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Public Relations 101: Incorporating PR into Healthcare Hiring


Hospital report cards! Negative media coverage. New technologies and standards of care ' ... Allow non-physician employees to speak publicly about patient-care issues ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Public Relations 101: Incorporating PR into Healthcare Hiring

Public Relations 101 Incorporating PR into
Healthcare Hiring Retention Strategies
  • Presented by
  • Jack A. Segal
  • Senior Vice President
  • Edelman Health

Todays Agenda
  • Why PR?
  • The Environment
  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Idea Exchange
  • Questions and Answers
  • Thank You

Why PR?
  • Differentiates you from the rest
  • Tells Why You and not the others
  • Shows a path and levels of opportunity
  • Shows you care about your staff (not just your
    medical staff!)
  • Shines light on institution as a whole
  • Employee satisfaction linked to patient

The Environment
Access, Revenues, Response
  • In recent months, home care agencies have been
    forced to turn away patients requesting care
    because of inadequate nursing and home health
    aide staff, Albany (NY) Medical Center
  • the chronic nationwide shortage of health care
    workers in U.S. hospitals could increase the
    impact of a pandemic, USA Today
  • A shortage of clinical laboratory scientists
    is so severe that it could compromise the quality
    of the U.S. healthcare system particularly in
    the event of an attack involving biological or
    chemical weapons St. Louis University

Todays Healthcare System
  • Aging population (first baby boomers turning 60)
  • Need to reduce costs and maintain quality
  • Employers watching every penny
  • Providers squeezed
  • Patient safety, medical error reduction
  • Hospital report cards!
  • Negative media coverage
  • New technologies and standards of care
  • Scope of Practice issues
  • Regulations, standards, reporting requirements

Strategies and Tactics
What HC Orgs Dont Do
  • Give enough credit to nurses and allied health
    staff for their roles in patient care
  • Focus on the contributions of non-patient-facing
  • Conduct PR around the achievements of nurses and
    allied health staff
  • Allow non-physician employees to speak publicly
    about patient-care issues
  • Its not all about the doc!

Shake Hands
  • Secure commitment from nursing and allied health
    leaders only through complete partnership can
    you be successful!
  • Understand that promoting the activities and
    achievements of current staff and the institution
    itself will help attract new staff
  • Learn from staff What differentiates one
    employer from another? What would excite
    potential employees? What makes them proud?

Top Down Commitment
  • Get C suite support for PR around nursing,
    allied-health, recruitment issues
  • Work with marketing, public relations staff to
    identify opportunities, make plans
  • Work with nurses, allied health staff to identify
    PR opportunities

Play a Leading Role
  • Be at the table on an ongoing basis serve as
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Clinical departments
  • Show potential benefits of PR
  • Especially in context of quality of care, safety
    and clinical revenue streams
  • Provide ideas, not just objectives
  • Provide resources, budget

Look for Partners, OpportunitiesLeverage Role of
  • Medical staff, clinical departments
  • Vendors and suppliers who want coverage
  • Media covering health resource issues
  • Community organizations tackling health issues
  • Community health and wellness initiatives
  • Local schools, non-profit organizations

Plan, Plan, PlanAssess Environment
  • Develop, share PR calendar around
  • Nursing, allied health observances
  • Overall health observances
  • Seminars and other activities for nurses, allied
    health staff
  • Editorial calendars
  • College visits, recruitment events
  • Read!
  • Understand whos covering nursing, allied health
    recruitment, retention issues and pass
    information to PR!
  • Articulate your geographic reach

Develop BasicsFind News
  • Develop core messages about nursing, allied
    health careers at institution
  • Respects, recognizes and appreciates employees
  • Has a conducive professional practice environment
  • Provides resources for delivering quality care,
    getting the job done
  • Is flexible (i.e., scheduling)
  • Provides paths and opportunities
  • Conduct PR 101 and host media training session
    for key departmental leaders
  • Share insights on media to target
  • Develop basic press materials on careers at
  • Include key stats
  • Focus on key leaders in each area

Make News
  • Leverage achievements
  • New hires (especially key hires that might
    attract attention)
  • Promotions
  • Certifications
  • Hospital bests
  • Insert nursing, allied health staff into
    clinical, other PR outreach
  • Show leadership by promoting participation in
    efforts to increase ranks
  • Ensure synergy between PR and recruitment
  • Research, consider participating in top
    employer surveys
  • Determine whats right for your organization and

  • Identify ways to measure results
  • Make staff accountable
  • Measure at end of period
  • Continue what works
  • Make adjustments where necessary
  • Congratulate and reward participants

Exchange Ideas
Questions and Answers
Thank You!
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