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Title: INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL FOR JAIN STUDIES Author: Malaiya Last modified by: HP Authorized Customer Created Date: 12/30/2006 4:50:12 AM – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ISSJS

  • International Summer School for
  • Jain Studies

  • Sponsored by

Jainism as part of South Asian Studies in North
  • Expansion of South Asian Studies
  • Increasing interest in pluralism and global
  • Immigrants from Asia Hindu, Jain, Muslim,
    Buddhist, Sikh
  • Visible presence of India faculty in universities
    and professions like medicine, finance etc.
  • Jainism currently has only a miniscule presence
  • Only 17 researchers among thousands of South
    Asian experts
  • Very few programs include instruction on Jainism
  • Jainism least known and most misunderstood
  • ISSJS to remedy this
  • Wider impact than a Jain Chair
  • Train and motivate current and future
    researchers and faculty/teachers

Motivation Jainism in the Modern World
  • Jainism has survived and flourished in India in
    the past
  • Several Jain Centers of learning and practice
  • Institutions of Acharyas, Temples, Bhattarakas,
    Yatis, lay scholars
  • Jains, even in India, are no longer connected to
    physical Jain Centers/Institutes
  • Jain students have more exposure to other faiths,
    and less to Jainism
  • Traditional methods of passing the heritage may
    no longer be effective
  • Jainism overseas faces serious challenges
  • They are a minority within a minority
  • Difficulty of preserving Jain identity
  • Modern and creative approaches are needed

Why Jains Must Use New Approaches
  • Other religions have reached the humanity.
  • Hinduism is now known around the world, due to
    ISCON etc. Gita is now widely quoted by
  • Within 50 years, Christianity has become the most
    popular faith in Korea, leaving Buddhism behind.
  • Jain principles like Ahimsa, Compassion,
    Vegetarianism, tolerance have been hijacked by
  • Jains must use modern methods to reach people
    around the world.
  • New generation of Jains must acknowledge their
    identity proudly. They should be able to discuss
    Jains with non-Jains.

Building Temples is Not Enough
  • Essential components for survival of Jainism
  • Scriptures (Jin-Vani) for guidance, Temples for
    worship, Monks for leadership, Devoted Shravakas
    for support.
  • Extensive Temple building in recent years
  • Temples alone will not preserve Jainism
  • It is essential to preserve Jain Learning and
    prepare competent scholars who will teach

Objectives of ISSJS
  • Comprehensive scholarly and experiential
    introduction to Jainism
  • Applicable to academic studies in international
    universities, North America in particular
  • Intensive one month and two month academic
    program philosophy, social aspects, rituals,
  • Interaction with scholars, monks, lay people and
  • On return ISSJS, supports scholars to carry out
    further research.

ISSJS Approach Scholarship Practical
  • Chaired Professor approach
  • Prohibitive cost for a small community
  • Benefits localized
  • Takes very long to implement
  • Paucity of qualified scholars to fill the chaired
  • ISSJS Approach
  • Scholars from multiple institutions
  • Trains potential teachers and researchers
  • Encourages graduate students to study Jainism
  • Student earns credit from the home university
  • ISSJS trained faculty to offer regular courses in
  • Fast track and cost effective

How ISSJS Scholars will spread Jainism
  • Development of courses for Jains non-Jains
  • Research and publications by scholars
  • Scholars will give lectures and seminars at
  • Jain institutions in North America and India
  • International Conferences
  • They will collaborate with Jain scholars in India
    and in other countries.
  • Modernization of Jain Studies in India

Benefits to Jainism in India
  • Scholars in India will interact with
    international scholars
  • Quality of Jain institutions will improve
  • Jain scholars will be invited to visit overseas
    institutions for talks, collaboration, even
    faculty positions.
  • Jain youth will no longer see Jainism as an
    old-fashioned, impractical and isolated system.

International Summer School for Jain Studies
  • Voluntary, non-government non-profit project
  • Funded by a few philanthropists in USA, India and
  • Past summer schools
  • June - July 2005, 7 Scholars
  • June - July 2006 , 14 Scholars
  • June - July 2007 , 33 Scholars
  • Professors and scholars from the USA, Canada,
    Russia, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Scholars came from about 15 international

2005 Summer School Glimpses
It has been one of the most rewarding studies
that I have undertaken. HF
2006 Program Glimpses
I am deeply committed to furthering Jain studies.
It is both a personal and academic commitment
ISSJS 2007 Glimpses
ISSJS 2008
  • Application deadline January 1, 2008
  • Selection of the scholars in progress
  • Program expanded to two track
  • One month, intro to Jainism for Undergrad
  • Two months , Advance study of Jainism for Grad
    Students and faculty
  • Total of scholars will be between 30-35 in both

