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Title: Star W Grant

Star W Grant
Students Using Technology To Achieve Reading -
  • Parker Elementary School (Annex) at Trenton
    Public Schools

What is the Star W Grant?
  • Students using Technology to Achieve Reading
    Writing (STAR-W) grant program is meant to
    increase student achievement in Language Arts
    Literacy in grades three through five by
    providing teachers with ongoing and sustained
    professional development and in-class support
    directly related to integrating technology into
    the classroom. This grant opportunity is a
    three-year program with the first year a 14-month
    grant period, and the second and third years are
    12 month periods.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Thomas Lambright Jr.
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Presentation on using Kidspiration
  • Sample Student Work
  • Joshua Vendrell Haiku Poem
  • Steven Anthony Mikos Haiku Poem

Mr. Lambrights Class Website http//www.trenton.k
The students will be able to use Kidspiration
software to develop prewriting and draft skills.
  • Materials Laptops or desktops, Kidspiration
    software, pencil and paper
  • Presented by Thomas Lambright Jr.

Warm Up Exercise
  • Warm up exercise Can you find the four errors in
    this sentence?
  • i have a hard time writing but when I use
    technology writing as easy

The Solution!
  • I have a hard time writing, but when I use
    technology writing is easy.

Reluctant Writers Unite!
  • What if I could show you a fun way to write your
  • How would you like to be a better speller?
  • Do you like colorful pictures?
  • Then Kidspiration is the writing program for you.

Read Your Writing Prompt.
  • On the weekends what activities do you like to
  • Who do you spend time with during these weekend
  • Why do you do these weekend activities?
  • Where do you do these weekend activities?

Brain Storming Time!
  • Close your eyes and make believe that it is the
    weekend. You are doing your favorite activity.
  • Keep your eyes closed, and use your imagination
    as I ask the following questions.
  • What fun weekend activity are you doing?
  • Who is with you?
  • Why are you doing this fun activity?
  • Where are you when you do these fun activities?

Using Kidspiration
  • Click on the kidspiration icon.
  • Under New click on the icon Picture.
  • Replace the Main Idea with your Title.
  • Click on the add symbol icon four 4 times.
  • Now we can fill in the answers.

Review of the Prompt Using Kidspiration
  • Who is with you in this activity?
  • Where are you in this activity?
  • What is your favorite activity?
  • When do you do this activity?

Model of Word Web!
Now For The Draft!
  • Click on Go To Writing
  • Click on Publish
  • Click on File and Print

The Draft!
  • Nothing
    But the Net
  • We play outside near the play-ground.
  • We play Saturday afternoon.
  • My three friends and I are together.
  • We love to play basketball.

Reflections On This Lesson!
  • What software can we use to make writing fun?
  • What are the key steps to writing with
  • How can you print your finished work?

The Tree by Joshua Vendrell
  • The tree feels so nice.
  • I feel the tree for tree sap.
  • It feels nice and good.

My Fish by Steven Anthony Mikos
  • I have five fast fish.
  • My fish are always hungry.
  • I have one big fish.

Using Technology in the Classroom
Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Norma DeCanzio
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • Women in History by Brandon George

Ms. DeCanzios Class Website http//www.trenton.k1
Women in history
  • By Brandon George
  • Mrs.DeCanzio
  • April 12,2005
  • Grade 3

  • Sarah, Vaughan

What was her life span?
  • 1924-90

What was her job?
  • She was a singer who worked with bands, became a
    soloist and sang jazz music.

Family history
  • She was born in Newark N.J. Her nickname was
    Sassie. When she was a little girl she studied
    Piano and Organ.

Why was she famous?
  • She made many records and she had a huge voice
    range. Her record was Lover Man - It's Magic and

Other interesting facts
  • She won a amateur contest at Harlem's Apollo
    theater. She sang in United Statesand Europe.

I picked this person because
  • I picked this person because I like music and
    reading about singers.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Maritza Abreu
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Presentation on Bilingual Education
  • Sample Student Work
  • Orange Balls From the Sky by Marelyn Najarro
  • The Snow Wall by Jennifer Palma
  • Herbie by Berny Lopez
  • The Tall Wall by Kimberly Sarceno
  • A Wall of Snow by Karelyn Arroyo
  • Lloviendo Lagartijas by Darwin Ordonez
  • Raining LIZARDS by Dalia Ocampo Mendoza

Ms. Abreus Class Website http//www.trenton.k12.n
Ms. Abreu 3rd grade bilingual
  • In 1839, Ohio became the first state to adopt a
    bilingual education law, authorizing
    German-English instruction at parents' request.
  • In 1847 Louisiana enacted an identical provision
    for French and English and in 1850 New Mexico
    Territory for Spanish and English.
  • By the end of the 19th century, about a dozen
    states had passed similar laws.
  • During World War I era winds shifted. Fears
    about the loyalty of non-English speakers and of
    German Americans prompted a majority of states to
    enact English-only instruction laws designed to
    "Americanize" these groups.
  • In 1923 study of foreign languages in the early
    grades was banned. This move was considered

