM)
  • Ministry Updates
  • Don Patterson CSB Ministries
  • Dave Brown WACCM (Washington, D.C.)
  • Bill Moyer National Fellowship of Catholic Men
  • John Bishop Living by Design
  • Rick Lindsay Encourage Men to Pray
  • Rod Handley Character that Counts
  • Chris Van Brocklin Men with a Purpose
  • Jeff Abramovitz Family Life/Campus Crusades for
  • Larry DApice Iron Sharpens Iron
  • John Mentus Men of Hope (Rhode Island)
  • Art Remington Men at the Cross
  • Bill Terry IPHC Mens Ministry
  • Mike Young Noble Warriors
  • Small group exercise What one thing can NCMM do
    to make your ministry more effective? What one
    thing can you do to make NCMM more effective?
    (See slide 11)
  • Draft Ministry Plan (handout)

Wednesday, November 12th (AM)
  • Leary Gates BoldPath Life Strategies
  • 6th annual summit for pastors and leaders in
  • Live courageously assessment of mens
    ministry via survey
  • Ralph Gustafson Bethel University
  • Welcome to local area pastors and ministry
  • Session 1 Dr. Patrick Morley discusses his
    newest book, Pastoring Men
  • What do men want? What do men need?
  • Men are looking for your to lead them. Pastors
    have a huge influence.
  • The Great Commission Go and make disciples of
  • Why are we here? Evangelism without discipleship
    is cruel.
  • How are men doing? What do men want? Cause.
    Companion. Conviction.
  • Most men think that money will solve their
    problems and that success will make them happy.
    Also that they can have the best of both
  • What keeps men from getting what they want? What
    do men need?
  • Session 2 Dr. Patrick Morley on The Senior
    Pastor is Key to Everything
  • Three main findings/success factors Vision.
    Determination. Sustainable strategy.
  • Small group breakout/discussion.

Wednesday, November 12th (PM)
  • Session 3 Dr. Patrick Morley discusses the No
    Man Left Behind model
  • Portal priority
  • Man code
  • Three strands of leadership
  • Wide/Deep continuum
  • Hurting men
  • The Engine
  • Create Value/Capture Momentum and Sustain Change
  • Next steps Read Pastoring Men. Access for resources.
  • NCMM session begins David Delk There is no
    them. WE are it. It is up to us.
  • Small group discussion Whats next for NCMM and
    Christian mens movement?
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • NCMM to denominational heads to broaden mens
    ministry applications
  • A safe place for ministers to be ministered to.
  • Move to fully funded position to work expansion
    of NCMM
  • Men at NCMM love it so much and want to hold on
    to it be careful not to squeeze it to death
  • Small group discussion/presentations
  • 1. Field network/field ministry
  • 2. Membership drive/enhancements
  • 3. Serving denominations
  • Prayer and ministry to each other
  • Dinner and fun at the Mall of America

Wednesday, November 12th (PM)
  • Ministry Updates
  • Tom Cheshire Relevant Practical Ministry for
  • Ken Church Cornerstone Mens Ministry (IPHC)
  • James Steiner/Jim Grassi Mens Ministry
  • Rick Kiekintveld Discover Life Resources
  • Dr. Chuck Stecker et al A Chosen Generation
  • Roy Abbott Focal Point Ministry
  • Leary Gates BoldPath Life Strategies
  • Phil Paul Downer Discipleship Network of
  • Chris Van Brocklin Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Mike Pratt New Life Church
  • Bernie Ritterbush Life Coaching on Demand
  • Marty Granger Stand in the Gap (WACCM)
  • Chuck Schneider Ignite (CCN)
  • Al Lenio Man in the Mirror

Thursday, November 13th (AM)
  • Welcome David Delk, Ralph Gustafson
  • (Awesome) worship with Tim Lemmens
  • Plenary Session Dr. Jay Barnes on Men of God
    (see handout)
  • What does it mean to be a man of God? Fruits of
    the spirit.
  • Traveling through life character quality, vital
    friends and accountability.
  • Manage yourself Be President vs. Do President.
    Know thyself. Marriage challenges.
  • We are Gods plan to reach the world. There is
    no Plan B.
  • Ministry Updates
  • David Delk NCMM 2009 Assumptions
  • Members are the customer not the church or the
  • Leverage and make more effective, the ministries
    at NCMM
  • NCMM should enhance and help what God has called
    each ministry to do.
  • Self-interest is okay but seek Him first.
  • Incubate new ministries.
  • Connection between members and churches.
  • Easier access to resources (ex

Thursday AM, November 13th (cont)
  • David Delk NCMM in 2009
  • New Leadership team is formed to work with Board
    of Directors
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Bi-monthly conference calls
  • Incubate new ministries
  • Revised due structure
  • Different dues for different sized ministries
  • 75 for individual/church/part-time ministries
  • 150 for small to medium size ministries
  • 300 for large ministries
  • 500 for very large ministries
  • Plan to recruit President and/or Executive
  • Leaders conferences (1 or 2 like this?). Design
    Team meeting (make these initiatives a reality)
  • No training super-conference currently planned
  • Submit what can NCMM do for me? and what I can
    do for NCMM? (see summary slide 11)
  • Event Survey

Self select
Small Group Case Studies/Group Discussions
  • What services should NCMM provide its members?
  • Calendar/Regional map
  • Speakers bureaubios/2-minute video
  • NCMM bulletin board and monthly e-newsletter
  • Web strategy
  • How-tos, whereto-go-for _____ etc. (downloadable
    video ice-breakers)
  • Provide environment to build relationships
  • Valet parking at NCMM events
  • How can NCMM help raise up more ministry leaders
    in the field?
  • Need national presence (such as Focus on the
    Family exposure)
  • Write and communicate success stories of
    members who have been able to get involved in
    ministry full or part-time.
  • Intentionally reach out to other
  • Assemble start-up manual
  • Presence at other events/gatherings
  • Endorse mens-related films, books, etc. (PR and
    marketing needed)
  • Partner with other ministries womens (MOPS),
    youth, etc.
  • missionary emphasis whose unreached people
    group is men
  • Name change?
  • Become a mission-sending agency coaching and
    training strategies

Small Group Case Studies/Group Discussions
  • How can NCMM better serve denominations?
  • Help break control and fear issue it is a MUST!
  • Establish anew the need for reaching men
  • Offer (free) services to sic and come to
    denominational events
  • Build relationships with denominational leaders
    (national and regional)
  • Break through the blockage to meet the real
  • Bridging of resources
  • Receive the benefits
  • If in doubt or need of an enthusiastic response,
    call Bill Terry. Be sure you have unlimited long
    distance calling. May God bless him and more
    like him!

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