More Comments by Attendees
  • The exposure that the professors and graduate
    students have had to so many aspects of Jainism
    have been such that our understanding and
    appreciation of Jain studies has been deepened
    and broadened beyond what I thought was possible.
  • We all marvel at your skills in managing
    situations and people. AV
  • The scholarship traveling have been incredible.
    My work is forever changed. AJ

Recent Curriculum
  • Lectures by Jain scholars and Monks
  • History, culture, literature, arts and festivals.
    (12-14 lectures)
  • Ontology and metaphysics (10-12)
  • Karma theory (10-12)
  • Epistemology (10-12)
  • Ethics (10-12)
  • Mahavira, his time and contributions (4-6)
  • Special  topics  (15-20)
  • Interactions
  • Lay Jains and Jain families, elites and ordinary
  • Monks. Nuns, scholars
  • Visits to major Jain pilgrimage sites
  • One week special project under the guidance of a
    Jain Scholar
  • Revisions and refinements in the program each year

Teaching Methods
  • Preparation of lectures in advance by teachers
  • Comprehensive lecture notes available in advance
    to scholars.
  • Interactive and modern teaching
  • students encouraged to ask perceptive questions
  • Technology power-point, projector, computers
  • Evaluations feedback by both teachers and
    scholars -Daily, weekly, monthly, end of course.
  • One week special project under supervision of a
    Jain Scholar in India.
  • Visits to Jain temples, homes, Sadhus and Sadhvis

Selection of Scholars
  • Potential participants reached through
  • Dept Chairs, Past alumnus, American Acad. of
    Religions Convention, ISSJS Web-site, University
    of Ottawa , Indo -Canadian Shastri Institute
    personal contacts network.
  • Candidates apply along with 2-3 references from
    their peers and supervisors/professors.
  • The Academic Council reviews the application
  • match between ISSJS mission Candidates career
  • references checked
  • interviews each candidate on the phone
  • The Chairman of the Academic Council makes the
    final decision.

Financial Outlay
  • On each candidate, ISSJS ( USA India combined)
    spends about 8,000-9,000
  • Stipend 1,000 for Grad Students 1500-2,000
    for Professors
  • Selected books (5) and notes provided
  • Travel Round trip airfare between North America
  • Full meals quality lodging in India for 2
  • Limited travel to Jain pilgrimage historical
  • High quality faculty hired and paid
  • Special Inauguration and Graduation/Valedictory

What happens after their return to North America?
  • ISSJS Office of Alumni Affairs shall maintain
    contacts and follow their progress.
  • The students write report/research papers to earn
    6-9 credits from their respective university
  • University Professors
  • work to establish regular courses in Jainism
  • Authoring books, research papers
  • Arranging seminars and special lecture

Significant Acheivements Samples
  • Prof Sarah Hadmack (taught Religious studies
    Windward Comm College, University of Hawaii)
  • MS Thesis Jain asceticism
  • Writing article and chapter on Jain asceticism
  • Marcel Parent (PhD scholar Concordia University
  • Started offering classes in Jainism
  • Andrea Jain (Rice University, Houston)
  • Teaching section on Jain Diaspora
  • Univ.of Houston course Indian Religion with
    emphasis on Jainism
  • Dr Shugan Jains visits to University of Ottawa
    (host Prof Anne Valley), Eastern Connecticut
    State Univ. (host Prof. Hope Fritz)
  • Scholars from Singapore Thailand in 2006.
    Russia, Cambodia and Thailand in 2007.

Indian Institutions
  • Participating institutions
  • Bhogi Lal Leherchand Institute of Indology, Delhi
  • Jain Vidhya Sansthan, Shri Mahavirji (Jaipur
    Branch), Raj
  • Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute, Ladnun, Raj
  • Kundkund Gyanpeeth, Indore, MP
  • Tulsi Global Meditation Centre, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Jain Academic Educational Research Centre,
    Mumbai University
  • National Institute of Prakrit Studies and
    Research, Shravanbelgola
  • Naval Veerayatan, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Manglayatan University, U.P
  • Lal Bahdur Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi
  • All India Digambar Jain Education Organization,
    New Delhi
  • Parshwanath Vidyapeeth Research Institute,
  • Implementing Organization
  • International School for Jain Studies, Delhi

Supporting Institutes Overseas
  • Jain Academic Foundation of North America
  • Academic Study of Jainism in North America
  • Federation of Jain Associations in North America
  • ( JAINA)
  • University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute, Canada
  • World Council of Jain Academies, U.K
  • Digambar Jain Federation Bangkok Committee,
  • ISJS, USA Mahavir Vision Inc.