Sink or Swim
  • English-only instruction implemented.
  • High number of LEP students failing and dropping
    out of school. Supreme court realized sink or
    swim concept was not working. English-only
    classes mocked public education.
  • Bilingual Education Act of 1968 passed during an
    era of growing immigration and an energized civil
    rights movement.
  • Lau v. Nichols case- "affirmative steps" by
    schools to overcome language barriers impeding
    children's access to the curriculum.
  • Congress immediately endorsed this principle in
    the Equal Educational Opportunity Act of 1974.

Bilingual Education in Schools
  • Civil rights laws require educational programs
    offer equal opportunities for LEP children
  • Controversy about benefits of Bilingual Education
    still exists.
  • Schools implement research based programs to
    gradually exit bilingual students.
  • Politically inspired efforts or school districts
    that persist in civil rights violations could
    face severe sanctions, including the loss of all
    federal education funding.

Orange Balls From the Skyby Marelyn Najarro
Orange Balls From the Skyby Marelyn Najarro
  • There was a terrible thunderstorm one summer
    afternoon. Me and my brother looked up and saw
    lightening balls falling from the sky. They were
    red, yellow, and orange and they were as large as
    grapefruits. They were glowing in the sky and
    they seemed to be heading our way. This happened
    in Trenton, N.J. The lightning balls burned
    houses, building, and trees.
  • Let me briefly tell you how thunderstorm forms
    and how we get lightening balls. In order for a
    thunderstorm to occur we need three basic
    ingredients. The basic fuel to make a
    thunderstorm is moisture. The blob of moist air
    rises and the water vapor turns into liquid
    drops. This warms up the air in the blob so that
    it does not cool off as fast as it would if the
    air was dry. When the thunderstorm comes the
    sky is orange because thunderstorms usually occur
    in the late afternoon when the sun sets. The
    orange hue is caused by the same reason the
    sunsets vary form yellow to orange to red. The
    shorter wavelengths of light blue scatter fast
    leaving the yellow-orange-red end of the color
  • When we saw these lightening balls my brother and
    I ran to our house. We said to our parents,
    There is a thunderstorm in the park and fiery
    lightening balls are following us. Since our
    neighborhood was scared of the thunderstorm, they
    ran and ran to another place so they can be
    protected from the lightening balls. So we ran
    too. Everyone and my family ran and ran we did
    not know where to go. We saw truck drivers and
    asked for help. They helped us to go to another
    place to stay. We stayed there for a week. We
    came to Trenton and it was destroyed.

The Snow Wallby Jennifer Palma
The Snow Wallby Jennifer Palma
  • One day it was snowing because it was winter and
    that is why it was snowing. I was playing with my
    friends outside. We were playing tag. It was
    snowing a lot and I could barely see anything.
    Then I saw Herbie. He was in Trenton, N.J. He was
    tall and white because he is made out of snow.
  • Snow is water that freezes like ice. It is like
    if you put water in an ice tray. The water
    freezes and crystallizes in the atmosphere. The
    temperature has to be -40 degrees Fahrenheit
    (that is freezing). The crystals could stay in
    clouds for a long time or it can fall to the
    Earth. When the clouds get too heavy the snow
    falls down. The snow that falls can fall for
    many days or they can form ice caps on top of
    mountains. The crystals come in different shapes
    and sizes. Each one is unique.
  • When I was hit by Herbie I did not know what
    happened. All I remember was running from my
    friend and when I looked to the front I crashed
    into a white wall. That was Herbie. He is not a
    boy, he is a snow wall. Anyway, when I woke up I
    was in the hospital. All I remembered was Herbie
    and my big fat headache. I stayed in the
    hospital for 2 days and went home. I realized
    Herbie was gone because it melted. The sun had
    come out and melted Herbie away. I wonder if he
    will come back the next time we have snow?

Herbieby Berny Lopez
Herbieby Berny Lopez
  • Once upon a time I saw a Herbie and he smashed
    into me and my family. Herbie is not a boy.
    Herbie is a wall, a wall of snow. When I went to
    the park I saw him. Herbie. He is not a good
    Herbie. I saw him in my house he was angry
    because he didnt want to be a wall of snow. He
    wanted to be a real boy-like me. He get in my
    house and started to play with my toys. We had
    the heater on and he was starting to melt. He
    was made out of snow.
  • Snow is when water vapors freeze and crystallize
    in the atmosphere. The temperature has to be
    really cold, like -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The
    snow can stay in the clouds for a very long time.
    When the clouds get heavy and full of crystals
    it snows. We can see permanent snow caps on top
    of mountains. This happens because the higher
    you go the colder it is. Snow that hits the
    ground melts when the sun come out.
  • Herbie was still in my house. The sun was coming
    out and he get hot with the sun. He wanted
    winter today and tomorrow. He dont have family.
    I give him food, he was happy. I liked
    Herbie he was snow and good and nice to me and my
    family. He was the best Herbie snow wall in
    the whole world. I found his family and they
    were happy to see him. So his family was happy
    to see him everyday. So I buy a new white puppy
    and called him Herbie.

