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Concept Attainment Lesson


Students will be able to discern the appropriateness of a ... Descamps, Jorge. ( 1992). Developing a Teaching Style: Methods for Elementary School Teachers. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Concept Attainment Lesson

Concept Attainment Lesson
  • 6th Grade Technology
  • iMET6 2003
  • Glee Mellor, Eve Benson, Debbie Clingingsmith,
    and Allen Boxall

This lesson is based onThe Socratic method
Teaching by asking instead of by telling.
  • Lesson Objective
  • Students will be able to discern the
    appropriateness of a website for the purpose of
    educational research.

From the items shown, one is an example, and the
other a non- example. Your job is to figure out
what makes one example a good example and what
makes the other a non-example.
  • Exemplars
  • Positive
  • Negative computer

Look at these two items. The one on your left is
an example of the attribute for our lesson today.
The non-example is not.
  • Example
    Non example
  • www.congress

  • Now look at these two pairs
    has attributes that www.congress does not.

  • For right now
  • I want you to work
  • alone and think about what these attributes
    could mean. With this next pair, I would like you
    to write down what you think the attributes of
    the examples might be. This will be your
  • Positive Negative
  • www.whitehouse

What about these? What makes them positive
examples and negative examples? www.directcon
Where would you put this example, in the positive
or the negative side?
And how about this example ? www.ucd
What are the attributes of the positive and
negative examples?
Why are these endings critical to this technology
Where we got our Information?
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