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Technology in the Fitness Industry


Women body building stigma fades Aerobic strip tease/flirty girl fitness, hip/hop, and Zumba gain popularity Increase in personal training DDR, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Technology in the Fitness Industry

Technology in the Fitness Industry
  • Allison Becker and Joe Eells
  • KNR 473 Trends and Issues

Technology Dependence
  • Could you live without one of these for a full
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • iPod
  • Video Games
  • What would you do without these items?
  • Find other means to talk? To find information? To
    entertain yourself or others?

Generation Gaps
Technology Has Affected the Following Areas
  • Homes Computers, No Landlines, Cable/Satellite
  • Schools Computers in classroom, Online Research,
    Parent Communication/access to grades, Lesson
  • Airports Security Measures (baggage check)
  • Business Linked-In, Advertisement, Conference
  • News Yahoo Feed, Online newspapers,
  • Cooking Cooking Shows, Online Recipes
  • Communication Cell Phones, Skype, Facebook,

Technology Has Affected Fitness
  • Radio ?Tape player ? CD Player ? iPod/mp3
  • Running/working out outdoors ? Indoor Cardio
    Equipment ? Cardio Equipment with
    TV/ipod/personalized workouts
  • Maps ? Electronic map tracking (
    e earth) ? Nike
  • Exercise video tapes ? Exercise DVDs Fitness
    video games

Shift in Fitness
  • Now days, jobs use technology and require very
    little physical work.
  • Introduction of computers , machines, and tools?
    significant decrease in physical labor ? decrease
    physical activity? increase in obesity and health
    related diseases
  • Technology is also used as a form of
    entertainment ? video games ? decrease physical
  • To fill this void, physical activity needs to be
    performed outside of the working environment.

Lets Go Back in Time
  • How has technology affected fitness over the past
    hundreds of years?
  • Past decades?
  • Past years?

Thousands of Years Ago
  • Humans were hunter and gathers and received their
    physical activity from these methods.
  • Survival of the Fittest

Hundreds of Years Ago
  • Hundreds of years ago, jobs were based primarily
    on agricultural needs and physical labor was a
    part of daily life.
  • Males roles
  • Chop down lumber
  • Farm
  • Womens and children's roles
  • Gathering food
  • Household chores
  • Changed with the introduction of the plow and new
    farming techniques.

  • After World War I people wanted to relax more and
    because of this people exercised less.
  • With the depression and the crash of the stock
    market fitness levels continued to decline.
  • Women were active and healthy, but not muscular.
    It was a method of looking good and keeping
    husbands happy in this period of entertainment
    and partying.

  • Jack LaLanne was the pioneer of fitness and
    introduced healthy eating habits. He helped
    create aerobics, resistance training (even for
    women), cable machines, jumping jack motion, and
  • Popular exercise was the electronic vibrating
    belt which was used to jiggle fat away from waist
    and thighs.

1950s Cont.
  • Baby boomers created a shift from adult to youth
  • President Eisenhower created the President
    Council on Youth Fitness in 1965.
  • Sixty percent of youth failed at least one of the
  • Creation of the American Health Association,
    American Medical Association, and American
    Alliance for Health and Physical Education.
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) was
    formed and relied heavily on scientific research
    for all exercise related issues.

  • President Kennedy continued to be involved with
    youth fitness and changed name to Presidents
    Counsel on Fitness. This was done to broaden the
    scope of fitness to everyone.
  • http//
  • Start of a craze in jogging and running
  • Introduction of aerobic class with high impact
    exercises. This lead to a high injury rate
    amongst participants.

  • Aerobics went from high impact to low impact with
    the introduction of padded floors and
    modifications. First aerobic VCR tapes were
  • Increase in eating disorders
  • Increase in body building in men, followed
    closely by women. (Ex. Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Arthur Naultus introduced variable resistance
    (changes as motion progresses), which lead to
    circuit training

1970s Cont.
  • Dr. Kenneth Cooper modernized fitness and started
    to focus on disease prevention instead of disease
  • Provided many studies to establish a model
    fitness program and show the benefits of regular
  • Created the Cooper 12 min run to establish VO2
    max as well as the 10,000 steps a day philosophy.

  • Ken Coopers research shows that the best form of
    exercise is combination of aerobics and weight
  • Gyms start opening and have user friendly
    machines from Cybex, PRECOR, LifeFitness, Star
  • There is an increase in counseling and support
    systems for eating disorders
  • The abuse of steroids led to women exiting the
    body building scene.

1980s Cont.
  • The rise of Jane Fonda
  • http//

  • Introduction of women only clubs
  • Ex. Curves
  • Female body building become even more unpopular
  • Correcting posture and balance muscle groups
    became a priority.
  • Obesity and diabetes on the rise with young
    people being most affected.