The Tall Wallby Kimberly Sarceno
The Tall Wallby Kimberly Sarceno
  • One day that I went outside and I fell from my
    bike. Then it started to snow. I stayed playing
    outside. I knew it was snowing but I did not
    care. It was cold. It was snowing a lot. Snow is
    made when water freezes and crystallizes in the
    atmosphere. Sometimes the snow could stay in the
    clouds for months. It can snow for days and form
    snow caps on mountains. The temperature has to
    be -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice can form into
    different structures. These structures have
    hexagonal sides (they have six sides). We call
    these structures snow flakes. Herbie is a wall
    of snow made out of thousands of snowflakes.
  • I was really scared because I never saw a Herbie
    before. I did not like it. I was all alone but
    then Kristy came over and we had fun. I was so
    happy it was in Trenton. Kristy was too. Then
    my dad saw us and told us to go home but
    we couldnt because the air was pulling
    us. The wind blew so hard that we crashed into
    Herbie. So my dad pulled us but we couldnt
    move. So we stayed stuck to Herbie until the
    next day. Then my dad came with a huge bucket of
    hot water, threw it on Herbie and he melted away.
    We broke free and hugged my dad. He saved us.

A Wall of Snowby Karelyn Arroyo
A Wall of Snowby Karelyn Arroyo
  • On a sunny winter day in Trenton, NJ I was
    playing outside with people. We were playing in
    the snow. Suddenly I saw a Herbie. Herbie is
    not the boy next door it is a wall of snow.
    Herbie suddenly smashed into me. I saw stars.
  • A Herbie is made out of snow. Snow is formed
    when water freezes and crystallizes in the
    atmosphere. The snow could stay in the clouds or
    come down. In order to get snow the temperature
    has to be about -40 degrees Celsius so the water
    can become solid. There are three types of frozen
    precipitation they are grapnel (snow pellets),
    sleet (ice pellets), and hail (layered spheres of
  • When I was hit by Herbie I cried because the
    Herbie hit me hard. So I told my parents to take
    me to the hospital because I was bleeding. I was
    sad because I had to stay inside for 4 weeks. I
    could not go outside and play in the snow
    anymore. My mom and dad were so mad that Herbie
    hurt me, they went outside with a big bucket of
    hot water and threw it on Herbie. Herbie melted
    and never hurt anyone again.

Lloviendo Lagartijas by Darwin Ordonez
Lloviendo Lagartijas by Darwin Ordonez
  • Yo y mi mama fuimos a la bodega y callo una
    lluvia de lagartijas. Nos mojamos mucho.
    Despues llamamos a mi papa, los fue a traer en
    el carro. El otro dia fuimos al parque. Yo solo
    fui al parque y callo una gran lluvia de
    lagartijas cerraron el parque y me meti a una
    casita que habia en el parque para que no me
    mojara. Despus fui adonde mi tia para que ella
    me diera una sombrilla y asi me fui para la casa
    sin mojarme. Cuando llegue a la casa me cambie
    y me puse zapatos y calcetines. Me puse a ver
    television y en la noche me fui acostar. En la
    manana fui a la escuela y cuando sali de la
    escuela llovio muy resia. Ms. Abreu nos dijo que
    los entraramos y ella iba a llamar a los padres
    y los llamo para que vinieran a buscarnos.
    Tambien se fueron rapidos porque habia mucha
    lluvia de lagartijas.
  • Por la tarde yo iba a salir con mi amigos y
    amigas. Fuimos a pasiar a un parque. Empeso a
    llover muy resio otra vez. La lluvia no se
    detedia todos empesaron a majarse mucho pero una
    senora nos dio cuatro sombrillas. En la semana
    fuimos a su casa a dejarle las sombrillas que
    ella nos dio. Nosotros no podiamos creer que
    llovio lagartijas.

