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... gifts. ... February-Valentine Box (made out of a shoebox) March- Kite (min. 2' ... puppet. Posters. Personal timeline. Valentine boxes. Graph your favorite ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sturgeon Station

Sturgeon Station
  • 2007-2008

to 3rd Grade!
Routine is the first order of business. Once the
students get the routine down then they are able
to concentrate and know what to expect. The Rules
are NOT difficult to follow. Respect pretty much
covers it all. Third grade is known for a
transitional year of where independent work and
study begins. We will take what they have
already learned and put it to practice. Their
individuality will be expressed a lot in their
reading and writing.
Mrs. Sturgeon
I have been married to Bob for over 25 years. We
have a son named Ben. He is married and is an
Assoc. Pastor in Anderson. Our daughter Bethany
is married also. She is a cosmetologist. I taught
at a local Christian school before coming to
Lapel. I have my Masters Degree in Curriculum
Design. I have an Early Childhood/Kindergarten
Endorsement and Reading Specialist Certification,
as well as special course work towards Childrens
Writing. I am a child advocate for learning. I
do a lot of differentiated lessons to include all
learning styles. I facilitate and instruct on
different levels to meet the individual learner.
Normal Week Schedule
Monday Read 30 min./story sent home, fill out
entire reading ticket and Write Spelling Words
3 times each, (Cursive writing). Tuesday Read 10
min. free choice. Reading vocabulary worksheet or
vocabulary sentences (Cursive writing). Math
practice worksheet Wednesday Read 10 min. free
choice, Write Spelling Word Sentences (Cursive
writing). Math practice worksheet Thursday Read
10 min. free choice, Build A Word- Must create no
less than 20 words from the scrambled letters
given. The more words the student creates the
better! ? Math practice worksheet Friday NO
Teaching Style
I am firm, fair, consistent, dependable, and
encouraging to everyone. We have a lot of work
to do. I like to do different things to bring
out individual learning styles. In third grade
we all have to Read, Write, and do Math etc.
but. We can have fun doing all those things
too. Sometimes the lessons arent fun but I will
do my best for your child to have an enjoyable
year as well as give them the best learning
environment possible. Hands-on- learning
centers, Reading Math Buddies, etc. can be a
way to improve social skills as well as academics
and meet our state standards.
We Will All Work together
3rd Grade Goals
  • Obey the 3 commands
  • of 3rd Grade
  • 1. Be respectful to everyone!
  • 2. Do what you are Responsible for!
  • 3. Confidence to be
  • independent!
  • Help make learning fun!

No News is Good News
Newsletter sent home weekly
Feel free to CONTACK ME IF YOU HAVE ANY concerns
or questions.
School Web Page-http/
534-3101 Ext. 209
Behavior tickets
Questions and Concerns
Please contact me if you have any issues,
questions, or concerns. I cannot stress this
enough! We can usually clear things up pretty
quickly, if I know what you are thinking/feeling.
Again, its important to follow the chain of
command in order to get issues resolved. I do
not bring homework lessons home with me. Please
call another student OR there will be time the
following morning to get your homework
completed-just be sure to write a note in the
assignment notebook. I welcome your talks of
concern. You are your childs biggest
cheerleader. I want to hear what you have to say
about your child. Remember I am a mom first
before the professional!
Friendships and Classmates
Its important to build friendships! We do NOT
promote boyfriend/girlfriends in 3rd grade! We
suggest everyone being friends!
Dismissal Issues
Please send a note to me telling me where you
want your child dismissed to if it is different
than the normal schedule. Your child will then
be expected to tape the note to his/her desk as a
reminder of the change of plans. If student walks
to/from school, please let me know. I need your
childs bus number(s). If you pick your child up
at the end of the day. please stay in your car
and your child will find you promptly upon
dismissal. If you need to see me please call
ahead of time and we will work something out. I
realize emergencies happen however this is for
the usual circumstances.
  • I know we all have to make appointments. If you
    need to pick up your child during the day please
    have the office call and I will see that your
    child gets to you as soon as possible. A note at
    the beginning of the day is best but I understand
    things come up during the day. If for some reason
    your child thinks they should NOT ride the bus
    home. I will try to call you but if the buses
    leave while we are trying to contact you, your
    child will be in after school care. This is to
    assure your child is safe and cared for.

