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The Heart Of DiabetesSM: Understanding Insulin Resistance


... them manage their diabetes and reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke ... power by learning about heart disease and stroke and taking positive action to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Heart Of DiabetesSM: Understanding Insulin Resistance

The Heart Of DiabetesSM Understanding Insulin
The rise of diabetes in the United States
  • About 13.9 million Americans have physician
    diagnosed diabetes
  • During 1994 2002 the age-adjusted prevalence of
    diabetes increased 54 percent for U.S. adults,
    from 4.8 to 7.3 percent
  • Type 2 diabetes may account for 90 to 95 percent
    of all diagnosed cases of diabetes

Startling survey findings
  • A 2003 survey by the American Heart Association
    found that
  • 63 percent of people with diabetes surveyed
    realize that diabetes patients are at risk for
    cardiovascular disease, yet only half are working
    to prevent heart disease and stroke
  • When asked about the most serious complications
    associated with diabetes, only 33 percent
    mentioned heart disease

Prevalence of diabetes
  • Prevalence of physician-diagnosed diabetes in
    adults age 20 and older
  • For Mexican Americans, 10.4 percent of men and
    11.3 percent of women
  • For African Americans, 10.3 percent of men and
    12.6 percent of women
  • For Caucasians, 6.2 percent of men and 4.7
    percent of women

How insulin resistance affects people with
  • Insulin resistance a condition where the body
    does not respond efficiently to the insulin it
  • Insulin resistance seems to predispose a person
    to both diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The American Heart Associations role
  • The American Heart Association wants to raise
    awareness of diabetes and its link to
    cardiovascular disease
  • In 2001, the association launched The Heart Of
    DiabetesSM Understanding Insulin Resistance

What the program does
  • The program explains the link between diabetes,
    cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance
  • Participants receive tips and information to help
    them manage their diabetes and reduce their risk
    for heart disease and stroke

Participants receive
  • The Game Plan To A Healthy Life journal, designed
    to help people make healthy choices every day,
    which includes
  • A plan for physical activity
  • A tracker for glucose and cholesterol levels,
    weight and blood pressure

The Heart Of Diabetes also offers strategies such
  • Learning new ways to help begin and increase
    regular physical activity
  • Increasing gradually the amount of time and
    intensity of their physical activity
  • Learning how to choose high-energy foods that
    work best for someones diabetes plan
  • Finding new local opportunities and resources for
    physical activity

To enroll in the program or to learn more about
these risk factors and insulin resistance, which
contribute to both diabetes and cardiovascular
  • Call 1-800-AHA-USA1, or
  • Log on to

The Heart Of DiabetesSM Understanding Insulin
Resistance is sponsored by Takeda Pharmaceuticals
North America, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company
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Search Your Heart is an educational
community-based program culturally designed to
educate about the causes, symptoms and prevention
of cardiovascular disease and stroke.The
program contains six modules highlighting
diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure
management physical activity nutrition,
advocacy, stress, and stroke prevention.
Search Your Heart Kit
  • Includes
  • 1. Kit Content Overview
  • 2. Coordinators guide
  • 3. Surveys for participants
  • 4. Modules

Search Your Heart Components
  • Check for Life
  • Activities for Life
  • Bread of Life
  • Lift Every Voice
  • Stress Reduction
  • Stomp Out Stroke

  • Each Module Includes
  • Instructions on how to implement the program
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Definitions
  • Resource lists

Check for Life
  • This module includes blood pressure, diabetes and
    cholesterol education materials and how to
    conduct screenings.
  • Check For Life serves to educate participants
    about their individual health risks, concerns,
    and results. These results are monitored during
    a series of health screenings that are conducted
    throughout the program.

Goals of this Module
  • Motivate participants to have their blood
    pressure checked regularly.
  • Screen as many participants as possible for high
    blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.
  • Provide at-risk participants with resources that
    will help them understand how to lower their BP.
  • Complete evaluations/surveys.

Activities for Life
  • This module focuses on showing you how to make
    physical activity fun.
  • It shows you how to incorporate physical activity
    into a fellowship activity.

Goals of this Module
  • Educate about the benefits of regular physical
  • Provide tips on how to incorporate regular
    physical activity into busy lifestyles.
  • Motivate members to increase regular physical
    activity time.

Bread of Life
  • The purpose of this module is to examine what we
    eat, and then alter our meals to include a more
    balanced nutritious habit of eating.

Goals of this Module
  • Is to educate about the benefits of heart-healthy
  • To provide tips about incorporating
    heart-healthy eating into busy lifestyles.
  • Motive members to change their eating habits
    while still enjoying traditional foods.