Raining LIZARDS by Dalia Ocampo Mendoza
  • Once it rained fish in Louisiana! It really did.
    Once it rained lizards in Trenton, NJ. It really
  • Once upon a time in Trenton, NJ it started to
    rain lizards. It was raining a lot of lizards.
    People started running and screaming all over for
    cover. Lizards were landing all over the place
    and scurrying about. I knew from science class
    why it started to rain-lizards.
  • Rain is due to the water cycle. When it is sunny
    the suns rays come in the ocean and cause the
    water to vaporize because the water gets hot.
    The vapor comes up to the sky and the vapors
    condense. The vapors condense because the air is
    cool. When they condense it forms clouds and
    then raindrops. It started to rain a lot of
    lizards. You might ask yourself -Where do the
    lizards come from? Well, just use your
  • My mom said, Do not go outside because it is
    raining lizards. Incredibly, the sky was filled
    with mommy lizards and their baby lizards. It
    really did rain a lot and a lot of lizards!!!!!

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Nancy Coty
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • Prospero by Gabriel Lozada
  • Caliban by Stephanie Sarceno
  • Caliban and his Island by Kyle Pantoja

Ms. Cotys Class Website http//www.trenton.k12.nj
Prospero by Gabriel Lozada
  • Prospero is mad because his brother stole his
    crown. Antonio couldnt resist stealing the crown
    because he was not king of Milan and Prospero
    was. They are so powerful that no one would
    dare fight or become an enemy of them.
    Prospero had Ariel give him the power of the
    Tempest so he can get his revenge and get his
    crown back. Prosperos daughter was still young
    when Antonio stole Prosperos crown. She doesnt
    know that she is a princess. She finds out when a
    man comes from Naples to marry her.
  • Prospero ordered two of his men to tell the
    prince to meet him in the land of Payless
    for a duel, because he doesnt like people to
    marry his daughter. If they arent tough
    enough to protect her, he does not want them
    to marry her. He accepted it. He passed the
    test and soon after Prospero died. He died
    because Antonio stabbed him in his back . They
    got married and Prosperos daughter become
    princess of Naples and Antonio was king of
    Milan. They lived happily ever after and she
    never spoke to her uncle again.

Caliban by Stephanie Sarceno
  • My name is Caliban and I am a slave for
    Prospero. I got pulled and they took me to the
    castle to be a slave. It was the most scary thing
    that ever happened to me. He was the worst master
    I ever had in my life. Actually, it was the only
    master I ever had. He doesnt let me use the
    bathroom so, I have to hold it until he lets me
    use it. He doesnt let me eat or do anything that
    I want. I dont have a bed or anything to sleep
    on. If I do go to sleep he would send his guards
    and hit me until I learned my lesson. I have to
    do everything, even cook the food and he has ten
    maids that do nothing but hang around and bother
    people. They tease me for being a slave. But one
    of them hates Prospero, too. So she is going to
    help me escape so I can leave and go far away
    with my family and friends. Thank goodness I had
    help and we are all finally free!!!!!!!!!!
  • The End

Caliban and his Island by Kyle Pantoja
  • Once there was a witch who caught a spirit. The
    witch had a child named Caliban. Kyle came to
    the island and killed Calibans mother and freed
    the spirit. Eight weeks later Caliban saw Kyles
    ship and told the sword fish to poke holes in the
    ship. Kyle came to the island and he recognized
    it. He felt the trees and they were smooth, it
    tasted like leaves, he saw animals, he smelled
    fruit and he heard birds. He said that he was
    going to take over the island because it was so
    beautiful. Caliban watched him for a week to see
    what he was going to do. He made a kingdom. He
    decided that if he didnt like anything he will
    kill it. Caliban jumped on Kyle and wouldnt let
    him kill anything. Kyle said that he knew him
    when he was born. I killed your mother and freed
    the spirit. Caliban said you did not, King Kyle
    did!! Im King Kyle and Caliban demanded for Kyle
    to get off the island. Kyle suggested that they
    share the island. They agreed that as long as
    Caliban is the king and Kyle was the Duke. They
    also agreed to split the island and make two
    kingdoms. This made everyone very happy and they
    had a very happy life.

Caliban Masks
Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Kathy Flowers
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • Mayor of Trenton by Lanaya Chavis
  • The Rainforest by Norimar Castro
  • Trenton Makes Bridges by Breanna Ceaser

Mayor of Trenton by Lanaya Chavis
  • Hi, my name is Lanaya Chavis. I am the Mayor of
    Trenton and I am going to tell you about myself.
    I was born March 10, 1968, in Trenton, NJ, and I
    attended many elementary schools. I have been to
    Trenton Community Charter School, Cadwalader
    School, Bensley Elementary School, Pine view
    Elementary, Harrison, Parker Annex, and Parker
    Main. I attended Dunn Middle School, Trenton High
    School and Princeton University. It was fun going
    to school but I knew I did not go to school to
    play, I went there to work.
  • When I graduated from Princeton, I was a
    Veterinarian and worked with sick animals but I
    did not do surgery. My family was very supportive
    of me. When I was 30, I had twins, one boy and
    one girl, and moved my family to South Carolina.
    When the twins were in 2nd grade, we moved back
    to Trenton at which time I decided that I wanted
    to become mayor, so I campaigned and was elected.
  • I wanted to create programs that are more fun
    for young adults, lower crime in Trenton, and
    create better jobs. I will not let my city down
    as mayor.
  • As mayor my vision is to improve the school
    system. The first thing I am going to do is
    provide the students with a better lunch like the
    one I wanted in school. I want to make the
    students and staff happy to come to school and
    also want to put snack machines in schools so the
    students and staff could get something if they
    want a snack. Then I want to make learning more
    fun so we will have more students learning and
    not falling to sleep in class. I would make sure
    the kids have enough homework but not too much.
  • (contd.)