  • Fitness should encompass multiple factors
    including cardiovascular, strength training,
    stress reduction, nutrition, stretching, and
    overall lifestyle changes.
  • Women body building stigma fades
  • Aerobic strip tease/flirty girl fitness, hip/hop,
    and Zumba gain popularity
  • Increase in personal training
  • DDR, Apple Applications, Nike

2010s Today
  • Recession brings decrease in club memberships
  • Workouts are taken back to the basics
  • Boot camps/Outdoor activities
  • Kettle bells
  • Exercises that use your own body weight Ex. TRX
  • Wii Fit, P90X, exer-gaming
  • Technology on fitness equipment

2010s Today Cont.
  • Rise in preventable diseases in Adults
  • Majority of Americans (55) dont get the
    recommended amount of exercise to promote good
  • 30 minutes of moderate exercise mostly days or 20
    minutes of vigorous exercise three or more days a

2010s Today Cont.
  • Continued Concern about Childhood Obesity and
  • Only half of 12-21 yr olds engage in regular,
    vigorous physical activity. As a result,
    childhood obesity rates have more than doubled
    since the early 1970s
  • http//

Trends in the Exer-gaming
  • Video games and DVDs are becoming the main source
    of entertainment especially amongst children
  • These activities are replacing sports and other
    outdoor activities
  • Therefore, we see an increase in obesity and the
    need for fitness within youth

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)
  • DDR is a dance format video games. Players stand
    on a dance platform and hit colored arrows with
    their feet to musical and visual cues. They are
    judged by how well they time their dance to the
    patterns presented.
  • A school teacher got the idea from a theater's
    arcade and created it to get kids at his school
    excited about exercise.
  • Kids have forgotten how to play and have fun
    with movement, this is fun and engages kids and
    activates them. -Cedric Bryant

DDR The Findings
  • Similar findings to high-impact aerobics.
  • Light mode warm up (5.9kcal/min)
  • Standard mode 68 max hr and 46 VO2max RPE 13.
  • Advanced mode 76 max hr and 56 VO2max. RPE 15.

Wii Fit
  • Wii Fit is a video game by Nintendo that uses the
    Wii Balance Board to perform various games,
    activities, and body tests.
  • Nintendo sold 21 million units (3rd best selling
    video game of all time)
  • Article Findings
  • Wii Sports is better
  • The video game assumes users will use wii fit as
    a substitute for watching TV.

Wii Fit The Findings
  • Highest energy expenditure at 60 hr, 38 VO2 max
    and 5.5kcal/min.
  • Neither was significant enough to maintain or
    improve cardio endurance as defined by ASCM.
  • When compared to step aerobics it burns much less
    (about ½).

Power 90 Extreme (P90X)
  • Will improve physical fitness in 90 days through
    a rigorous segmented training program combined
    with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan.
  • Based on muscle confusion using cross-training
    and periodization achieved through switching the
    order of exercises and incorporating new and
    varied movements. It claims this will result in
    continual improvement without plateaus.
  • Encourages use of supplements
  • http//

Implications for Leisure
  • Is exer-gaming an effective form of physical
    activity?  Why or why not?
  • Should we start to have exer-gaming in
    recreation, leisure, and PE programs?
  • No child left behind
  • Unstructured play
  • What about older adults growing population?

Apple products
  • iphone
  • Remember back to the beginning of class
  • Convenient to have fitness applications on phone
  • No need for a gym, personal trainer or group
    fitness instructor
  • ipod
  • Everyone runs with an iPod
  • Music will play an important role in future

  • GPS Devise
  • Tracks your workouts outdoors
  • Pace
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Time
  • Calories burned
  • Revenue
  • Media sync your fitness to twitter/facebook

PRECORE Products
  • Cardio Theater products are easy-to-use and
    engineered specifically to withstand the harsh
    fitness facility environment.
  • ClubCom, the fitness industrys leading
    entertainment and media services company enables
    facility management teams to both entertain and
    effectively communicate with their members.
  • ChannelCast streams your choice of up to eight
    genre-based music video channels to personal
    viewing screens in your facility, giving your
    members an enhanced, more personalized
    entertainment experience.

  • It is a state-of-the-art, embedded touch screen
  • Virtual Spinning master instructor. You simply
    choose your time goal and intensity level, and
    are off on a guided, virtual Spinning class
  • Smart Release system is a feature that adds
    safety on the cardio floor as well as educational
    programming that teaches proper hand and body

Trends in the Workplace
  • Labor intensive jobs are being replaced by
  • More 9-5 cubicle jobs are created due to
    increases in technology
  • People need fitness outside of work

Implications for Leisure
  • Fitness in gyms, more corporate fitness
  • Stability ball chairs
  • Lunch exercise
  • ?

2020s Whats next?
  • Questions 2. How do you foresee technology
    affecting the fitness industry in the next 10
    years? What types of programming would your
    recreation and leisure facilities create in the
    future to accommodate this new advance in
  • 3. Do you believe this trend will continue to
    increase? If so, is there a point when technology
    in the fitness industry has gone too far?

Our Predictions
  • Recumbent bikes and treadmills with slot
  • Cell phone chargers? Texting on equipment?

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