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Hip-Hop as Culture


Name:_____ Date:_____ Hip-Hop as Culture & I am Somebody by, Grandmaster Flash 1.) to preposition Def: toward or until Ex.) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hip-Hop as Culture

Hip-Hop as Culture I am Somebody
by, Grandmaster Flash
  • Name___________________ Date_______

1.) to preposition
  • Def toward or until
  • Ex.) It was ten minutes to three oclock.
  • Ex.) Sarahi and Sky came to my house for dinner
    and a movie.
  • Ex.) Will walks to school everyday through the
    wind, rain, sleet, snow, and hail.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)
  • 3.)

2.) two (adjective)
  • Def the number 2
  • Ex.) I have two aunts who live nearby.
  • Ex.) It will take me two hours to grade papers.
  • Ex.) The rule has two parts.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)
  • 3.)

3.) too adverb
  • Def also, very
  • Ex.) Thats too bad.
  • Ex.) Im too sick to travel.
  • Ex.) She is young, clever, and rich too.
  • Ex.) Your paper is too short.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)
  • 3.)

4.)culture noun
  • Def the attitudes and behaviors of a group
  • Context Many people might think that hip-hop
    culture is all about clothes and money.
  • Ex. 1.) Culture includes the beliefs, attitudes,
    and behaviors that are shared by a group of
  • 2.) Young people have a culture that appreciates
    creativity and independence.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

5.) perspective noun
  • Def a point of view
  • Context Its a culture, a way of life, a
    language, a fashion, a set of values, and a
    unique perspective.
  • Ex. 1.) Your perspective is your point of view.
  • 2.) Our teachers background in classical music
    gives him a unique perspective when he hears our
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

6.)encompass (-es, -ed, -ing) verb
  • Def includes or surrounds
  • Context Hip-Hop encompasses groups like Public
    Enemy who use rap to address racism, oppression,
    and poverty.
  • Ex. 1.) Your history textbook encompasses 600
    years of world events.
  • 2.) Your daily school schedule encompasses many
    different types of classes, everything from math
    to woodshop.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

7.)adversity noun
  • Def Great hardship or misfortune
  • Context Hip-hop is about dance, art,
    expression, pain, love, racism, sexism, broken
    families, hard times, overcoming adversity, and
    even the search for God.
  • Ex. 1.) Throughout your life you will meet
    adversity, and its up to you to work hard and
    overcome those hardships. What doesnt kill you,
    makes you stronger.
  • 2.) Most people show their true colors in times
    of adversity.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

8.)evolve (-s, -ed, -ing) verb
  • Def to develop over time
  • Context I watched hip-hop evolve from
    underground house partiesto the first Run DMC
    videoto todays rap millionaires
  • Ex. 1.) When something evolves, it changes over
  • 2.) My taste in music has evolved over the years.
  • 3.) Movie making has evolved from silent black
    and white films to exciting, cutting-edge 3D
    movies that come alive in the theaters.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

9.)innovator noun
  • Def a person who introduces something new
  • Context These innovators are the architects of
  • Ex. 1.) An innovator is someone who introduces
    something new.
  • 2.) The new styles and sounds the musician uses
    make her an innovator of music.
  • 3.) Some people think Lady Gaga is an innovator
    of fashion. No one has ever seen outfits quite
    like the ones she wears on the red carpet.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

10.) assert (-s, -ed, -ing) verb
  • Def to insist on having ones opinions and right
  • Context hip-hophas utterly broken through
    from its ghetto roots to assert a lasting
    influence on American clothing, magazine
    publishing, television, language
  • Ex. 1.) When you assert something, you insist on
    having your opinions and ideas heard.
  • 2.) The song lyrics assert the bands ideas about
    the power of music.
  • 3.) It is important to assert your ideas and
    thoughts when you feeling strongly about an
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

11.)achieve (-s, -ed, -ing) verb
  • Def to succeed or do well
  • Context We all got purpose in life to achieve
  • Ex. 1.) To achieve means to succeed or to do
  • 2.) If Rian works hard, he can achieve all his
  • 3.) All of Ms. Morses students will achieve
    their goals by passing the High School Exit Exam.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

12.)self-esteem noun
  • Def the feeling that you are valuable
    confidence self-respect
  • Context Well let me tell you that youre better
    than nobody else. Cause you got no self-esteem,
    so Im richer And when you leave this earth, you
    cant take money withca
  • Ex. 1.) Self-esteem is the feeling that you are
  • 2.) The confident girl has high self-esteem.
  • 3.) Having high self-esteem will help you achieve
    your goals.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

13.)heritage noun
  • Def the background, race, or ethnic group you
    belong to
  • Context Stand up for your heritage, rejoice in
    the fact. Whether youre red, white, tan, yellow,
    brown, or black.
  • Ex. 1.) Your heritage is your background.
  • 2.) Heritage includes the traditions and beliefs
    given to you by your family, culture, and
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

14.) accept (-s, -ed, -ing) (verb)
  • Def to take something that is offered
  • Ex.) Cadu would not accept pay for helping carry
    the groceries.
  • Ex.) Eduardo asked Ms. Morse if she would accept
    his late homework.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)

15.) except (preposition)
  • Def everything but, everyone but
  • Ex.) She finished all of her homework except her
    math worksheet before dinner.
  • Ex.) I love all vegetables except brussel
  • Ex.) I like all the characters on the show
    Jersey Shore except for Angelina.
  • Your sentences
  • 1.)
  • 2.)
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