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Workplace Safety


Workplace Safety Alexander Archie Compliance Enforcement Supervisor 5500 Snyder Avenue Office: (775) 887-3255 Cell: (775) 722-8703 * Employees should use the above ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety
  • Alexander Archie
  • Compliance Enforcement Supervisor
  • 5500 Snyder Avenue
  • Office (775) 887-3255
  • Cell (775) 722-8703

Workplace Safety
Keith Jaquillard Compliance Enforcement
Officer 3955 West Russell Road Office (702)
486-9943 Cell (702) 308-0902
Workplace Safety
  • Training Objectives
  • Understand Regulatory Hierarchy
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Common Unsafe Practices or Conditions
  • Safety Committees
  • Safety Rules

Workplace Safety
  • Federal OSHA became law 12/1970
  • OSHA incorporates other standards (e.g., NFPA,
    ANSI, ASME, NIOSH, etc.)
  • In 5/2010 Federal OSHA established Las Vegas,
    NV office
  • Federal OSHA has no authority to inspect State
  • Nevada adopted federal OSHA via NRS chapter 618
    (application 1984)

Workplace Safety
  • OSHA Act of 1970, Sec. 5. Duties
  • Each employer
  • shall furnish to each of his employees employment
    and a place of employment which are free from
    recognized hazards that are causing or are likely
    to cause death or serious physical harm to his
  • shall comply with occupational safety and health
    standards promulgated under this Act.
  • Each employee shall comply with occupational
    safety and health standards and all rules,
    regulations, and orders issued pursuant to this
    Act which are applicable to his own actions and

Workplace Safety
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Provide a written safety program (AR 319)
  • Furnish a place of employment which is free from
    recognized hazards
  • Address and ask that each employee comply with
    occupational safety and health standards and all

Workplace Safety
  • Employee responsibilities
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Report any potential hazards through your Chain
    of Command
  • Conduct informal inspections of your work area
  • Report your safety concerns thru your chain of
    command first

Workplace Safety
  • Employee responsibilities (cont.)
  • Attend safety training programs or briefings
  • Abide by all safety rules and regulations
  • Report all work related illnesses or injuries
  • Maintain a safety attitude

Workplace Safety
  • Where do I get safety information
  • Supervisor
  • Safety Committee
  • Employee bulletin Boards
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Administrative Regulations
  • Compliance Enforcement Unit

Workplace Safety
  • Some of the most common safety hazards
  • Slips, trips, falls
  • Struck by objects
  • Striking against objects
  • Burns
  • Skin irritation
  • Exposure to infectious diseases
  • Confine space
  • Welding/grinding

Workplace Safety
  • Unsafe practices
  • Horseplay
  • Failure to warn or secure
  • Making safety devices inoperable
  • Operating at improper speed
  • Using equipment improperly
  • Not using provided equipment
  • Failure to use personal protective equipment
  • Improper lifting
  • Servicing equipment when in motion
  • Operating without authority

Workplace Safety
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Inadequate guards or protection
  • Defective tools or equipment
  • Inadequate warning system
  • Fire/explosion hazards
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Gasses, dust, fumes, vapors
  • Excessive noise
  • Inadequate lighting or ventilation
  • Improper job station set up or design

Workplace Safety
  • Safety committees
  • Nevada State OSHA
  • NRS 618.383 (2)(b)
  • NAC 618.540 (2)
  • NDOC has
  • Central Administration Safety Committee (Carson
  • Institutional/Facility Safety Committee

Workplace Safety
  • Central administration safety committee
  • Chairperson appointed by Compliance Enforcement
  • Representative from each of the functional areas,
    food service, custody, maintenance, Etc., shall
    be selected by area head
  • Compliance Enforcement Supervisor
  • Employee representative, elected by employees
    (two year term)
  • Meets at least quarterly

Workplace Safety
  • Institutional/facility safety committee
  • Associate Warden, Chairperson
  • Representatives from each of the functional
    areas, food service, custody, maintenance, Etc.,
    shall be selected by area head
  • Elected representative, elected by employees (two
    year term)
  • Meets at least quarterly
  • Each facility that falls under an institution
    shall have one representative at the meeting.

Workplace Safety
  • Safety rules
  • All employees are expected to follow safe work
    practices and cooperate with the safety program
    to assure personal protection for everyone.
  • Take no unnecessary chances
  • Use all safety guards and Personal Protective
    Equipment and
  • Make safety a routine part of the job.
  • Injuries and illnesses are to be reported as
    outlined in AR-329.

Workplace Safety
  • Safety rules (cont.)
  • Safety hazards are to be reported immediately,
    through the chain of command.
  • All employees will comply with the safety
    program. Staff will be subject to disciplinary
    action for failing to adhere to safe work
  • Supervisors are expected to enforce safety rules
    and monitor employees.

Workplace Safety
  • Safety rules (cont.)
  • Supervisors are required to forward a copy of all
    C-1 and C-3 reports to the Lost Control
  • Supervisors are expected to maintain a safe and
    healthy work environment by identifying and
    controlling unsafe work conditions, practices and

Workplace Safety
  • Safety rules (cont.)
  • The department shall furnish proper, safe tools,
    and equipment to include any personal protective
    equipment necessary.
  • Supervisors shall immediately investigate all
    reported accidents and injuries in accordance
    with AR-329.

Workplace Safety
  • Safety rules (cont.)
  • Employees are encouraged to submit
    suggestions/comments regarding the Workplace
    Safety Program through any safety committee
  • Employees can also submit safety concerns using
    the Safety Concern Report form
  • Stewart Shared Drive
  • Forms
  • DOC 018 form

Workplace Safety
  • Summary
  • Discussed Regulatory Hierarchy
  • Discussed Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Discussed Common Unsafe Practices Gained an
    Understanding of Both Unsafe Practices and Unsafe

Workplace Safety
  • Summary (cont.)
  • Discussed Roles of Safety Committees
  • Discussed Safety Rules

Workplace Safety
  • Employees should report a safety concern thru
    their chain of command first
  • The most common safety hazard is struck by
  • Safety Committees are chaired by the Compliance
    Enforcement Supervisor
  • A safety concern can be reported using form DOC

Workplace Safety
  • An elected safety committee member can serve a
    two year term
  • The elected employee is nominated and elected
    by employees
  • Representatives from each of the facility
    functional areas shall be represented at the
    safety committee
  • Staff are not encouraged to perform informal
    inspections of their work area

Workplace Safety
  • Safety committees meet monthly
  • Camps hold their own safety committees
  • Safety Committees are chaired by the Associate
  • Supervisors are expected to enforce safety