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The Vikings


The Vikings 800 1000 CE The Vikings in Britain The Viking Invasion The Vikings invaded Europe and Britain between 800-1000 CE They were warriors and expert ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Vikings

The Vikings
  • 800 1000 CE

The Vikings in Britain
The Viking Invasion
  • The Vikings invaded Europe and Britain between
    800-1000 CE
  • They were warriors and expert sailors from
    Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Due to
    overpopulation and poor lands, the Vikings
    violently attacked areas along the coasts.

The Canadian Connection
  • Around 1000, Leif Ericson led a group of Vikings
    to Newfoundland.
  • In 911, the Vikings forced the Franks to
    surrender a part of northern France, which became
    known as Normandy.

The Vikings in Britain
  • England was controlled for 3 centuries by the
    Jutes, Angles and Saxons who fought amongst
  • Various groups struggled for power and the Danish
    king, Canute, eventually became king of England
    in 1016.

The Norman Conquest (1066)
  • William the Conqueror (duke of Normandy)
    conquered England in the Battle of Hastings when
    the Saxon king, Harold, was killed.
  • William became the first Norman king of England.
  • Since 1066, the authority of all British monarchs
    can be trace back to him.

Medieval Europe France
  • The western part of the Frankish empire, ruled by
    one of Charlemagnes grandsons, became France.
  • It did not have a strong ruler until Hugh Capet
    was elected king.
  • His descendents would bring France under their
    control over the next the three centuries.
  • The Capetian kings also made the crown a
    hereditary title to ward off any rivals.

Medieval Europe Holy Roman Empire
  • In the eastern part of the old Frankish empire,
    Charlemagnes heirs lost their power to the local
  • They made Otto their king. He allied himself
    with the Church. He sent troops to defend Rome
    at the request of the pope.
  • The pope named him Holy Roman Emperor in 962 in

Medieval Europe Holy Roman Empire
  • Germany and most of Italy, now controlled by
    Otto, became known as the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Few other Holy Roman Emperors could actually
    maintain control of both areas.
  • The Holy Roman Empire was eventually split into
    hundreds of smaller states.

Texbook Questions on Saladin and Richard
  • Get a textbook and in groups of 2 do the
    following questions
  • Read pages 274-276
  • Answer question 1-4 on page 276