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Educator, Filmmaker, Historian, Graphic Designer. and Multimedia Artist ... Alameda, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Carnival Cruise Lines ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald
  • Multimedia EducatorApplication to Intrepid
    SeaAirSpace MuseumWednesday, July 22, 2009

Jason McDonald
  • Educator, Filmmaker, Historian, Graphic Designer
    and Multimedia Artist
  • Studied World War II Since Before Kindergarten
  • Bachelor of Arts in History From Fordham
    University (3.89 GPA)
  • Currently Enrolled in Master of Fine Arts Program
    in Television at CUNY Brooklyn College
  • President and Executive Producer of MFA
    Productions LLC
  • Married and Father of One Son
  • Resident of New York City since 1982 currently
    resides in Brooklyn

Teaching Experience
  • 1982-1986 K-8 Day Camp Counselor in High School
  • Worked With International Communities in Flushing
    and Bayside, Queens
  • 1994-1995 Studio Manager at New York Institute of
    Technology (NYIT)
  • Taught Technical Sections of Undergraduate and
    Graduate Communications Courses
  • Advised Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Managed Broadcast TV Studio, Mac and SGI Labs

Teaching Experience
  • 1996-2006 Media Specialist at United Nations
    International School (UNIS)
  • Taught Video, Web, and Print Production to 5-12
  • Team Taught Computing, Humanities, Math, Art,
    English, ESL, Languages and More
  • Supported All Events and Publications
  • Designed and Installed RG-6 CATV Video
  • Designed and Installed Portable TV Studio for
    Location Video Production and Webcasting

  • Television Credits Include PBS, NY1, and Public
  • Producer, Director and Writer for Scores of
    Video Productions for UNIS, Including Event and
    Fiction Videography
  • Over Twenty Student Awards at Cannes for Kids,
    Toronto, Canada (As Producer)
  • Producer, What Kind of Question Is That? Finalist
    for Best POV Documentary in the 4th Annual
    Varsity World TV Golden V Festival, 2004
  • Presented Student Films Nine Times at the
    American Museum of the Moving Image (AMMI) in
    Astoria, Queens

  • 2004 - Writer, Director and Producer for Day of
    the Kamikaze
  • Aired in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Some
    African Countries on European Public Television
  • Videotaped Aboard Intrepid in 2002
  • Narrated by CW Network Channel 11s Marvin Scott
  • 2002-present - Nine Sisters (In Progress)
  • Documentary Miniseries on US Navy Light Carriers
    in World War II and Korea
  • So Far, Interviewed Over 75 Veterans of Ten Ships
    in Dozens of Locations, Compiling 125 Hours of
  • Videotaped With the Support of the US Navy
    Museums in Dana Indiana Buffalo, New York
    Norfolk, Virginia Alameda, California
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Carnival Cruise

  • 2000-2007 Multimedia Consultant for Cabot
    Association and APA Project to Rescue US Navy
    Ships for Museums
  • Jason McDonald Has Made a Substantive
    Contribution to the Preservation of the History
    of the Second World War. Peter Stoudt,
    President, Ships for Victory
  • 2005 - Talent Coordinator for National Public
    Radios 60th Anniversary Commemoration of the
    Pacific War
  • Expert in Finding and Identifying Historic Photos
    in the National Archives, Library of Congress,
    the Naval Historical Center and Commercial
    ArchivesSuch as Corbis

  • Website World War II Multimedia Database
  • Recommended by Thousands of Secondary Schools,
    Colleges, Libraries and the Armed Forces As a
    Critical Source on the Major Conflict of the
    Twentieth Century
  • Originally Undergraduate History Final Thesis
    for Fordham University, Running Since 2000
  • Over 1.1 Million Visitors Annually, Mostly
  • Over 500 Topics, 100 Video Clips, 2000 Annotated
    Photos and a Virtual Radio
  • 400 Photos Are Super-annotated With Extensive
    Research, Biographies of the Subjects, and the
    Background of the Photographer in a PHP-based
    Keyword Searchable Image Gallery
  • Dozens of People (Veterans, Family, and
    Historians) All Over the World Interviewed for
    Historical Accuracy

  • True, they the Americans did not hate yet
    but they were developing the capacity for hatred,
    which required a nihilistic core of resignation
    and rage. C. Russ Martin, a sergeant in the 1st
    Division, hinted at this upon hearing of the
    death of his twin brother in North Africa
    Twins, we feel for one another, and the minute
    he got killed, I knew it, a sensation and a kind
    of relief from worrying about him. I didn't have
    to worry about him anymore.
  • Rick Atkinson, An Army at Dawn, (2002) page 262
    Pulitzer Prize
  • To scores of millions of participants, the war
    was also a race war. It exposed raw prejudices
    and was fueled by racial pride, arrogance, and
    rage on many sides. Ultimately, it brought about
    a revolution in racial consciousness throughout
    the world that continues to the present day.
  • John Dower, War Without Mercy (1987) page 4
    Professor of History, MIT
  • Im here to honor the two guys who were my
    closest buddies in the Air Corps--Joe Perry and
    Ed Plotkin, both of whom were killed in the last
    weeks of the war. And to honor all the others who
    died in that war. But I'm not here to honor war
    itself. I'm not here to honor the men in
    Washington who send the young to war
  • Howard Zinn at the Dedication of the National
    World War II Memorial, Bombardier, France 1945,
    Professor Emeritus, Boston UniversityProgressive
    Magazine, August 2004

