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Thanksgiving By: Angela Kessel, Steven Holliday, Brittany Allen, and Chelsie Slater Unit/Lesson: Thanksgiving First Grade Table of Contents: History Activities ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Thanksgiving

  • By Angela Kessel, Steven Holliday, Brittany
    Allen, and Chelsie Slater

Unit/Lesson Thanksgiving
  • First Grade

Table of Contents
  • History
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • People in Societies
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • Geography
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • Economics
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • Government
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • Activities
  • Websites
  • Social Studies Skills and Methods
  • Activities
  • Websites

History Standard
  • Students use materials drawn from the diversity
    of human experience to analyze and interpret
    significant events, patterns, and themes in the
    history of Ohio, the United States, and the

History Activities
  • Have children interview an older adult to see how
    Thanksgiving was celebrated when they were young.
  • Read Pilgrims First Thanksgiving By Ann Mcgovern
    and Elroy Freem and write about how the
    Thanksgiving in the book is different than the
    Thanksgiving they know today.
  • Have children place the events of the first
    Thanksgiving in order on a timeline. If they have
    trouble allow them to look at the book Pilgrims
    First Thanksgiving By Ann Mcgovern and Elroy
  • Have children write a story about how it would
    have felt to have been a pilgrim child at that
    time and what they would have done.
  • Compare and contrast the needs of the pilgrims to
    the needs that we have today.

History Websites
  • Plymouth and its History
  • The Thanksgiving Story
  • Thanksgiving Traditions
  • Children on the Mayflower
  • Thanksgiving Printables

People in Societies Standard
  • Students use knowledge of perspectives, practices
    and products of cultural, ethnic and social
    groups to analyze the impact of their commonality
    and diversity within local, national, regional
    and global settings.

People in Societies Activities
  • How do different families celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Students interview their families to find out
    about traditions.
  • Life at Plymouth
  • Students sort what they know about the pilgrims
    into categories after hearing two stories.
  • Journal about their favorite part of the day at
  • Mini classroom museum.
  • Have children bring in items that the Pilgrims or
    Indians would have used to share with the class.
  • Newspaper article about the very first

People in Societies Website

Geography Standard
  • Students use knowledge of geographic locations,
    patterns and processes to show the
    interrelationship between the physical
    environment and human activity, and to explain
    the interactions that occur in an increasingly
    interdependent world.

Geography Activities
  • Students will use a map to locate Plymouth, MA,
    the Hudson River, Cape Cod, Holland, and England.
  • Students will use modeling clay to create a
    landmark that commemorates both the Pilgrims and
    the Indians perspectives.
  • Students create a mural of either the Pilgrim
    settlement or the Native American settlement.
  • Students compare the way of living in 1621 to the
    way they live now.
  • Students create a ceremony similar to the Native
    American Ceremony where children were presented
    with names.

Geography Websites

Economic Standard
  • Students use economic reasoning skills and
    knowledge of major economic concepts, issues and
    systems in order to make informed choices as
    producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers
    and citizens in an interdependent world.

Economics Activities
  • Using the website have the children follow the
    web quest.
  • Have a Fall Feast to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    However, once the feast begins, you realize there
    isnt enough food. Divide the food up evenly and
    have children barter for their favorite foods.
  • Five Kernels of Corn (A New England Tradition)
    In this activity, have the children brainstorm
    ideas of if they had to ration out food, what
    would they ration? What food would it be?
  • Play a Turkey Scavenger Hunt.
  • Guess how many acorns are in the jar!

Economics Websites
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

Government Standard
  • Students use knowledge of the purposes,
    structures and processes of political systems at
    the local, state, national and international
    levels in order to understand that people create
    systems of government as structures of power and
    authority to provide order, maintain stability
    and promote the general welfare.

Government Activities
  • Read If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 by
    Ann Mcgovern, and have the children discuss the
    government the Pilgrims were trying to escape and
    how the government was here.
  • Every society has rules. Brainstorm a list of
    rules the Indians and the Pilgrims would have
  • Have students fill out worksheet and color it in.
  • Have students write thank you letters to parents,
    teachers, etc
  • Have students brainstorm symbols that represent
    Thanksgiving. Place symbols in Pilgrim hat or

Government Websites
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Standard
  • Students use knowledge of the rights and
    responsibilities of citizenship in order to
    examine and evaluate civic ideals and to
    participate in community life and the American
    democratic system.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Activities
  • Have the children participate in a Pilgrims
    lunch demonstrating the importance of fairness
    and treating others the way you want to be
  • Have the children develop a list of rules that
    the pilgrims may have needed when they started
    their new colony.
  • After the children have developed their rules,
    have them come up with consequences to rules that
    may be broken in their classroom for reflection
    to the pilgrims.
  • Have the children compare what the traits of a
    citizen are today versus a citizen back with the
  • Read the book Thanksgiving on Thursday, by Mary
    Pope Osborne. After reading the book, have the
    children make a chart of all the things that
    needed to be done as a community to make the
    first thanksgiving successful i.e. cleaning,
    cooking, etc.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Websites
  • The History of Thanksgiving
  • Brain pop
  • Education World
  • Family Education
  • Fun Social Studies

Social Studies Skills and Methods Standard
  • Students collect, organize, evaluate and
    synthesize information from multiple sources in
    order to draw logical conclusions. Students
    communicate this information using appropriate
    social studies technology in oral, written or
    multimedia form and apply what they have learned
    to societal issues in simulated or real-world

Social Studies Skills and Methods Activities
  • After reading the book, Thanksgiving on Thursday,
    by Mary Pope Osborne, have the children get into
    small groups and make lists of things they
    learned form the book about thanksgiving.
  • Have children design flyers for their Pilgrims
    lunch to communicate what it is about and why
    they are having it.
  • Have a member of the historical society come in
    and present a message on the first thanksgiving
    to the children.
  • When developing the tasks lists that need to be
    done for thanksgiving, have the students
    determine a category for each task to fall under.
  • After reading several books on the subject of
    thanksgiving, have the children discuss the main
    ideas about thanksgiving and why our country
    celebrates it as a holiday.

Social Studies Skills and Methods Websites
  • Game Quarium
  • Primary Games
  • Kileenroos
  • Brain Pop Jr.
  • Social Studies Classroom