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Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee


Adventure travel, scientific and industrial research, manufacturing, Space Station servicing ... Spaceport America First launch into space from facility ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Commercial Space Transportation Advisory
  • May 18, 2007
  • Brett Alexander
    John Gedmark
  • President
    Executive Director

Enabling Personal Spaceflight
  • The Personal Spaceflight Federation is the
    industry association of leading businesses and
    organizations working to make commercial human
    spaceflight a reality.
  • Our mission
  • Promote the development of commercial human
  • Pursue ever higher levels of safety
  • Share best practices and expertise throughout the
  • About the PSF
  • Non-profit organization
  • Based in Washington, DC
  • CEO-level board of directors

Commercial Human Spaceflight
  • What is commercial human spaceflight?
  • Systems designed for passengers
  • Developed by the private sector
  • Using predominantly private funds
  • Serving multiple markets, including government
  • Two realms of activity
  • Suborbital short flights above atmosphere,
    providing 3-5 minutes of weightlessness
  • Adventure travel, scientific and industrial
    research, and astronaut training
  • Orbital reaching orbit around Earth, providing
    hours or days of weightlessness
  • Adventure travel, scientific and industrial
    research, manufacturing, Space Station servicing

PSF Membership
  • Members include developers and operators of
  • Spaceships
  • Spaceports
  • Orbital spaceflight facilities

Member Activities
  • Suborbital systems
  • Building upon success of SpaceShipOne and the
    Ansari X PRIZE
  • Systems under development
  • Piloted flight testing to begin in next couple
  • First commercial passenger flights possible
  • Orbital systems
  • Development of spaceships under way
  • NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services
    (COTS) investments
  • Orbital habitats under development
  • Bigelow Aerospace testbed in orbit, second to
    launch in next couple months
  • First commercial orbital passenger launches
    possible early next decade
  • Spaceports
  • Commercial spaceports licensed in Mojave,
    California and Oklahoma
  • State-sponsored spaceports under development in
    New Mexico, other states

Recent Member Activities
  • AirLaunch LLC Successful full duration 2nd
    stage engine firing
  • Armadillo Aerospace Air Force contract, record
    hover time
  • Bigelow Aerospace Announcement of detailed
    business plan
  • Blue Origin Successful test flight
  • SpaceX Continued progress with DemoFlight 2
  • Space Adventures Successful flight of Charles
    Simonyi to ISS
  • Spaceport America First launch into space from
  • XCOR Air Force RLV design contract, engine

Focus on Safety
  • Safety is fundamental
  • Foundation upon which business depends
  • Goal is industry safety standards to perpetuate
    best practices
  • Passenger training and medical
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacture
  • Spaceports

Participant Waiver and Release of Claims
  • Provide measure of liability protection
  • What needs to be accomplished
  • Draft standard waiver and release of claims to
    be signed by participant
  • Include general liability (slip and fall),
    training, and spaceflight
  • Account for differing state laws and court
  • Coordinate with insurance markets
  • Pursue adoption of state legislation limiting
  • Enacted in Virginia in April

Virginia Spaceflight Liability and Immunity Act
  • Adopted into law on April 4, 2007
  • Provisions
  • Enshrines into law enforceability of liability
  • Based on similar laws for adventure sports
  • Ties directly to federal fly at your own risk
    regime and regulations
  • Designed to protect entire supply chain
  • Federation working to spread to other states
  • Working with Officials in California, Oklahoma,
    and New Mexico
  • Planning to engage Texas, Florida

Contact information
  • Bretton Alexander
  • President
  • 703-627-1692

John Gedmark Executive Director 310-889-4409 jo
Personal Spaceflight Federation 2011 Crystal Dr
ive, Suite 400 PO Box 28041 Arlington, VA 2220
2 Washington, DC 20038
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