Overseas Academic Council
  • Includes some of the best known overseas scholars
    on Jainism
  • Prof. Cromwell Crawford, U of Hawaii, Director
  • Prof. Padmanabh S. Jaini, U of California,
    Berkeley, Cal
  • Prof. Jagmohan Humar, Carelton, U, Canada
  • Prof. Christopher Key Chapple, Loyola Marymount
    U. Cal
  • Prof. Hope Fitz, Eastern Connecticut State
    University, CT.
  • Prof. John Cort, Dennison, U. Ohio
  • Dr. Anne Vallely, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Dr. Natubhai Shah, London, U.K
  • Sarah Hadmack, U of Hawaii

India Academic Council
  • Includes distinguished scholars with expertise in
    various aspects of Jain studies
  • Director Dr. Shugan Chand Jain , Delhi
  • Prof. Kamal Chand Sogani, Jaipur
  • Prof. Sagar Mal Jain, Shajapur
  • Prof. M.R. Galera, Jaipur
  • Prof. Kusum Jain, Jaipur
  • Dr N.P. Jain, Indore
  • Prof. Anupam Jain, Indore
  • Prof. M.L. Jain, Delhi

Expansion of Activities in Future
  • Overseas Universities will start sending students
    to study Jainism culture as part of their Study
    Abroad programs
  • Distance learning program on Jainism
  • Will take Jain learning to the whole world
  • Will use web as a distance learning medium
  • In cooperation with established
  • Work on Mission and Code initiated

Growth Long term
  • Creation of Jain Centers of Excellence or Jain
    Chair at universities
  • Establishment of Jain Libraries at various
  • May lead to a special Institute for systematic,
    broad, multi-dimensional, training of scholars
    and monks/nuns.
  • A University dedicated to Jain Studies in USA
  • Examples Hindu Univ of America, Maharishi Univ
    of Management, Southern Methodist Univ etc.
  • Will be an incremental long-term goal.

How to Participate
  • As a distinguished instructor or Jain
  • Past instructors
  • As a participant
  • Professor in an academic/research institution
  • Graduate student exploring Jainism
  • Please visit the ISSJS web-site for
  • Further information
  • Forms and deadlines

http// http//
How you can support ISSJS
  • Participate in the program
  • Help promote the program
  • We need to raise funds for the ISSJS mission
  • Mahavir Vision Inc., is a tax-exempt non-profit
    organization in US
  • ISJS is a Tax Exempt non-profit organization in
  • Donations of 5,000, 1,000, 500 or any other
    amount will help us achieve the aims of ISSJS

Annual Retreat for Supporters
  • Held annually after the ISSJS
  • In August or September
  • Hawaii 2005, Sedona AZ 2006, Boston/Ottawa 2007
  • All supporters and some faculty plus alumnus are
  • Thorough review of the just completed ISSJS
  • Suggestions and action items for improvements
  • Implementation review

Boston/Ottawa Retreat 2007
  • Locations (Aug 22-28)
  • Harvard Pluralism Project
  • Jain Center of Boston
  • Eastern Connecticut State U
  • Jain Sangh of Ottawa
  • India's High Commissioner to Canada
  • University of Ottawa
  • Review and feedback
  • of the program

  • Web http// or
  • Write to by email/mail or call
  • Prof. Cromwell Crawford, Hawaii,
  • Phone (808) 395-2238 (home) and (808) 271-3387
  • Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Texas
  • (281) 494 7656 and (832) 594 8005 ( cell)
  • Dr. Tansukh J. Salgia, Ohio
    (740) 965 2627
  • Dr. Shugan Jain, Delhi
  • 91 (98) 1813 9000, 91 (11) 2649 1228.
  • Dr. Natubhai Shah, London, 
  • 44 (20) 8455 5573
  • Dr. Yashwant Malaiya, (970)
    491 7031
  • Dr. Dilip Bobra, Phoenix,
  • (480) 839 2682 and (314) 910 9446

ISSJS For the Future of Jainism
  • Creating the next generation of scholars and
    young Jains
  • Global Prabhavana of Jainism Taking the message
    of Jainism to the whole world
  • Modern and thorough program
  • Your support and contributions critical to the
    success of this project.