the World War II Multimedia Database
  • "Intensely Richit Shows Remarkable
    Sophistication and Depth, and Uses a Fairly Wide
    Array of Multimedia Materials American
    Historical Association
  • " An Excellent Resource in Words, Images and
    Video. Channel 4, United Kingdom
  • "One of the Great Problems With World War II Web
    Sites Is That Countless Hobbyists Litter the
    Cyber-Landscape With All Sorts of Irrelevant
    Offerings. For the Serious Student of the War,
    It Is Difficult to Find Sites That Contribute to
    a Deeper Understanding of the War and War-related
    Issues. I Have Selected the Following Link in
    the Hope of Saving Students From Time Consuming
    Cyber-Wandering Through Unimportant
    PresentationsThere Is Much of Interest to See
    Here. Professor Bruce Hull, University of
  • "Provides Historical and Detailed Information
    About World War II. WNET "Secrets of the
    Dead," PBS

Day of the Kamikaze
  • Aired in Europe in 2004
  • Goal Was to Create a Documentary That Brought
    Teenagers and Veterans Together to Discuss the
    Pacific War
  • Videotaped Aboard Intrepid
  • American Version Narrated by CW 11s Reporter
    Marvin Scott
  • Now Available on DVD Through the Website
  • Remade in 2007 by BBC/Smithsonian/Discovery

Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Clients Include NYU Medical Center,
    Goldman Sachs, Smith Barney, Playhouse of
    American Classics (Buffalo Drama Revival
    Company), American Place Theatre, People for the
    American Way, Friends of Ruth Messinger, Friends
    of Chuck Schumer, Friends of Andrew Eristoff,
  • Projects for UNIS Included Publicity Posters
    (Example Left), Official School Newsletters and
    Brochures, and All Student Publications
  • Taught Graphic Design for Various Departments
  • Included All Printed and Promotional Materials
    for UNIS-UN Conference
  • Work Has Appeared in Albany Times-Union, New
    York Times, Village Voice and More
  • Also an Experienced Photographer

Multimedia Integration
  • 1995 - National Organization for Women - Created
    Print, Television, and Organizational Materials
    for Local and National Campaigns and Washington
    March Against Domestic Violence
  • 1996-2006 - UNIS
  • Created Multimedia Across Web, Print, and Video
    Outlets in Support of Special Events, Plays,
    Concerts, and Guest Speakers
  • Designed and Installed CATV RG-6 Distribution
    for Live Remotes From Any Connected Classroom
  • Designed and Implemented the Schools Webcasting
  • Created a Financial Benefit for the School With
    Sales of DVDs of Events

Other Interests
Integrated Multimedia education at Intrepid
  • Some Ideas for Curriculum Implementation Using
    Skills Im Familiar With and Can Easily Implement
    for Reduced Cost
  • Documentary Workshop
  • Classes for Grades 5-12 After School, on
    Weekends to Learn About Historical Documentary
  • Videoconferencing History
  • Connect With Other Museums to Stage Virtual
    Reenactments Over the Internet
  • Schools Connecting With New York
  • Focus on New York Shipyards

Video Production Classes
  • Requires a Multimedia Classroom
  • Expenses Can Be Controlled
  • Offer Documentary Production Classes for Both
    Children and Adults
  • An Open Area for Green Screen Effects
  • Multimedia Classroom Can Be Rented to Events
    Producers for Their Own Media Production During
    Major Public Events
  • Show the Best Student Videos in a Festival
  • Invite History or Discovery Military to Premiere
    New Docs
  • No Such Military Documentary Festival Is
    Currently Active
  • Festivals Are the Dominant Exchange for
    Independent Filmmakers

Video Conferencing
  • Using Either Apple iChat (Mac), Skype (Mac, PC)
    or Polycom (Proprietary) Connect Classrooms
    Around the World to Intrepid
  • Besides Lectures, Have Students Simulate Historic
    Events Create Print/screen Multimedia So That
    They Research and Assume the Roles of Real People
  • Studies Show That Todays Students Retain More
    Information From Multimedia Education Than
    Traditional Chalk and Talk
  • Skype and iChat Are Free, Built Into Modern
    Computers, and Easy to Troubleshoot and Implement
  • Reach Out to Other Naval Museums Through
    Videoconferencing to Compare Research and

  • Using Online Photographic Resources
  • National Archives
  • Library of Congress
  • Naval Historical Center
  • Corbis
  • Others
  • Have Students Research and Create PowerPoint
    Presentations About ShipsBuilt in New York City
  • New Yorks Massive Contribution to World War II
  • Carriers Like Intrepid
  • Battleships Like USS Arizona and USS Iowa

Room for Improvement
  • Tendency to Take on Many Projects, and Complete
    All of Them, but Burn Out in the Process
  • Sarcasm
  • 95 of People I Meet Think Im Very Funny,
    Supportive and Engaging
  • 5 Think Im Arrogant, Self-involved and Annoying
  • I Just Started Considering This Issue
  • People Come to Me to Get Things Done, It Has
    Engendered Anger As I Try to Immediately Solve
    Problems to Meet Deadlines Usually Problems
    Arise From Lack of Clear Responsibilities and
  • MFA Program
  • Over the Next Two Years, I Will Be Required to
    Take One Daytime 8-hour Production Class Per

Questions and Answers
  • Thank You for Your Time and Attention!
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