Mayor of Trenton by Lanaya Chavis (contd.)
  • My second vision is to make Trenton a more
    beautiful place. I will put more trashcans on the
    street so we wont have trash everywhere. If
    anyone litters the 1st time, they would have to
    pay 2,000. They would only have 6 weeks to pay
    all the money. If they dont pay the whole fine
    they will have to go in community service for 2
    years. The 2nd time they would have to be in
    community service for 4 years and pay 4,000.
    They will only have 4 weeks to pay the whole
    fine. If they do not pay the whole thing, they
    will have to pay 8,000 and be in community
    service for 5 years. The 3rd time they litter
    they will be in jail for 3 years, pay a 6,000
    fine, and be in community service for 2 years. I
    am going to make vacant buildings into recreation
    centers so more children could have fun without
    hanging out on the streets.
  • My third vision is to bring more jobs to the
    city, create better jobs that pay more money and
    have better health benefits. I want to create
    jobs for young adults that didnt finish high
    school so they could work part time and finish
    their education.
  • My forth vision is to create more hospitals
    everywhere, so if someone gets hurt very badly
    they wont have to go very far. We could have
    more people living to see their way out of the
    hospital then dying in the hospital. Those are my
    visions as mayor of our city.

Mayor Lanaya D.A Chavis
The Rainforest by Norimar Castro
  • One day my family and I were at my house. We
    were bored so we decided to think of somewhere to
    go for Vacation. We all were fighting because, we
    wanted to go to different places for Vacation. My
    sister and I were yelling at each other. She
    said, I want to go to Orlando, Florida but I
    said, I want to go to the rainforest in Brazil.
    My mom said, The rainforest? and I said,
    Yeah! She said, I think I want to go to the
    rainforest because we never went there before.
    Everybody started to want to go there. We said,
    Lets go to the rainforest. We hurried up and we
    got our things packed up, and got in the car and
    left for the rainforest.
  • When we got to the rainforest it was 200 in the
    Morning. We set the tents and went straight to
    bed. We didnt eat anything. The next morning we
    woke up and went to the lake to take a bath.
    After that we ate something really quick and went
    hiking to the mountains. We had a great time!
    Even though I hurt my leg a little I still had a
    great time with my family. When we came back we
    ate something and went to sleep.
  • The next day we woke up, ate breakfast and went
    to look at the flowers. The first plant we saw
    was a passionflower the plant that attracts
    butterflies and humming birds. Animals, birds,
    and people eat the passion fruit that grows on
    this plant.
  • The next plant we saw was the strangler fig
    tree. That plant uses another tree to climb up to
    the sunlight. As they grow they rap around the
    old tree until it dies and only the strangler fig
  • (contd.)

The Rainforest by Norimar Castro (contd.)
  • We saw the Kapok Tree. That is a very large
    tree in the rainforest. It is home to many
    animals. Lynne cherrys the great Kapok tree is a
    tale about the Amazon rainforest. It tells about
    how animals, trees, and humans all need each
    other to survive. Check this book from your
  • The next plant was palms. There are many
    varieties of palm trees. The coconut originated
    in Asia and the pacific coast of south America.
    The palms grow along the shores of the tropics.
    Our trip was awesome! We saw things that we never
    knew existed. My mom and family were glad that we
    chose the rainforest. It took us a couple of
    hours to get back home but it was worth it. You
    need to go. Youll be amazed at the beautiful
    things and sights that you can find there.

Trenton Makes Bridge
  • Breanna Ceaser
  • Mrs. Flowers
  • 4/1/2005

Why was the Bridge important?
  • The builder of the Trenton bridge thought it was
    important because he thought that the cars should
    be able to get from place to place.
  • The bridge is important because it links
    Pennsylvania to Trenton, New Jersey.

What was the Trenton Makes Bridge?
  • The Trenton Makes Bridge is one of the most
    notable landmarks on the Delaware river.

When was the Trenton Makes Bridge built?
  • The Trenton Makes Bridge was made in 1935 above
    the Delaware river.

How long is the Trenton Makes Bridge?
  • The bridge is 330 feet long and the letters on
    the bridge are seven feet long.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Ivy Green
  • Sample Student Work
  • The Snowman by Karina Choz M.