Stomp out Stroke
  • This module helps you conduct stroke prevention
    education. It teaches the warning signs and shows
    you how to coordinate stroke screenings.

Goals of this Module
  • Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke.
  • To motivate participants to have their risk
    factors for stroke evaluated using the Whats
    Your Risk of Stroke screening tool.

Stress Reduction
  • This module includes tips on coping with stress.
  • Managing stress is good for your overall health.

Goals of this Module
  • Provide tips on controlling the amount of stress
    in daily activity.
  • Provide a way of dealing with uncontrollable

Lift Every Voice
  • This module encourages communities to create and
    sustain community coalitions to advocate healthy

Goals of this Module
  • Help participants understand the issues of
    prevention, health care, and research.
  • Motivate participants to advocate heart health in
    their communities and coalitions.

  • Where can I get a Kit?

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  • Power To End Stroke
  • A New Cause Campaign to Raise
  • Stroke Awareness in African Americans

Campaign Objectives
  • Create a movement around African Americans and
    their disproportionate risk for hypertension,
    diabetes, stroke
  • Increase awareness that stroke is preventable
    change current perception that stroke is
  • Increase adherence to primary and secondary
    prevention guidelines
  • Seek new corporate/foundation partners to drive
    expansion of campaign on opportunistic basis

Phase I Key Health Messages
  • Stroke is not inevitable. You can prevent it.
  • African Americans are at higher risk for stroke.
  • Know your risk. Control your blood pressure and
    diabetes to prevent stroke.
  • Work with a family doctor to manage your risk.

Power To End StrokePledge
  • Two part pledge
  • Copy to ASA (to receive additional information)
  • Postcard to family/friend (to encourage them to
    take the pledge)
  • For me, my family, my community, I will do my
    part to prevent and overcome stroke. I will make
    the right health choices. I will lift my voice
    in a movement to improve the health of my people
    today and for generations to come. I will not
    just survive but thrive by learning how to
    live stronger and longer.

After the Pledge
  • Tailored letter from the American Stroke
    Association (ASA)
  • ASA sends consumer interest topic (i.e. sickle
    cell disease, stroke risk factors, stroke in
    African Americans, Caregiver/Stroke Survivor
    Information (Stroke Connection Magazine)
  • Healthy Soul Food Cookbook, lapel Pins, PTES
    Quarterly Newsletter

Ambassador Pillars
  • Healthcare Medical professionals
  • Community - Social Groups
  • Advocacy Local, State, and Federal
  • Faith-Based Leaders of Faith-Based
  • Celebrity - Entertainers
  • Funding Corporate Sponsors

  • Serve as a liaison for the American Stroke
    Association to the African American Community.
  • Share the stroke message to African Americans
    across Kansas.
  • Advocate for stroke legislation that supports the
    American Stroke Associations mission.

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Go Red For Women
  • This campaign helps women discover unique
    lifesaving power by learning about heart disease
    and stroke and taking positive action to reduce
    their risk

Campaign Goals
  • To raise awareness
  • To prevent heart disease and stroke
  • To save lives

CVD Claims 500,000 Womens Lives Every Year
  • CVD kills more women than the next 7 causes of
    death combined
  • Breast cancer kills 1 in 30 women
  • CVD kills 1 of every 2.5 women

Why We Need Go Red For WomenHigh Blood Pressure
(HBP)The Silent Killer
  • Women age 20 and older who have HBP
  • White females 30
  • Black/African-American females 45
  • Mexican-American
    females 30

Why We Need Go Red For WomenPhysical Inactivity
  • Inactive women
  • White females 36
  • Black females 55
  • Hispanic females 57
  • Asian/Pacific Islander
    females 46

Why We Need Go Red For WomenObesity / Overweight
  • Overweight/obese women 20 and older
  • White females 57
  • Black females 77
  • Mexican-American females

Go Red For Women Helps More Women Know Their Risk
  • Learn your risk factors
  • Live a healthy lifestyle to reduce them
  • Know the warning signs of heart attack and stroke

Go Red Campaign Objectives
  • Educate health professionals, especially primary
  • Educate the public
  • Educate policymakers through advocacy
  • Raise funds for AHA womens

Enroll and Benefit
  • 1-888-MY-HEART (1-888-694-3278)
  • Choose To Move and Simple Solutions
  • Buy designated products from stores listed at the
    Go Red For Women Web site part of the revenue
    supports our association

Go Red For Women!
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