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Assessment Procedures: Observational Techniques, Peer Appraisal, and Self-Report


Assessment Procedures: Observational Techniques, Peer Appraisal, and Self-Report Chapter 13 June 25, 2007 Activity Anecdotal Records Anecdotal Records: is the least ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Assessment Procedures: Observational Techniques, Peer Appraisal, and Self-Report

Assessment ProceduresObservational
Techniques,Peer Appraisal, and Self-Report
  • Chapter 13
  • June 25, 2007

Anecdotal Records
  • Anecdotal Records is the least structured
    observational technique. An anecdotal record is a
    factual descriptions of the meaningful incidents
    and events that the teacher has observed.
  • A good anecdotal record keeps the objective
    description of an incident separate from any
    interpretation of the behaviors meaning. A
    teacher daily observations provides a wealth of
  • (Figure 13.1)pg.306

Uses of Anecdotal Records
  • Anecdotal records can be used for obtaining data
    pertinent to a variety of learning outcomes and
    to many aspects of personal and social
    development. It is important that Anecdotal
    records be used in a natural setting.
  • The potential usefulness of the Anecdotal method
    is shown in (Table 13.1) pg.206
  • The problem in using Anecdotal records is not so
    much what can be assessed as what should be
    assessed with this method.

What Behaviors to Observe and Record
  • General Framework for Observations
  • 1. Confining our observation to those areas of
    behaviors that cannot be assessed by other means.
  • 2. Limiting our observation of all students at
    any given time to just a few types of behavior.
  • 3. Restricting the use of extensive observation
    of behaviors to those few students who are most
    in need of special help.

Advantages and Limitations of Anecdotal Records
Advantages 1.They depict actual behavior in natural situation. 2. Facilitate gathering evidence on events.
Limitations 1. Amount of time required to maintain an adequate system of records. 2. The difficultly of being objective when observing and reporting student behavior.
Effective Use of Anecdotal Records
  1. Determine in advance what to observe, but be
    alert for unusual behavior.
  2. Analyze observational records for possible
    sources of bias.
  3. Observe and record enough of the situation to
    make the behavior meaningful
  4. Make a record of the incident as soon after the
    observation as possible.
  5. Limit each anecdote to a brief description of a
    single incident.

Effective Use of Anecdotal Records
  • 6. Keep factual description of the incident and
    your interpretation of its separate.
  • 7. Record both positive and negative behavioral
  • 8. Collect a number of anecdotes on a student
    before drawing inferences concerning typical
  • 9. Obtain practice in writing anecdotal records.

Peer Appraisal
  • Peer Appraisal when students rate their peers,
    using the same criterion as the teacher.
  • Two Techniques Used in Peer Appraisal
  • 1. Guess-Who Technique each student is presented
    with a series of brief behavior descriptions and
    asked to name those students who best fit each
    description. The description is limited to either
    positive or negative characteristic. (pg. 314)
  • Scoring (pg. 315)

Peer Appraisal
  • 2. Sociometric Technique a method for assessing
    the social acceptance of individual students and
    the structure of a group. (pg. 317 Figure 13.4)
  • Guidelines for Sociometric Choosing
  • The choices should be real choices that are
    natural parts of classroom activities.
  • The basis for choice and the restriction on the
    choosing should be made clear.
  • All students should equally free to participate
    in the activity or situation.

Peer Appraisal
  • Guidelines for Sociometric Choosing
  • D. The choices each student makes should be kept
  • E. The choices should be actually used to
    organize or rearranges groups.
  • Sociogram a way of organizing sociomertic data
    which can help the teacher organize a classroom

Self-Report Techniques
  • Methods of Self-Report
  • The best method of self-report is the Personal
    Interview face-to-face contract has several
    advantages as a self repot procedure.
  • Flexible, interviewers can clarify questions
  • Interviewers can observe interviewees
  • Interview makes possible not only collecting
    information from interviewees but also sharing
    information with them.

Self-Report Techniques
  • Personal Interview has two serious problems,
    First it is extremely time consuming. Second, the
    information gained is not a standard from for one
    person to another.
  • Self-Report techniques can be useful in subject
    matter from English to Math.

Self-Report Techniques
  • Self-Report are most effective if the respondent
    out both willing and able to report accurately.
  • Peer rating and self-report inventories can
    provide useful information for students
    performance through tests results, observational
    data, and other information concerning students.

Self-Report Techniques
  • Other Types of Self-Report
  • Attitude Measurement having the students measure
    how much they enjoy a variety of lessons the
    teacher teach.
  • Interest Inventories when the teacher list the
    lesson or topic the class will study. The
    students then rank what they our most interested
    in studying.

Self-Report Techniques
  • Other Types of Self-Report
  • Personality Inventories when the teacher
    provides a list of questions to the student
    individually. This will help the teacher have an
    idea of the student behavior and their
    personality towards learning.
  • Projective Techniques psychiatric techniques
    perform by license doctors. Example Rorschach