Grading Scale
EExcellent SSatisfactory NNeeds
Improvement UUnsatisfactory
A, B, C, D, F AAwesome BBee-careful CCareless D
Didnt Understand FFrazzled
90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69
D 59-Below F
E, S, N, U Writing, P.E.,
Keyboarding, Computer Lab, Music, and Art,

2 Important Tests for 3rd Graders
  • Students are assessed on a 6 point scale of 0 to
    6. Students are to write to a prompt. They are
    assessed 2 different ways of writing development.
    The content of word choice and organization. Math
    and Reading are also tested.
  • The ISTEP is a tool teachers use to help
    individualize instruction and compare students on
    a national level as well as locally.
  • MAP
  • NWEA Standardized Test use a rubric score of 1
    to 4. This test is given at the beginning of the
    school year and again in the spring. We want to
    support the success your child is experiencing.
  • This test reveals a comparison of where your
    childs academic level is within the state and
    local schools. This too helps teachers to
    individualize grade level instructions.

Assignments Completed in Class
We of course do a lot of practice before taking
an actual grade. If you see a large smile, check
mark or bumble bee on your childs paper without
a grade means this is practice or I didnt take
an actual grade. I do record in my records an
opinion of how your child did on most papers.
Sometimes I feel it is best they just receive a
Mark of Success instead of a letter grade.
Please trust me, I am watching your childs
learning behaviors. I usually have students grade
their own spelling/dictation. Then I of course
re-grade it. This helps improve editing issues
in their normal everyday writing.
Let's have a GREAT year in 3rd grade!
P.A.T. Earned
I enjoy giving good rewards for a lot of reasons,
especially good behavior. When behavior is under
control then the learning can take place. I
like to offer a Free Day as an award for good
behavior. We will gather positive minutes each
day and when we reach 6 hrs., we will plan a
Free Day with learning games. This usually adds
up to every six weeks. It depends on the class.
The Free Day will be a time of hands-
on-learning activities covering materials we have
already learned in class. When students take an
active part in learning something it remains in
their long term memory longer due to working
their minds as well manipulating their hands.
Please trust me that a free day is always a
learning day, just different than the typical day.
Assignment Notebook
Students have the responsibility of filling out
the Assignment Notebook everyday (except Friday),
unless there is a special assignment like a
Wacky Weird Homework Assign.. Parents MUST sign
the Assignment Notebook EVERYDAY! Your child
gets a strike (Yellow Day Ticket) against their
responsibility if YOU dont sign it. PLEASE get
into the habit of looking at your childs
Assignment Notebook every evening!
Journal WritingStory Bag
We write everyday! Please make sure your child
has plenty of pencils and story bag items!
Story Bag Each student is expected to
have at least 3 items inside the zip lock bag I
have provided or a brown lunch sack that will be
stored in their locker. This gives them
something concrete to write about. This idea
helps the reluctant writer to get started with
their creativity with words. The student is
responsible for replenishing their story bag each
week. We will write descriptive, informative,
persuasive, formal and informal letters,
biographies, autobiographies etc.
I will call you if I feel we need to discuss your
childs academics or behaviors.
Grade bookMid-Term 9 Weeks Report
I send home Mid-term reports the first 9 weeks.
The rest of the school year Mid-terms will be
sent home to those who have had a decline in
grades. All report cards will be sent home on the
scheduled day according to the schools main
calendar. Watch for the news in the Paw
Prints. Grades can now be observed by way of
computer through STI. This is our grade-book
system that allows parents to view assignments
and grades online.
Practice Makes Permanent
We will practice a lot of Math to build up to
working with multiplication. Practice makes it
more permanent. The more we practice the more
concrete and faster they are with solving Math
Again, we will write everyday to build word usage
and to improve our English skills as well as
literature skills.
Responsibility of Student
I will instruct the students on what they are
responsible for. One cannot expect the
responsibility of another if they havent been
told what is expected of them. Taking care of
their personal property, responsibility, manners,
helpful and kind attitude, honesty, and obey the
Being respectful covers a lot of issues in the
classroom and the playground. Its NOT too much
to ask for everyone to try their best in getting
along with each other. Sometimes things happen
out of control for whatever reason, we still all
need to be respectful in order to resolve an
issue. BEWARE! Respect and honesty are my top
I will express, show, tell, instruct how things
should be done in the classroom. Students will
be expected to have Names on papers, know where
to turn completed papers in, know how to line up
quietly and where. Our classroom schedule will
be sent home as soon as possible. I know you
moms especially think about your child and
wonder what they are doing at a given time during
the school day. Sooo I will try to send a
schedule home as soon as I can.
Overall Behavior
Good behavior is always expected. Sometimes kids
need extra encouragement in self control. Some
just have a little extra orneriness in them.
Some well, lets just say need the firm
attention. I am aware of your childs school
needs. It is up to you to let me know any issues
you feel that may be causing your child to have
behavior issues. I dont need to know family
secrets but if there is turmoil in the household
there is an impact on the children that may
possibly come out at school. Please, for your
childs sake keep in communication with me. We
all want what is best for your child.