Snowmanby Karina Choz M.
  • The title of the poem I read is called Snowman.
    The poems central theme is about a snowman
    wanting to see July. He wants to see July because
    he has never understood the warm weather. The
    characters in this Poem are a snowman and a
    robin. The authors purpose is to entertain
    people because he wants the reader to enjoy the
    poem. Thats why he makes stuff up like, a
    snowman and robin could talk English! The mood of
    this poem is sad and happy. The snowman is sad
    when he knows he is going to melt and he wont be
    able to see July!! Then he is happy because he
    has confidence that he will be able to see July.
    My honest opinion is that this poem might even
    teach you a lesson. The lesson is that you must,
    and I mean must always have confidence! I do
    recommend this poem to others because I think
    this poem is nice and I want the reader to enjoy
    the poem as I did.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Migdalia Rosa
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • The Solar System Class Project
  • New York City by Brandon Badilla
  • Concert in New York City by Karina Davila

Ms. Rosas Class Website http//www.trenton.k12.nj
Solar System Project
  • Ms. Rosas 4th/5th Bilingual Class

Sun Team 1 Vicky, Valeria, Brandon, Joselin,
and Mikisua
  • The sun is the closest star to earth. It is a
    huge mass of hot, glowing gas.
  • The suns light and heat allows life to exist on
  • The sun is beautiful and useful but it can also
    be powerful and dangerous.
  • The suns reflected light make the moon and
    planets bright in the night sky.
  • The sun holds the Earth and the other planets in
    the solar system in orbit.

Mercury Team 2Dubis, Alicya, Lucidiania,
Luis, and Elizabeth
  • Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
  • It takes Mercury 88 days to revolve around the
  • Why is that? A planet that is closer to the sun
    moves faster because it is under a stronger
    gravitational pull by the sun.
  • A day on mercury is almost as long as three
    months on earth. Mercury is very dry and hot and
    has almost no atmosphere.

Venus Team 1Vicky, Valeria, Brandon, Joselin,
and Mikisua
  • Venus is the second planet from the sun.
  • It takes Venus 225 days to revolve around the
  • Venus is a very hot planet made up of carbon
    dioxide gas.
  • Venus is the brightest object in our sky with the
    exception of the sun and moon.
  • Venus is called the morning star when it appears
    in the east at sunrise and evening star when it
    is in the and sunset.

Earth Team 2Dubis, Alicya, Lucidiania, Luis,
and Elizabeth
  • Earth is the only planet on which life exists.
  • Three quarters of the Earth surface is covered
    in water.
  • Earths gravity holds on to an invisible layer
    of gases that is air. This is its atmosphere.
  • It takes Earth a year to travel around the sun.
  • Earth is the third planet from the sun and the
    fifth largest.

Mars Team 3Walter, Nimia, Saidy, Stephanie,
and Jesenia
  • Mars is called the red planet because it appears
    as a tiny sparkling, rusty-red ball in the night
  • Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. It
    takes Mars 687 days to go around the sun.
  • Some astronomers thought there were aliens on
    Mars. Aliens are creatures from another planet.
    They called all aliens Martians.
  • It takes Mars 24 and one-half hours to spin
    around once. This makes the length of a day on
    Earth and Mars almost the same.

Jupiter Team 3Walter, Nimia, Saidy,
Stephanie, and Jesenia
  • Jupiter was named by the ancient Romans after
    the king of their gods.
  • Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.
  • It is also the largest planet in the solar
  • This giant planet consists mainly of gas.
  • Jupiter makes a complete revolution around the
    sun in 11.9 earth years but it only takes 9.9
    hours to rotate once on it axis.

Saturn Team 4Aron , Karina, Maycol, and Ana
  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.
  • Saturn is so far away in space that it takes
    nearly thirty years for it to orbit the sun once.
  • Saturn is a giant planet, second largest after
  • Saturn has rings around it. They are the largest
    rings of any planet.
  • Saturn is very cold because it is so far away
    from the sun.

Uranus Team 4Aron , Karina, Maycol, and Ana
  • Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun.
  • It takes Uranus 84 Earth-years to make one trip
    around the sun.
  • Unlike the other planet, Uranus is tilted on its
  • Why is Uranus tilted? Scientists think that
    another large object hit Uranus and tilted it
    sideways a long, long time ago.
  • Uranus has rings and looks blue-green though a
    telescope. It is mostly made up of thick gases
    and ice.

Neptune Team 5Kathy, Sam, Kimberley, Cynthia,
and Hector
  • Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.
  • It take Neptune 165 years to rotate around the
  • This planets orbit is so large that it has not
    completed even one orbit since it was discovered
    in 1846.
  • It will complete an orbit by the year 2011.
  • Neptune is one of the planet known as gas
    giants." The others are Jupiter, Saturn and

Pluto Team 5Kathy, Sam, Kimberley, Cynthia,
and Hector
  • Pluto is the ninth and furthest plant from the
  • It is also the smallest planet.
  • It is smaller than our moon.
  • Pluto has not yet been visited by our spacecraft.
  • This small rocky and cold planet takes 247.7
    years to revolve around the sun.
  • Pluto has a pinkish color and a thin atmosphere.

New York City by Brandon Badilla
  • I will give you a tour of New York City. The
    Statue of Liberty can be found there. It is
    located in Liberty Island. You should know that
    the statues formal name is Liberty Enlightening
    the World. The Statue is a symbol of freedom. It
    was a gift from the people of France to United
    States. There are also museums that show things
    from long, long, ago. If you like you can go
    jogging, biking, or even horse back riding in
    Central Park. New York is a very exiting place to
    visit. I hope youll visit it one day.

Concert in New York Cityby Karina Davila
  • I went to New York City with my family. I went to
    see Daddy Yankee and Usher at a Concert at
    Madison Square Garden. We went to the city in a
    limousine on a beautiful spring night. There were
    many screaming people. My teenager sister was so
    excited that she was screaming her head off. It
    was so exciting and so much fun that I almost
    fell down from excitement. When we got home we
    talked about it all night and didnt get to sleep
    till 300 am when we woke up we were still
    talking about how much fun we had!

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Mary Cook
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • Orangutans by Alexis Morales
  • Leopards by Rosie Pineda

Ms. Cooks Class Website http//www.trenton.k12.nj
Orangutans by Alexis Morales
  • The animal I am reporting on is the orangutan.
    Orangutans belong to the ape family. Orangutans
    live in rain forests in Southeast Asia and the
    island of Sumatra. My animals home is in the
    rain forest where there is lots of fruits. The
    orangutan mostly eats fruit. When they cant find
    enough fruit to eat they eat leaves, bark, and
    insects. The young orangutans are called the
    young orangutans, too. Scientists are not sure
    how long orangutans live. They think that wild
    orangutans live anywhere from 30 to 45 years. One
    interesting thing that I have learned about
    orangutans was that orangutans are the largest
    apes living in Asia. Another interesting thing
    about orangutans was that they live in trees in
    the rainforest. But the most interesting thing of
    all about orangutans was that there are only
    25,000 of them left in the whole world.

Leopards by Rosie Pineda
  • My animal is called the leopard. The leopard
    belongs in the wild. It eats lizards, and other
    small animals. It lives in South Asia, South
    Africa, Syria, and China. My animals natural
    enemies are the lion, hyenas, and wild dogs. It
    has yellow fur with black spots. It also has
    yellow green eyes. The female leopard leaves a
    special kind of smell that attracts the male
    leopard. Then, they mate. After, two to three
    months later she gives birth to two or three
    cubs. The mom leopard loves her cubs very much.
    When the cubs are three months old it leaves its
    mother to live on its own. One interesting thing
    I learned is that there is a black leopard.
    Another is that sometimes the dad does not care
    for his own baby.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Warren Jones
  • Teachers Class Website
  • Sample Student Work
  • Volcano by Martin Bulik

Mr. Joness Class Website http//www.trenton.k12.n
  • Martin Bulik
  • Mr. Jones
  • 1/4/05

What is a volcano?
  • A volcano is a cone made by lava forced up into
    the ground and it dries up starting to get a cone
    shape and now the volcanos lava can come through
    the ground into the cone.

What causes it to happen?
  • A volcano is errupted by lava building up in the
    ground, then it comes out of the ground being
    pushed by a force.

What kind of damage does it cause?
  • A volcano eruption can cause some serious damage.
    It can cause fires in the woods and it can kill

Where do most of these happen?
  • These can happen mostly around islands like
    Hawaii or other islands.

What is the weather like during this disaster?
  • The weather is terrible during this disaster -
    like clouds and lava and smoke and its just

How can you protect you and your family during a
  • I can protect me and my family by covering our
    mouths with our shirt, run as fast as we can, and
    find as much food and water as we can.

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Maureen Dougherty
  • Teachers ESL Website

Ms. Doughertys Class Website http//www.trenton.k
Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Jolanda Pantoja
  • Teachers ESL Website
  • Teachers project on Puerto Rico
  • Student Projects
  • Saba Malik (ESL student)
  • Silly sentences by ESL students

Ms. Pantojas Class Website http//www.trenton.k12
Puerto Rico
  • Isla de Encanto
  • Presented by Jolanda Pantoja

Map of Island
  • The population estimate for 2002 was 3,957,988.
  • In 2000 whites constituted 80.5 percent of the
    population, blacks 8 percent, Asians 0.2 percent,
    Native Americans 0.4 percent, and those of mixed
    heritage or not reporting ethnicity 11 percent.