Color Behavior Days
  • A GREEN DAY is a GREAT Day!
  • Keep up the great work!
  • A YELLOW DAY is a Tough Day!
  • Please talk to your child about their
  • A RED day is a BAD Bug Day!
  • WOW! Get this behavior Stopped!
  • 3 Red DAYS
  • Visit Mr. Fields and a phone contact to

Behavior Tickets
Get the Bugs Out!
  • Yellow Day Red Day
  • Not following rules Continuous
  • Not staying on Task Dishonesty
  • Papers stashed in desk Belligerent/

    Poor Attitude/Actions
  • Disrespectful
    Collection of Yellow Tickets
  • Disruptive/Talking
  • Recess Issues
  • Assignment NOT completed
  • Assignment Notebook not signed

Do you need an attitude adjustment?
Before and After School Behavior
Whatever happen during the Before and After
School Program is out of my control. Please! If
you have concerns contact the people in charge or
the office. I dont have any idea of what goes
on there.
  • Recess is a privilege!
  • Its a time to play and have FUN with friends.
  • Its a break from school work.
  • Everyone needs time to rejuvenate.

  • If you choose to bring lunch from home, Please,
    take the lunch bag home each day!
  • Each student that brings their lunch money should
    have it in a marked envelope. They will place it
    in the office envelope first thing in the

I will send this home as soon as possible!
We have a weekly Spelling Test on Fridays
(Wednesday if it is a short week). I give a
trial test on Monday. if they get a 100 then
they may study the advanced list for the test on
Friday. Their words are to be written 3xs and
their sentences for homework will be the advanced
word list. Again, this is only if they got all
the words correct on Mondays trial test. The
advanced test will be on Fridays (Wednesday if it
is a short week). This will be graded. If the
students gets 100 correct there will be A added
to their spelling grade for that particular week.
Weekly Schedule of Specials
I will send this information home as soon as
All 3rd Grade Birthdays
  • Birthday treats must be in an individual take
    home baggy!

Christmas Party
  • We Do NOT exchange gifts. We exchange names to
    buy the name drawn their favorite drink and
  • We will decorate a lunch bag to put the items in
    for the party.

Story Corner
  • I try my very best to encourage social skills as
    well as discuss the book read during this
    particular time.
  • Each student is asked to share something they did
    the night before. This is to promote a
    camaraderie with each other.
  • I do NOT support the talk of family secrets,
    negative responses towards someone, nor scary

Life of a 3rd Grader at Lapel Elementary
  • State Standards and Curriculum
  • Field Trips, ISTEP, MAP Testing,
  • Age Appropriate Expectations
  • Rules/Responsibility/Respect
  • Social Skills

  • When I am absent there will be a substitute to
    follow my instructions.
  • Rules, Respect, and Responsibility will remain
    the same!
  • If there is a dispute, I will handle it when I
    return to school!


Please check periodically if your child has their
supplies. You would be amazed at how fast the
students use up their pencils. We dont use
munchkin size pencils in 3rd grade. Munchkin
size is less than the width of the students
fist. Please keep the pencils coming in! ?
Long Sleeve Shirt/Jacket
Our classroom has a tendency to be chilly. A
long sleeve shirt kept in the students locker
all year helps a lot!
Emergency Numbers
  • A 3 X 5 card is expected to be filled out the
    first week of school.
  • I need ALL phone numbers possible in case of an
    emergency at school.
  • Bus number