  • Almost all residents speak Spanish as their
    primary language.
  • Many of the people also speak English.
  • English is taught in all grammar schools.

  • About 75 percent of Puerto Ricos population is
    Roman Catholic.
  • In recent decades, Pentecostal fundamentalism has
    gained followers.
  • A number of Puerto Ricans practice other
    religions that blend Catholicism with other
  • Some islanders ascribe to spiritualism, a belief
    that spirits of the dead inhabit the island, and
    others practice Santería, an Afro-Caribbean
    belief system brought to Puerto Rico from Cuba.
  • There is also a small Jewish community.

Physical Geography
  • The island of Puerto Rico is located 1,600 km
    (1,000 mi) southeast of Florida, and about 965 km
    (600 mi) north of Caracas, Venezuela.
  • It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the north
    and the Caribbean Sea on the south.
  • The total area of Puerto Rico, including its
    three largest offshore islands, is 9,085 sq km
    (3,508 sq mi).
  • The main island is shaped like a rectangle.

My First Day in America Saba Malik - 5/17/05
(Mrs. Pantoja)
  • When I came to America I was 9 years old. I came
    in an airplane with my family. My uncle, aunts,
    and big cousins came to the airport. We were
    going to Trenton, NJ. It was night so we decided
    to stay at my Uncles house. In my uncles house
    I ate chicken, chicken kababs, Chicken tekka and
    Biryani. The next day I went to my own house.
    Then one by one everybody took a shower. My
    mother pressed our clothes. I was wearing purple
    kameez shalwar. The weather was hot. I felt very
    happy. Then we went to another aunts house. That
    day I was feeling good. When we got there my aunt
    cried, then she took me in the rooms, and she was
    happy because I was there. My dad went to work
    and my aunt took all of us to the store. When I
    saw an escalator I was scared. My aunt said dont
    worry I will hold your hand, and then she took me
    up. After shopping we went back to my aunts
    house. It was night so I went to sleep. That was
    my first day in America.

Silly Sentences ESL Students
  • The hot monkeys were swimming. - Brandon Badilla
  • The funny banana is sipping soda. - Nimia Herrera

Silly Sentences ESL Students (contd.)
  • The purple fish is waking up. - Luis Pagan
  • The silly star was eating a man. - Katherin

Silly Sentences ESL Students (contd.)
  • The silly dog is walking. - Karina Davila
  • The fat rat was shouting at the other mouse. -
    Jesenia Vasquez

Silly Sentences ESL Students (contd.)
  • The purple elephant is skating. - Elizabeth
  • The frightened police officer is flying. -
    Stephanie Negron

Teacher Projects/Websites
  • Whit Bryant
  • Teachers project on Alcoholism

Alcohol and Its Affect on the Human Body
  • Presented by Whit Bryant
  • Health/PE Teacher

  • Alcohol a drug found in some beverages that
    slows down the body.
  • Cancer a disease in which harmful cells grow.
  • Heart Disease a disease of the heart and blood
  • Liver Disease a disease that destroys the
    livers ability to filter blood properly

Vocabulary Cont.
  • Depressant a drug that slows down the bodys
  • Blood alcohol level (BAL) the amount of alcohol
    in a persons blood
  • Alcoholism a disease in which a person is
    dependent on alcohol

How is alcohol filtered
  • Alcohol enters the body through the mouth
  • The alcohol is then digested (enters the stomach
    and intestines)
  • Then the alcohol enters the blood and travels
    throughout the body
  • The blood then makes its way to the liver
  • The liver is your bodys filter

What is the liver?
  • The liver is an organ in the body
  • The liver filters toxins from your body
  • Too many toxins can destroy your liver
  • With out your liver your body will be consumed
    with toxins
  • This will lead to death

(No Transcript)
How Does Alcohol Harm the Mind?
  • Alcohol can cause people to make the wrong
  • Alcohol can cause people to let out feelings in
    harmful ways
  • Alcohol can cause people to forget things
  • Alcohol can cause people to feel sad

How Does Alcohol Harm the Body?
  • Alcohol affects the nervous system
  • Alcohol can cause accidents
  • Alcohol can cause people to feel less pain

How to determine Alcoholism
  • Have problems caused by drinking
  • Refuse to say they have a problem
  • Lie about drinking
  • Have blackouts
  • Have a change in personality

Writing Assignment
  • What would you do if someone close to you had a
    drinking problem?
  • Give at least two things you would do to help
    this person.
  • Write three paragraphs (introduction, middle, and

  • 1. What organ filters alcohol out of the blood
  • 2. In what ways does alcohol affect the mind?
    (give two)
  • 3. What system controls the muscles?
  • 4. Give two ways to determine if someone has

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