Teachers Mail
Students are asked to put ALL notes and important
information in my mail box. This will insure
proper care.
Attendance and Homework When I have a student
with an excused absent due to illness, I prefer
NOT to send homework home with a sibling or have
you come to school to pick his/her school work
up. When a child is ill they certainly dont
feel like completing a days worth of work crammed
into an entire evening. I will allow two days
for the work to be completed in order to receive
full credit. Please dont call the office for me
to send work to you. My policy is the student
will begin make up work when they return to
Homework is all about routine and practice. The
homework schedule is listed on the newsletters
and is in the Back-To-School packet.
Social Studies
Lap Tops Lab
2 computers will be in each elem. Classroom. I
use the lap tops a lot for various
activities. Each student needs to bring in a
blank cd case.
Wacky Weird Homework Assignments
A monthly family assignment is due. Be watching
each month for a special project the whole family
can enjoy. They will be displayed in the showcase
near the office or in the foyer next to the
Kindergarten room. The students will use the
Wacky Weird Project to write about. More info.
Wacky Weird Homework Assignments In class we
will perform, present and write about the
September-Community Building (made out of
boxes October-Scarecrow (min.2tall) (please make
with stuff you already have) November- Tepee
(min. 1tall) December- Christmas
Stocking January- Snowman (min. 2tall)
February-Valentine Box (made out of a
shoebox) March- Kite (min. 2width height)
April- Bee Hive (min.1 tall) May- Race Car
(made out of a pop tart size box)
Items will be displayed in the trophy cases near
the main office (when available).
Added activities to be aware of- more details
later ?
Math game Sock puppet Posters Personal timeline
Valentine boxes Graph your favorite ____?___
Science project Word parade costume Miss Bumble
Bee Visits your home Corduroy Bear Visits your
home Make your own checker board and checkers
Board game (must have written directions)
Fair and Honesty
Whenever there is an issue with honesty, I have a
NO tolerance level with lying! You will be
notified if there is a real problem. I will
handle the situation but, I also want to inform
you of your childs unacceptable behavior. A
note will be sent home and expected to be signed
and returned to me the next school day. If it is
a white lie sort of thing, I wont bother you
with a note. Just know when you hear from me
its important. I like to call my parents on
issues before they get out of hand. Sooo, NO news
from me is GOOD news! ! !
School 765-534-3101 ext. 209 Home 778-8884
If not home leave a message with your name
number where I can reach you.
Please call me!
Anything other than homework, feel free to call
me with any concerns you may have about school
work, socially, anything. I can do my job a lot
more effective when I know we are on the same
wave link. Please, know I am a mom always first
in any given situation!
Weekly Newsletter
  • Please read the Weekly Newsletter. There is
    important information you need to be aware of.
    Word wall words and other words to know will be
    in the newsletter. Home-work is also listed.
  • I really try to let you know other important
    information other than what is in the paw prints.

Open Door Policy
ANYTIME you have an issue that needs to be
discussed PLEASE talk to me. A quick
conversation with me will clear most all issues.
I want to talk to you about your child. If you
have concerns then I should have your insight in
order to do my job effectively.
Art P.E.
Computer Lab
Social Studies
There is a lot to do in 3rd grade! When we
manage our time and make the right choices school
can be a place we learn and have fun. We are in
preparation for lifes journey and I have it in
my heart to train and teach your child the way in
which they should grow intellectually,

physically, and socially.
Mrs. M. Sturgeon
Sturgeon Station Supplies
  • Each student needs to bring of the following
  • tape measure (Dollar Store /Wal-mart)
  • Checker board game (Dollar Store)
  • 1 blank cd and case (will be using with lap tops)
  • 3 x 5 cards 1 pkg.
  • Chapter book from home for extra reading
  • board game for inside recess
  • 3 items for story bag (we will begin story bag
    next week)
  • 1 tablet of construction (class scrap book)
  • 1 pad of post it notes

Friendship Mix
  • First Day of School Snack Mix
  • Suggested snacks to use for our mix is any kind
    of cereal, pretzels, m ms, nuts, raisins,
    sunflower seeds, dried fruit, gummy bears,
    crackers, fish crackers, cinnamon bear cookies,
    chocolate chips, already popped pop corn, potato
    chips, and etc.
  • We will add the items until the snacks run out,
    usually the first couple of weeks of school. This
    helps us get use to our school schedule in place
    of our Freedom Snack Schedule during the summer